Diet on white cabbage – the ideal food for weight loss

For a long time, experts on proper and healthy nutrition agreed that cabbage has a beneficial effect on the body, burns fats and promotes rapid and effective weight loss.

Cabbage is one of the representatives of the cruciferous family, its ancestor is a wild cabbage, known in all European countries. It is one of the most nutritious foods of our time, a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. This and fiber, carotene, fats, lactose, amino acids, glucose, lactic and acetic acid. In people cabbage is called the hospital orderly.

Tartron acid improves metabolism, removes toxins and toxins from the body, cleanses the digestive tract. Fiber helps digest food better, prevents atherosclerosis, is useful for stool disorders. Carotene is responsible for the anti-development of malignant tumors, preserves vision. Potassium removes excess fluid from the body, increases muscle tone.

It is especially useful for people with heart disorders.

Fresh cabbage or juice have antibacterial properties, are useful in viral diseases, gastritis, in violation of the kidneys and liver.

And what to say about the use of cabbage in cooking, what a variety of dishes can be cooked from one head of the vegetable.

But today we will talk about the healing effect of plants on the body, the ability to cleanse the digestive tract and the immediate weight loss of the patient.

Diet on white cabbage

  • This vegetable is low-calorie, in 100 g contains only 27 Kcal. Quailed cabbage still has a more effective effect on weight loss, but the priority is taken by Peking, 12 Kcal.
  • The leaves of white cabbage have a lot of dietary fiber, which have zero energy value and effectively relieve the intestines of toxins and toxins.
  • Microorganisms in the plant strengthen immunity, and vitamin C in cabbage is even greater than in citrus fruits.

There are contraindications for those who have an increased acidity of the stomach, also sit on a cabbage diet do not recommend pregnant and lactating.

No one can accurately calculate or paint the step-by-step steps of the diet on cabbage, it all depends on the individual tolerability of the product, the culinary capabilities of slimming and many subjective factors.

But you can try to get closer to the most effective reception of cabbage food for fast and stable weight loss.

  1. You can starve for cabbage a few days, maximum 5-7, this is a complex mono-diet, so you need to closely monitor the reaction of your body.
  2. All dishes must be prepared without salt, spices, oil, several green leaves are allowed, and a little olive oil.
  3. Admission of the vitamin complex is mandatory.
  4. Physical exercise and light exercise are welcome.
  5. In case of digestion, or abrupt abdominal swelling, you should try to cleanse the intestines with additional juices from carrots and apples.
  6. Drink during the day allowed purified non-carbonated water, green tea, herbal infusions.
  7. No sweet fizzy drinks and all kinds of alcohol.
  8. It is allowed skimmed yogurt or yogurt.
  9. Do not eat before going to bed, it is better to drink a glass of water.
  10. You can dilute the diet with a salad of fresh carrots, during the day eat fruit, only low-calorie, you can not bananas, oranges, avocados.
  11. No fried, smoked, fatty, sweet, baked and confectionery.
  12. Before the diet requires consultation with a specialist.

Menu sparing cabbage diet for one day

During such food, the feeling of hunger will be dulled, and even so, it can be sustained without harm to health about 7 days. The weight loss will be about 5 kg. More than a week to use such a mono-diet can not, as the metabolism is broken and the body receives less of the proteins and carbohydrates that it needs.

  • Breakfast: a cup of unsweetened natural coffee and a glass of water.
  • Dinner: a salad of carrots and fresh cabbage, no restrictions, you can eat as much as it takes until full saturation.
  • Dinner: boiled egg, apple salad and cabbage.
  • Before bedtime you need to drink a glass of skim milk.

There are several more types of cabbage for weight loss

The first option involves eating during a day of fermented cabbage, because lactic acid, which it contains, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and promotes rapid weight loss.

  • For breakfast a slice of coarse bread and a glass of tea.
  • For lunch: 200 grams of sauerkraut and one apple.
  • Have dinner a piece of boiled fish, 100 g of fermented vegetable, a glass of water.
  • Before bedtime drink 150 ml of low-fat kefir.

The second version of the diet on cabbage is not inferior to the first, except that in the fresh form it retains much more vitamins and trace elements than during the preparation of various dishes. That's why it can be simply chewed throughout the day, saturating the body with nutritional properties.

It must be understood that for a long time one can not eat on one cabbage, because it does not give all the necessary elements for the proper functioning of all organs. It is allowed to spend similar unloading days once a week, or a full-fledged diet 1 every six months.

Diet on cabbage soup

Cabbage soup is very healthy for the body. Thanks to all the dietary properties, it helps to quickly establish the intestinal tract system and guarantee weight loss up to 7 kg per week.

So, we'll make soup.

We need: 600 g white cabbage, half a cup of brown rice, green onions, a few stalks of celery, two tomatoes, 3 bulbs, 4 carrots and 2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper.

Next, you need to wash the vegetables well, chop cabbage, carrots cut into strips, make hands with rings, and pepper and celery slices. Tomatoes scalded with boiling water and peeled, chopped or grinded on the satiety. Fold all the ingredients in a saucepan and add water, on low heat bring to a boil and cook another 10 c. with the lid open.

Separate boil rice, chill and then simply combine it with green onions and vegetables. Removes soup from fire. You can start eating.

The diet will be next

  1. The first day: cabbage soup and fruit, except banana and grapes. Abundant drink and vitamin complex.
  2. Second day: cabbage broth and any vegetables, except potatoes. You can skim yogurt and coffee.
  3. The third day as the first.
  4. On fourth again cabbage soup, two bananas are allowed.
  5. On fifth day you can eat besides soup a piece of boiled lean fish, tomatoes.
  6. Sixth day as the fifth.
  7. Seventh: cabbage soup, vegetables and fruit juices.

Soup with the diet can be consumed in unlimited quantities, only without salt, seasonings and spices. In the course of the day, you can distribute the portion for 7-8 times and eat as the sensation of hunger develops. Do not forget about the abundant drink and vitamin complex.

User feedback and results about the cabbage diet

"I, as the mother of three children, officially declare, you can not imagine a cabbage diet. I'm spinning around the stove all day. So I prepared myself a special soup with vegetables and eat all day, without overeating and harm to the body. I put soup on the first for children, they really like it. Useful, light, tasty, I add a little salt and greens to them, for taste. For a week I lost 6 kg, now I'm not going to stop there. I will spend unloading days, eat small portions, not gloat sweet rolls and chocolate. And how many fresh fruits on the table are ready to replace the "harmful" delicacies, strawberries, currants, bananas, grapes, avocados. The cabbage diet turned my world around, it became even easier to breathe, there was lightness and confidence in tomorrow's bright and happy day. "

"Before serving in the army, I decided to lose a few pounds to become much more pivoting and faster. My mother advised a cabbage diet, thanks to which I lost 5 kg for 4 days. It was not at all difficult, in a fit of hunger I chewed leaves of cabbage and was full of strength and energy. Friends looked at me and wondered how you can drop so much kilograms so quickly. I think I was helped by a huge willpower and a desire to be better. I have reached my goal and are very happy for such a sensible and timely mother's advice. "

"I needed to lose 5 kg before the wedding anniversary, it was hard to give up sweets and bread, but cabbage soup helped me overcome all the difficulties. Well, that it can be eaten in unlimited quantities, so I ate often and gradually, and a week later I did it. The main thing is now to keep those kilograms and not break. "

Summing up, it should be said that the cabbage diet is very effective and useful, many vitamins and trace elements saturate the body, improve digestion and speed up the metabolism. Before the diet, you need to read the recipes for cooking and preparing a menu for several days. Slender figure you are provided.

Cabbage for weight loss is not suitable for people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, in violation of kidney function and severe obesity. The above system of weight loss will be effective for those who want to lose up to 5 kg and no more.

It is important not to forget about physical exercises, yoga, swimming, jogging, morning gymnastics. Only in the complex: diet + sport you will achieve high results.

Be slim and beautiful always, clean not only the body, but also thoughts. The more positive you think, the better will be the world around!

Video on the useful properties of cabbage for weight loss

Reviews about the cabbage diet

Diet on white cabbage I liked. I wanted to try carrots, but I like cabbage more. Gentle diet perfectly suited, nothing complicated. I already got used to having a snack at work, but the food became much easier with this diet. I used cabbage for several weeks and the results started by the end of the month, I threw off several kilograms.

Girls, help out. After childbirth gained weight, but for a year I can not lose it! He does not go away in any way. Help, please, tell me whether it is worth choosing this diet or some other one will do better. I hope for understanding and help on your part.

Try a Japanese diet)

After I gave up my habit of gnawing (no matter how strange it sounded, but I gnawed everything: pens, nails, pencils, tubes), I began actively gaining weight, because I was already grabbing food this time. Nothing helped me, I already tried everything. Thank God I found this site. And finally. I was able to lose my first ten kilograms of this diet!)) She came up perfect for me, I hope to reach my desired indicator – 62.

She was always very fond of cabbage, but unfortunately not only her . buns and sweets certainly were in priority, until the beloved softly hinted that too much I became . Here I opened my eyes – I must lose weight! I studied a lot of diets, but somehow my soul did not lie to them, but then I came across a cabbage diet. At first, of course, it was difficult . There was not enough soup, so the carrot and cabbage leaves gnawed at the same time. Added to this daily exercise and a week later said goodbye to 6 kg! Now it's time to drop some more and I'll be happy!

Wife a year and a half ago gave birth. She lost weight, of course, but it seemed to her that it was not enough. I was against her diet, everything suited me. But then my mother-in-law brought in so many cabbages in the autumn! Wife came up with the idea to use it for their own purposes. For a week I lost weight on 2 kg, began to run in the morning, while I was at home with my son and 2 once a week swam. In a month instead of 60 was 56 kg. She continues her weight loss program, and tries to feed me this plant, but I bravely refuse 🙂

After I gave up my habit of gnawing (no matter how strange it sounded, but I gnawed everything: pens, nails, pencils, tubes), I began actively gaining weight, because I was already grabbing food this time. Nothing helped me, I already tried everything. Thank God I found this site. And finally. I was able to lose my first ten kilograms of this diet on white cabbage!)) She came up to me perfectly, I hope to reach my desired indicator – 62.

Diet on white cabbage is one of my favorites. Cabbage is not a very annoying product. In general, I like mono-diets, because you do not need to think about what to eat, what to cook, how to chew cabbage and rejoice.) At the end of this diet, my skin became cleaner, I lost weight by 7 kg, there was lightness in the body, I wanted to go in for sports, to run) Now I advise all girlfriends)

After I gave up my habit of gnawing (no matter how strange it sounded, but I gnawed everything: pens, nails, pencils, tubes), I began actively gaining weight, because I was already grabbing food this time. Nothing helped me, I already tried everything. Thank God I found this site. And finally. I was able to lose my first ten kilograms of this diet on white cabbage!)) She came up to me perfectly, I hope to reach my desired indicator – 62.

My work, not too mobile, so I gain weight excess fast enough. Diet on white cabbage, at first it seemed to me, somewhat complicated, but having tried it, I was sure that it was not quite so. Cabbage, perfectly satisfies the feeling of hunger and, moreover, very useful. The only thing about making a menu, sometimes, is to work hard. But the positive effect is definitely worth it!

I lose weight very quickly on this diet. But knowing that cabbage is quite an aggressive food product for the pancreas, just in case, I still visited the gastroenterologist before I start. I love cabbage in any form and the diet on white cabbage is perfect for me. I'm not involved in sports, I have problems with my back and my doctors have forbidden me to work. And after the birth of a child, I gained a lot of weight and he just prevents me from living normally

Hello, girls (well, boys). I want to share my experience about using this diet. I will say at once that there is not a lot of excess weight in me, because in principle I adhere to the life of proper nutrition and regularly perform exercises. In ordinary life, my weight is 55-56 kg. But here this spring before the beach season I decided to lose weight to 51, to be straight generally sweet. And you know, just the diet on white cabbage helped me a lot. My body made it easy enough, both physically and morally. So girls dare and be the most beautiful and slim))

The coolest diet of the fastest. An excellent option in front of the sea, that would bring itself into shape. The results are excellent, although the kilograms then return, if overeat, but still not completely. When I was on a diet on white cabbage I allowed myself a little liberties. Sometimes it's just impossible to resist, but a couple of sweets the result still did not ruin me.

Girls, I'm generally in shock! I did not even think that you can lose weight so easily! At first I thought this diet was stupid and I thought that I could not stand it as much cabbage as a hare . but no! everything went very easy, already 3-th month I'm sitting on this diet and the result did not make me wait! gone already about 10kg))) and the cabbage also has so many useful properties !! so that not only lose weight, but health correct!

I used to not really like cabbage, and did not know that there is such a diet. Tried to feed myself with many other diets, but something not very helped me. A couple of times I went to the doctor even, but I heard all the same thing: "find a good diet for yourself," but this one, so no one said. From a friend heard about the diet on cabbage, did not believe, did not want to eat it, but still agreed. And so, 9 kg went like the wind after cabbage. In vain I did not like her, she really helped.


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