Diet on green tea

One option is to use weight loss diet on green tea. Is it possible to benefit from such a regime, how to drink a green drink correctly, in order to lose weight in a short time, we will consider further.

How is diet on green tea useful?

Almost everyone has a morning without tea. A warming drink with sugar or without, with milk or kefir, with honey or jam invigorates and gives a charge to the body for a whole day.

If black tea can be drunk for warming, then green is effectively used when dieting. Green tea with a diet with milk allows for three weeks to reset 5 kg. At the same time, you can get rid of extra pounds without significant changes in the diet.

If you drink a glass of tea cocktail, you can:

  • Get rid of extra pounds.
  • Slow down the aging process by producing an antioxidant – catechin after drinking.
  • Thanks to the tea liquid delicacy, it is possible to stop the inflammatory process and normalize blood pressure.
  • Due to the observance of the tea diet with milk, harmful toxins, slags and salts of heavy metals are excreted from the body.

Tea delicacy is an excellent remedy that has a diuretic effect. Thereby removes excess fluid from the body.

If you drink a drink with milk, weight loss will be more effective. For a week with regular drinking, you can get rid of foot swelling, lower blood sugar.

Reviews from people who observed tea food read: 3-6 cups of drink per day will allow a person to get rid of 45% of deferred fat. If you drink regularly a drink with milk – you can forever get rid of the thought of excess weight.

How to drink green tea for weight loss?

Diet on green tea is an effective option to lose weight in a short time. In addition, that when you drink a drink reduces weight, you can give the body a lot of life-giving recharge: vitamins and minerals. The presence of antioxidants in the morning drink will give the skin and hair a healthy color and shine.

Feedback from those who regularly drink tea for more than a week or more, celebrate the rejuvenation of the body, improve the well-being and facelift of the face.

To properly implement the process of losing weight with a drink, you need:

  • Drink a drink at least two liters a day without sugar (you can with honey). To improve the taste, you can add lemon or lime.
  • Every morning, lunch and dinner you need to start with a cup of tea.

The approximate menu of drinking a tea cocktail can be as follows:

  1. Breakfast: tea drink with milk. After two hours, drink another cup with a slice of black bread. Bread can be replaced with bran or eat baked apples with a teaspoon of honey.
  2. Dinner start with a cup of green substance. It is recommended to use soup on chicken or vegetable broth. You can cook stewed vegetables for lunch, a piece of lean meat or fish. Make a vegetable or fruit salad.
  3. Dinner means drinking a drink. From the food you can: fruit salad or boiled vegetables with a small piece of meat. Prepare the cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream and dried fruits.
  4. If before bedtime will suffer hunger, you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt.

Such an exemplary menu, the main ingredient of which is a tea drink, will allow without significant effort weight loss up to 3 kg per week.

If you eat boiled lean meat and fish, skimmed dairy products, vegetables and cereal, reviews from people are reduced to one: in fact, in a month throw off 8 kilogram.

Menu for the week

The property of a tea drink is that it can be combined with many products. Types of dietary tea regimen are: in combination with rice, milk or apples.

Diets of a geisha on rice and green tea – a three-day diet that will, with proper compliance with the conditions of the process of weight loss, to lose weight on 4-5 kg.

The diet of a geisha includes a special diet on green tea:

  • In the morning, drink two cups of tea drink with milk.
  • For lunch, eat a plate of unsalted rice and drink a glass of warm milk.
  • Supper with a plate of rice and a tea / milk cocktail.

Diet on green tea and apples for a week includes the rule: before each meal, drink tea in 20 minutes and after 40 minutes after.

Diet on green tea – menu for a week (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

  1. to eat 200 gr of apples and 100 gr of cottage cheese
  2. 400 gr of apples
  3. 400 gr of apples. With a strong hunger you can eat rye bread.
  1. yoghurt with baked apples (300 gr).
  2. 500 gr of apples in fresh or baked form.
  3. 200 gr of fruit and 100 gr of cottage cheese.
  1. 400 gr of apples.
  2. 500 gr of apples in raw or baked form.
  3. 400 gr of fruit. You can eat 100 gr of cottage cheese.
  1. Salad of 300 gr of apples and carrots.
  2. 500 gr of apples.
  3. 100 gr of cottage cheese with two fruits.
  1. two fresh small apples and 100 gr of cottage cheese.
  2. 500 gr of apples.
  3. 200 gr of apples in baked form. In addition, you can eat 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  1. yogurt and 400 gr of apples.
  2. 500 gr of apples. They can be eaten with cottage cheese or yoghurt.
  3. eat two rye bread and 200 gr of fruit.
  1. 200 grilled apples, 100 gr. Cottage cheese.
  2. 400 gr of fruit in raw or baked form.
  3. 400 gr of apple salad with carrots.

With what you can drink green tea – recipes

Tea fluid, if you can properly supplement it and mix it – an excellent option of saturation of the body with useful substances. You can drink green tea with a diet. Recipes that include the process of losing weight, a lot.

One of the most famous is milk formula. Diet on green tea with milk includes preparation of the recipe as follows:

  • A glass of boiled water needs 1 teaspoon of tea leaves. To fall asleep in boiling water and wait for 5-7 minutes, while the drink is fed.
  • In a diet warm cocktail, add 50 grams of milk. Mix well.

In order for the process of losing weight to occur with great pleasure, you can before eating the usual everyday food: buckwheat, eggs, boiled meat to drink a tea delicacy with the addition of various condiments.

Pour the tea leaves with cinnamon and raisins with boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain the water, add a finely chopped apple to the cup. Again, pour water and wait for infusions for 7 minutes.

The brewing leaves of a green warm drink can be mixed with jasmine.

You can add mint with honey or berries to the tea delicacy.

All options not only contribute to weight loss, but will also strengthen immunity, calm the nervous system, in general, enrich the body with missing trace elements.


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