Diet on Juices: Delicious Weight Loss


Diet on juices is another way to lose weight fast. Means under itself the use within several days of freshly squeezed juices up to 2 – 3 l per day. In this case, juices can be made from fruits and berries, vegetables and greens.

Due to the unique properties of freshly squeezed juices, the body is cleaned of harmful substances, it is charged with energy and replenishes its reserves necessary for its normal functioning with vitamins and minerals.

However, it should immediately be noted that the store packaged juices for this diet will not work, as well as non-seasonal fruits and vegetables. From them there will be no sense, weight can be a little off, but the organism from such a nutrition program will not be of any use: it will not purify itself of harmful substances, but on the contrary, they will accumulate more in themselves. Since all shop juices contain in their composition various additives that increase their shelf life and improve their taste.

And vegetables and fruits that are grown in winter and spring in greenhouses, as a rule, are treated with pesticides, which in large quantities harm the body. In addition, also those juices that were prepared in advance for the winter will not do. They are subjected to boiling, and therefore all their useful properties disappear.

To worry about the fact that freshly squeezed juices in large quantities will be poorly digested and frustrating the digestive system is not worth it. Mother Nature took care of that and gave vegetable and fruit fruits all the necessary ingredients in an ideal balance, which gives them the opportunity to easily assimilate the human body.

Diet on Juices: Delicious Weight Loss

Pros and cons of a weight loss diet

The juice diet allows to enrich the diet with useful minerals and vitamins. In one glass of freshly squeezed juice there is a huge amount of nutrients that are much easier to drink than to eat in raw form.

In addition, there is a complete purification of the body and its recovery, slags and toxins are eliminated naturally, resulting in improved metabolic processes, which are actively involved in the process of losing weight.

Eating juice nectars is easy and simple, they are delicious, well perceived by the body. In addition, they contain a lot of fiber and glucose, which set up the work of the digestive tract and satisfy hunger for a long time.

By reducing the caloric content of the diet, the process of losing weight starts, the body starts to spend energy from the reserves, while the fat cells begin to break down, and the weight goes away. This power program allows you to reset from 0,5 to 1 kg per day.

The juice diet for weight loss, unfortunately, has its drawbacks. It can not be used in pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the presence of diseases of the kidneys, liver, stomach and cardiovascular system. It is also contraindicated for people with diabetes.

Duration of the diet can be different, from one to 10 days, but no more, otherwise you risk getting yourself a "lazy" stomach and intestines that "do not want" to work normally after the diet is completed.

You can learn about the benefits of fresh juices and diet diets on the following video:

What juices are available?

With a diet, you can drink almost all the juices made from berries, fruits, vegetables and greens, while they must be fresh. They do not need to be pretreated in any way, just rinse them from dust and dirt under running water.

For juices, you can use a juicer or blender, while the second will allow you to prepare tasty mashed potatoes, which can also be consumed during a diet, but no more than 1 times.

You should also give preference to vegetable juices with herbs, since they are less caloric. Fruit and berry juices can give the opposite effect, weight loss will not be observed, but its set will be very noticeable. And all because fruits and berries contain a lot of glucose, which when ingested is instantly absorbed into the blood.

Diet on Juices: Delicious Weight Loss

Dieting rules for juices

So, if you decide to "sit down" on the juice diet, you need to alternate fruit and vegetable juices. In this case, fruit is best prepared from green apples and pomegranate. Sugar in them can not be added!

Store freshly squeezed juices over 4 hours can not, because during this time, all their useful properties are lost. Nectars should be diluted with cooled boiled water in the ratio of 1: 1. You need to drink juices every 2 – 2,5 hours per 1 glass (250 ml). except for juices also need to drink non-carbonated mineral water and green unsweetened tea.

Before the start of the diet, about 2 – 3 days, you need to prepare your body. For this, it is necessary to exclude from the diet salty, smoked, spicy and sweet food. After the end of the diet, you also need to prepare your body for the introduction of solid foods. To introduce the usual products should be gradually, reducing the usual amounts of serving in 2 times. After each meal, you need to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and during the first 2 days to exclude dinner altogether. Instead, you should drink a glass of juice.

Here such a tasty and useful diet will help you to lose a couple of extra pounds. However, do not get carried away, it should be observed every month, arranging for yourself unloading days on 1 day. and if you are going to stay on it for a long time, then remember, you can repeat it only 2 times a year, not more often!

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