Diet on the fermented woman


Ryazhenka refers to fermented milk products. It is very useful and contains much more useful substances than milk and kefir. Ryazhenka is prepared according to a special technology (from kefir), which allows it to give a soft and delicate taste.

Ryazhenka refers to dietary foods. Therefore, it is often included in the menu of slimming people. The diet on a fermented woman is carried by many very easily, since this sour-milk drink contains a large amount of protein.

And as you know, our body protein digests for a very long time and at the same time spends a lot of energy on it. So we can assume that the fermented woman refers to products with a negative calorie content, and she quickly helps get rid of hated kilograms.

In addition, it contains various nutrients that are simply necessary for the body during weight loss. After all, he is in a stressful situation and he just needs outside support.

Especially there are a lot of fermented substances such as calcium and phosphorus, which take part in many processes occurring in the body. Maintaining such a diet is especially useful for those who have problems with digestion. It promotes rapid healing of wounds with ulcers and gastritis. Therefore, worry about the fact that a diet for a fermented woman for a week brought you many health problems.

Diet on the fermented woman

Description of the diet

Diet on a fermented woman can be a week and two days. The second option is unloading and implies the consumption of fermented baked milk for several days and nothing else. During this time there is a loss in weight at 2-3 kg.

The weekly diet on a fermented woman is the most balanced and allows achieving sustainable results. It can be adhered to as 7 days, and more if there is a lot of excess weight.

The menu for the weekly diet is as follows:

  • завтрак – cereal cereal, a glass of ryazhenka;
  • lunch – a glass of fermented baked milk;
  • lunch – a small portion of soup on chicken or vegetable broth, a glass of ryazhenka;
  • afternoon snack – a glass of fermented baked milk;
  • dinner – vegetable salad, a piece of fish, steamed, a glass of ryazhenka.

Such food helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body and to deduce from it all "superfluous". For a week you can lose weight in weight up to 5 kg. But it is important to understand that this is for the most part a loss not of fatty layer, but of stool. Therefore, if you do not adhere to a special exit from the diet, the lost pounds can return within a short time (total for 2-3 days).

And the way out of the diet is as follows. The food continues according to the same scheme, only now one of the techniques of ryazhenka is replaced with fruits or vegetables. After that, one more fermenter's method for boiled meat is replaced, etc.

Diet on the fermented woman

All foods should be introduced into the diet gradually. And to avoid the accumulation of stool and excess fluid in the body, the diet should include as many fruits and vegetables that have a laxative and diuretic effect. It is beet, dried apricots, prunes, etc.

You can also take a variety of herbal decoctions that accelerate metabolic processes in the body and remove toxins from the body. Their reception is very useful, as they contribute to weight loss and maintain weight in the norm after.

Weight loss with ryazhenka should be long, if you want to achieve weight loss by burning fat. This requires physical activity. Morning jogging, swimming in the pool and exercising in the gym will have a very good impact not only on your weight, but also on your body. It will become tight and attractive.

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Reviews about a diet on a fermented woman

Hello everyone, my name is Sasha and I would like to talk about a diet on a fermented woman.

Since 10-11 for years, I have not led the way of life, and I have greatly recovered. By 12 years I weighed 67 kg. A few years later, when all my friends went to the girls, I was sitting at home at the computer and continued to gain weight. Of course, it got me and I wanted to change into roots. For several months I tried to go in for sports, but with my fat that was not up to the sport.

After trying a whole dozen diets, I stopped on a few very good diets, one of them was a diet for a fermented woman. Now to me 17 and I enjoy life,

as well as everyone, and all this thanks to this diet.

I advise everyone to try it!

Good day! I recommend everyone to take this diet. I after removal of the thyroid gland gained 25 kg of excess weight, lost all hope of losing weight. I tried a lot of diets and did not bring it to the end, because I always wanted to eat. This diet suited me. I did not feel hungry at all and there was no discomfort. While I lost weight on 10 kg. This is my first victory. I'm not going to stop and I hope that the remaining kg will go away.

Oh, in general, I remember how I lost weight on this diet for the graduation party. The dress was beautiful, and it still had to be squeezed into it somehow!)) I was attracted to a diet with a burger because I just adore this product !! I also liked that you can eat fish for a couple, soups on broth. In general, everything I love. And yet – the sensation that I'm sitting on a rigid diet was absolutely not, everything went so calmly, and I did not feel hungry either.

Constantly I try to lose superfluous 10 kg, I grow thin, I recover, have bothered already. Life in constant stress, refusal of tasty, and then kilograms still come back. I tried many diets, but one of the most effective was the diet on a fermented woman. If you sit at least once a month on it for a week, you can first throw it off well, and then support it.

On the one hand, the fermented woman is more caloric than many other sour-milk products. On the other hand – it has those healthy bacteria that are not found in yogurt or kefir. And the reason for this one is melted milk. I have not eaten yogurt for many years, but I also want a ryazhenka and a diet. Only not shop – it is of little use. I cook myself at the leaven of the company Bakdzdrav. In yogurttnitsy milk, she snacks for 7 hours, then an hour 4 in the fridge – and you can eat a delicious dessert.

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