Diet on tea with milk

Drinking tea and losing weight. It sounds unbelievable, nevertheless, it is possible. The existing diet on milk and tea for weight loss is considered one of the easiest and affordable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diet for tea with milk

According to dieticians, the "tea with milk" diet is quite useful and satisfying. The milk contains a full set of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And the antioxidants contained in ordinary tea strengthen the bones, reduce the risk of heart disease and tumors arising, protect the tooth enamel and gums, stimulate metabolic processes, strengthen the immune system and at the same time speed up the process of losing weight.

Reviews of the diet on milk and tea from people who use it, talk about the possibility of losing about one kilogram of excess weight in one day. If you follow this diet for a week, you can lose 5-6 extra pounds. The resulting feeling of hunger can be satisfied with unsweetened fruits.

The disadvantage of a diet for tea with milk is that it is not recommended for people with liver and kidney disease. It is undesirable to use such a diet and with milk intolerance.

Applying a diet to tea and milk for a long time is not only difficult, but extremely undesirable. It is best to use this method for carrying out unloading days.

Slimming tea: black or green?

In principle, it is not so important what kind of tea is used in the milk-based diet. Despite the great benefit of green tea, in combination with milk, black tea is equally useful. Diet in milk and tea is not really an independent dietary system, it is rather a means to dull the feeling of hunger. Tea with milk, or so-called milk, allows you to do without food all day and not suffer from a lack of food. Therefore, choosing tea with milk for weight loss should be guided only by personal preferences.

Menu diet on milk and tea

As it becomes clear from the name of the diet, the diet menu for milk is made up of tea and milk. In this tea can be prepared in several ways:

Method No. 1

Skim milk in an amount of 1,5 l warm up until the appearance of the first bubbles, but do not boil, pour 2 st. l. tea and insist 5-10 minutes. The filtered composition is poured into a thermos and to drink during the day.

Method No. 2

Brew tea in the usual way and after he has a little time to add a similar amount of milk. Next, the mixture should be filtered and placed on a slow fire. Add in the tea with milk one chopped clove of garlic and simmer the drink on the stove for another 5 minutes. To drink such tea it is necessary with an interval in two hours. You can use this option of tea in other diets, taking it every time for half an hour before meals.

Method No. 3

In half a glass of hot milk, pour half a glass of tea and tea for weight loss is ready. It can be used to enhance metabolism and improve the functioning of the excretory system while respecting a wide variety of diets. Drink a drink between basic meals and every time you have a feeling of hunger.

Method No. 4

2 tsp. green tea brew in 0,5 l water in the usual way and cool it. Then in 0,5 l hot milk add 1 tsp. shredded ginger and simmer 5-7 minutes. After that, the filtered milk is mixed with green tea. To drink such tea for growing thin with milk it is necessary not less than five times a day, every 2-3 hours.

Important! To achieve the maximum effect of losing weight, you should drink tea with milk in a warm form, and not too hot or cooled. In addition, during the unloading day, you must drink at least 2 liters of pure water in addition to tea.


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