Diet on green tea – the secret of a slender figure

Green tea has been widely used in our country for several hundred years as a delicious and quick thirst quencher. However, its so wide application is also connected with the healing properties of this drink.

It contains various substances that actively affect the epidermis of the skin and metabolic processes in the body. In addition, it contributes to the elimination of toxins, which in general has a beneficial effect on all internal organs and systems.

Scientists, exploring this drink, found that green tea also contributes to weight loss. Therefore, literally several decades ago, it began to be taken also in order to get rid of excess kilograms.

Diet on green tea is very effective. Only a few weeks of maintaining it can be reset to 5-7 kg of excess weight! And this is not the maximum. After all, the number of kilograms that can be reset with this diet depends on the initial weight. The more it is, the more effective the diet will be.

Diet Features on Green Tea

As part of green tea, there are all the substances necessary for the body. It's vitamins, minerals, and even protein! It also contains antioxidants that help remove toxins from the body, thereby improving skin color and giving it a healthy glow.

Diet on green tea reviews is mostly positive. Even if someone did not manage to lose weight with this nutrition program, they all noted a general improvement in health and skin changes. They acquired a fresh look and became more fit.

Therefore, if you want to always look younger than your years, do not forget about the large consumption of green tea. In addition, it has a good effect on blood pressure. Therefore, there is no need to talk about the harm of this diet.

As for the diet itself, it is not so strict. In addition to green tea, you can eat other foods. But only with the minimum amount of fat and calories.

It is worth noting that the main constituent of the diet is green tea. If you want to stick to this diet and do not harm yourself, choose only a quality drink.

Do not buy tea bags. In quality, it is much worse than weight. Moreover, when buying a weight tea you can evaluate the product itself and see what it is made from. And in the case of a packetized version, it will not be possible to do this (but only at home when the packet is ripped).

Diet menu on green tea

The basis of the menu of this diet is green tea. It should be drunk a day at least two liters. In this case, you can not add any flavor enhancers (sugar, honey). You can add only a little lemon or lime.

Every morning should start with a cup of green tea. And after a few hours you can drink another mug of tea with a slice of black bread.

Lunch should also start with green tea. But after it you can eat a small portion of chicken or vegetable soup. The afternoon snack includes tea and a serving of fruit salad filled with a spoonful of liquid honey.

Evening meal should also start with green tea. And then you can eat a small portion of vegetable stew and a piece of fish or meat cooked for a couple.

In the event that you are tormented by a severe hunger before going to bed, which prevents you from falling asleep, you can afford to drink half a glass of low-fat kefir or again a mug of green tea.

Duration of the diet is 7 days. Stick to it more than this line is not recommended, as this can lead to health problems.

Video about the benefits of green tea

Reviews about a diet on green tea

I was always slim, even after giving birth very quickly I was able to get back in shape. But a couple of years began to gain weight rapidly. For a long time I could not understand what was happening until I got to see an endocrinologist. After the examination, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Doctors immediately told me: losing weight in this case is useless. This pushed me to an even greater weight gain. The result is 94 kg, lack of mobility, hatred of its reflection in the mirror. And then one day I read an article about a diet on green tea. Inspired by the fact that you do not need to starve, just cut the diet by throwing out excess and drinking a lot of green tea. I bought tea in a good store, by weight. And the diet began. Already from the first days there was a feeling of lightness, and a week later the first result – minus 3 kg! There was no limit to my joy! On the reached I did not stop, and now, after three months my result is minus 27 kg! At the same time, the skin is taut, no stretch marks and sagging flabby skin! After all, green tea is a powerful antioxidant! I advise everyone not to be lazy and slim! A diet on green tea will help in this difficult, but necessary business.

Long tried any diet and the result was not. I decided to take advantage of a diet that my girlfriend advised me, which had lost weight by itself pretty well. Diet on green tea is excellent for me, because I love to drink tea. I was so pleased with the result that I began to advise all girlfriends. Now in our city we are the most slender and fit. Thanks for the diet!

Oh, this diet is just super! 5 kilogram per week – easy! I always use it when I need to quickly lose weight! In addition, tea noticeably improves the complexion and muscle tone results in toning! The only thing for me it is quite difficult to give – there is always a feeling of hunger (((But this is because I myself like to eat something that is fattier, and in this case such food is contraindicated (((

About what is a diet on green tea, I learned from a girlfriend – his obvious fanatka! She does not recognize other drinks and she said that it is possible to perfectly fit yourself in a short time. The method and the truth is effective – for 7 days more than 6 kilogram minus. The main thing is to strictly follow what is written – an extra piece of fat chicken and all diligence in vain))) I was perfectly able to hold out on the list of products that are allowed)


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