Diet on tomato juice

One of the effective diets that allow you to quickly lose those extra pounds and bring yourself into an excellent shape is a diet on tomato juice. There are several options and ways to lose weight using tomatoes.

How to lose weight on tomato juice?

Tomato juice is a well of useful elements. The drink saturates the human body with nutrient minerals, perfectly satisfies not only thirst, but also hunger. In addition, he is active contributes to the process of losing weight and removing harmful toxins from the body and slags.

Fresh vegetables from the garden along with the squeezed juice will taste to everyone.

The Benefits of Tomato Juice for Weight Loss

The diet on tomato juice is not only delicious, but also very useful.

  1. The tomato contains useful elements that strengthen the heart muscle and the walls of the vessels.
  2. Tomatoes improve the activity of the human brain.
  3. The red color of the vegetable is capable of cheering up when losing weight.
  4. The use of tomatoes normalizes the processes of metabolism in the body.
  5. Tomatoes reduce the risk of diabetes.
  6. The use of tomatoes and nectar from them is an excellent prevention of cancer.

Plus diet on tomato juice in thatthat it is capable of only three days to save a person from unnecessary kilograms, i.е. weight loss occurs very quickly, and an effective result will not be long in coming.

Menu for every day

Within three days it is suggested to drink a drink and eat red vegetables in unlimited quantities. It is strictly forbidden to salt foods. Simultaneously with the reception of tomatoes, it is recommended that each of the three days drink pure non-carbonated water not less than 1,5 liters. Water can be mineral or well.

Conditions for a diet on a tomato drink are not easy enough to perform. In addition to tomatoes and purified water to consume any other foods is prohibited, in this regard, the duration of the diet is minimal – only three days.

During this time you need to be patient. Efforts, patience, endurance and diligence will allow you to lose a couple of unnecessary kilograms and bring yourself into an excellent shape.

Quickly lose weight on 2-3 kg can be with a three-day diet.

Diet on tomato juice – menu for every day:

  1. Breakfast 3 tomato, a glass of purified still water.
  2. Lunch: 4 tomato, tomato juice, green tea.
  3. Dinner: 3 tomato, a glass of purified water.
  1. Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice.
  2. Lunch: 4 tomato, green tea.
  3. Dinner: 3 tomato, a glass of purified still water.
  1. Breakfast: 3 tomato, green tea.
  2. Lunch: 4 tomato, a glass of purified water.
  3. Dinner: a glass of tomato.

To achieve the desired result can only be due to severe restrictions in food, so it is worth the patience.

There is also a diet for a week using all of the same ingredients at the base. Since the time limit for eating is increased from three to seven days, other low-calorie foods such as chicken, cottage cheese, fruit, potatoes are allowed.

For convenience, you can use the following menu for the week:

  • First day: allowed to drink 1 liter of a drink of tomatoes, green tea, and also eat 150 grams of boiled potatoes.
  • Second day: Drink 1 liter of drink, eaten 100 grams of low-calorie cottage cheese.
  • The third day: Drink 1 liter of drink, eaten 1 kg of any fruit for the whole day, green tea is also allowed.
  • Fourth day: Drink 1 liter of drink, eaten 500 grams of boiled chicken.
  • Fifth day: allowed 1 liter of a tomato drink, 700 grams of dried fruits for the whole day.
  • Sixth day: the same proportions of fluid plus 500 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Seventh day: In addition to the main ingredient, 500 grams of boiled fish is eaten.

Strict adherence to these conditions will allow you to reset 5-7 kg. The products used as a supplement can be replaced with similar low-calorie and alternate them. So, an apple can be substituted for apricots, cottage cheese for potatoes, fish for chicken.

Diet on tomato juice and rice

Tomato juice for weight loss is perfectly combined with rice, so a diet of these products is developed. Restrictions on food in the framework of this food system are also set for three days.

  • allowed the use of tomatoes and a drink of them in unlimited quantities. Be sure to use clean water at least 1,5 liters. Nothing more can be done.
  • 500 grams of brown rice is boiled, divided into 5 receptions: breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner.
  • About purified water should also not be forgotten. It is allowed to drink green tea.
  • Eat tomatoes and drink from them in unlimited quantities plus 1,5 liters or more of purified non-carbonated water. Other food is prohibited.

The conditions are fairly simple to remember, it is important to strictly follow them to get the desired result.

Tomato juice and yogurt

The diet on tomato juice and yogurt is also popular among female representatives, while observing the proposed conditions also gives a brilliant result.

Restrictions on food should be observed within two days.

  1. Breakfast: a cocktail of ingredients is prepared according to 1 liters each plus 2 rusk bread crust.
  2. Lunch: kefir, water, green tea are drunk in unlimited quantities.
  3. Dinner: kefir.
  1. Breakfast: cocktail (juice + kefir / ryazhenka);
  2. Red vegetables + the same cocktail.
  3. Kefir and vegetables.

Such restrictions allow you to quickly get in shape, and also cleanse your body of toxins and toxins.


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