Diet on Vegetables and Fruits – Your Way to Losing Weight


Not every woman can force herself to eat a little and constantly play sports. Checked – no matter how much she did not want to look beautiful, sooner or later she would buy herself a hot dog and return to her former way of life. But you can lose weight and there is enough – just replace most of the harmful food with vegetables and fruits. It seems impossible, but if everything is done gradually, you will not even notice how instead of a harmful bun, your hands are drawn to the fruit.

Diet on Vegetables and Fruits - Your Way to Losing Weight

What is a good fruit and vegetable diet?

  • It allows you to completely cleanse the body of unnecessary radicals, toxins and toxins
  • The metabolism is normalized
  • You will lose weight, which means that your legs will have a lower load.
  • During another epidemic of cold or flu, you will feel much better than others, thanks to strengthened immunity.
  • Your hair and nails will receive vitamins and other useful substances in sufficient quantity that will make them beautiful, shiny and strong.
  • You will be able to establish a long-sleep mode of sleep, because of what will work all the other systems of the body.

Diet on Vegetables and Fruits - Your Way to Losing Weight

Do you get enough calories from this diet?

Some people think that vegetable diets are ineffective, as during their carrying out a person will have a constant lack of calories in the body, because of what productivity will fall. In fact, this is not the case: the same grapes or potatoes contain so many calories that nutritionists strongly do not recommend them to get carried away, or even better – almost completely excluded from the diet.

At the same time, there is a lot of fiber in vegetables and fruits. They are very satisfying – after eating a half a kilogram of vegetables, you will get the energy for a whole day, without adding extra pounds. With buns and other harmful foods all the more difficult: yes, you will be saturated with the same amount of food, that's just along with saturation a couple of extra pounds will come to us. Agree, this we do not want.

In addition, the fiber absorbs toxins, which are then removed from your body. It is on this property of cellulose that the appointment of many doctors is based that prescribe fruit and vegetable diets for the prevention (and sometimes for treatment) of certain diseases, for example, diabetes, varicose veins, etc. Naturally, all this is done under the strict supervision of the doctor and after taking

Choose your method of vegetable-fruit diet

If you think that you can not immediately switch to another diet, start doing it gradually. Continue eating whatever you want, but replace small snacks with useful products. Buy fresh berries, fruits, exclude from the diet at least chips and salted nuts. In the end, you will not even think about going into the department with any harmful but extremely tasty things. This gradual transition will help you start a new, healthier lifestyle.

If you are hoping to lose weight quickly, you need to go to a mono-diet. Nothing superfluous – just a lot of vegetables and fruits, with a little addition of other, not harmful products.

Diet on Vegetables and Fruits - Your Way to Losing Weight

What can you eat vegetables and fruits?

If you started this diet in the summer, everything is simple – you will have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that you can buy. You can also use canned or frozen vegetables and fruits. The main thing is to diversify your table as much as possible. Buy any new vegetables and fruits for you, at least every few months. Firstly, it is useful, and secondly, it never occurs to you to stop dieting because it is not sufficiently diverse.

Do not get carried away

This item is dedicated only to those who decided to choose a mono-diet. However, like many other mono-diets, this one can not last too long. During the vegetable diet in your body will not get the protein – a very important building component of your body. Yes, in fact, you will harm the body, so it is worthwhile to limit the time of weight loss by this method in the day or week. Otherwise, you risk seriously undermine your health.

In addition, during a mono-diet, you can not perform any complex physical work, it is also recommended to refuse to visit the gym, because this will have a detrimental effect on your well-being. Believe me, it is possible to survive for a week without training – in extreme cases, limit yourself to easy charging or a short run.

Diet on Vegetables and Fruits - Your Way to Losing Weight

Approximate menu of fruit and vegetable diet for a week

  • Breakfast : fruit salad. If you want, you can fill it with low-fat yogurt or drink a glass of green tea (not sweet)
  • Dinner: a little (about 100 grams) of rice or pasta, which will be seasoned with boiled or stewed vegetables. Drink should be vegetable (preferably tomato) juice.
  • Afternoon snack: Fresh fruit or juice. Ideally, the juice should be freshly squeezed.
  • Dinner: fish (baked or boiled), vegetable salad with olive oil

Before going to bed, it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir (low-fat). During the day you can drink anything: water, juice, coffee and tea – the main thing is that they do not have sugar. Swallow sweet drinks from stores, and in general, try to buy less products (of course, except kefir and vegetables) in stores.

Sample menu for the day

If you have certain problems with the gastrointestinal tract, or if your weight does not deviate so much from the norm in order to get a full-fledged diet, you can sometimes arrange some kind of unloading days. In them, you should eat only vegetables in any form, without adding anything to them. Even salt and spices should be removed from the diet, and if it does not work out, then at least limit their use to the necessary minimum. If on such a day you terribly wanted a sweet, take a sweet apple or a little raisins. You can drink anything but mineral water and soda. Ideally, if this day you can prepare yourself a mors, compote or jelly (not from a sachet, but from purchased fruit). They are prepared quite simply, so that you can not work in parallel with lunch or dinner, cook a little compote, especially since fresh fruit during such a diet is always at your fingertips.

Video about the benefits of fruits and vegetables

Video about fruits, helping to lose weight

Video about modern diets

Reviews about vegetable fruit diet

A good, balanced diet. In addition to fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, and animal proteins are present in it. Meals too, enough, along with kefir before going to bed, five. So, during the day you will not experience a constant feeling of hunger. Adhering to the fruit and vegetable diet can be a long period, because you will receive all the necessary nutrients.

This summer I decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and try this miracle diet on myself. For the first time the word "diet" I did not cause negative emotions, because I just love fruits and vegetables =) Although the diet is simple, but very effective. At what not only to reduce weight, but also to cleanse the skin and the body as a whole! Kilograms do go away, but you do not feel hunger and well-being! So now the fruit and vegetable diet is my best assistant in the fight for a slim and healthy body!))

It is very good that now is summer, this time is very suitable for starting the transition to a fruit and vegetable diet. Over the winter I gained 7 kg. I have a sedentary job, and next to a delicious bakery shop). I sat on another diet, I took off two kg a week, but I had to torment myself – it's hard! And then eat fruit and thin, especially since I love them. About potatoes have not once heard that there are many there is not recommended, there is nothing useful in it .

That me in diets always scared, so this is a rigid diet. From whatever side, even if it is thought through to the last detail, you still have to cut down the amount of vitamins that get into the body. I used to try the vitamin complex before, after the courses, to compensate for the loss. And the vegetable diet of this lack is not present. I always lose the weight of the 2-3 kilogram in summer without any problems, because I am switching to salads. It will be necessary, while there is still a month in stock, to try to replace the meat with fish, as advised here.

Since my childhood I was plump and, looking at slim girls, envied them. But, unfortunately, I was not very active, sport is not for me. Therefore I used different diets. But, for real, I was helped only by the fruit and vegetable diet. The bottom line is that instead of products with sugar: sweets, cakes, cakes, I used fruits. And in the usual diet, a lot of vegetables.

And after a few months, I normally lost weight, to an ideal far, but still the result is not small.

Ask me, what do I associate with summer? The answer is simple – with a fruit and vegetable diet. At what I sit down on it not purposefully, but simply because I adore fruits and vegetable salads. Yes, and a huge plus is that in the summer because of the heat, I do not really like that and I want to eat. Thus, during the summer I lose 5 -6 kilogram. I think it's something else to combine with the fish diet, because Dad brings fishing every weekend from fishing.

A very good diet, for those who want to lose weight without harm to their health. This method has been tested by my friends and personally, never before!)) Moreover, it is also the safest way to part with extra kilograms, and of course the most useful, since the body receives all the necessary vitamins and microelements . Not for nothing because vegetarians are mostly thin))).

Everyone knows that in summer you need to eat the most fresh vegetables and fruits, saturated with vitamins for the next three seasons. Therefore, one of the principles of the diet that I was looking for in July was the possibility of eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss, first of all, attracted me a stable balance, every day you need to use complex carbohydrates (porridges) and proteins, so that there was no muscle depletion (fillets in this case)

So, I would like to share the results for the month. Sitting on a diet is easy, not hungry, the stomach is reduced, thereby helping in the future to switch to proper nutrition. Vitamins from vegetables and fruits provide a good mood and easy tolerability of the diet. So, for July month with the growth of 171 cm, I dropped from 74 to 61 kg.

In addition to reducing the volume, I noticed that the skin cleared and the hair began to shine. No wonder they say fresh vegetables, the best helpers of our beauty.

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