Diet on yogurt. Lose weight fast? Easily!


If you want to lose at least 5 kg a week, then a diet on yogurt is just what you need. The main condition – to exclude from the diet those products that in principle prohibit any diet: fatty and fried foods, flour and confectionery, as well as alcohol.

The benefits that the use of yoghurts give to our body are unlimited:

  • normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • removes harmful toxins and toxins from the body;
  • is an excellent product that fights against fungal diseases;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • multiplies several times the number of beneficial microbes in the intestine and stomach;
  • is a preventive measure for dysbiosis;
  • is an excellent preventive medicine for diseases associated with the heart, blood vessels, stroke and diabetes.

And only a small part of what can give us regular use of yoghurts. In addition, they have a good effect on the condition of the hair, skin and nails, which is also an indisputable plus for the female audience.

Find out all the useful properties of yogurt, you can from the following video:

So, under what diets can you eat yogurts? In fact, diets, where you can eat yogurts, very much. Today we will tell you about some variants of yoghurt diets, but first let's talk about the rules, the observance of which is necessary, no matter what diet option you choose for yourself.

Rules of diets on yogurt

Diets on yogurt include the following rules:

  • a day can not use more than 500 g yogurt for 4-6 receptions;
  • a day should also eat no more than 400 g of fruit. You can not eat grapes, watermelons and melons. Green apples and citrus fruits are best for weight loss;
  • a day you need to drink at least 1,5 L of liquid, and it does not matter if it's ordinary water or tea, the main thing is that they do not add sugar;
  • For lunch and dinner, it is necessary to include 100 g boiled lean meat and vegetable salad dressed with yoghurt;
  • in the intervals between meals, you need to drink an 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice from oranges, grapefruit, pomegranate or apples. In this case, the juice must be diluted with water in the ratio 1: 2.

Diet on yogurt. Lose weight fast? Easily!

1 variant of diet on yogurt

  • завтрак: yogurt 100 g, one cup of tea without sugar, ½ cup freshly squeezed pomegranate juice diluted with water;
  • lunch: cucumber soup with olive oil and yogurt, boiled meat and vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack: a salad of tomatoes, dressed with yogurt;
  • dinner: boiled asparagus, dressed with yogurt, a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice or an orange, diluted with water.

This diet gives amazing results – minus 5 kg per week. However, more than 2 weeks on such a diet "can not sit." You can reapply the diet only after 3 months.

Diet on yogurt. Lose weight fast? Easily!

2 variant of diet on yogurt

  • завтрак: curd mass, prepared from 4 st. l. fat-free cottage cheese, 100-150 g yogurt and 50 g fresh fruit or dried fruit;
  • lunch: salad from 6 st. l. cottage cheese and 100-150 g yogurt. Mix everything, add vegetables, greens and lightly add salt;
  • dinner: first eat 6 art. l. cottage cheese, then 100-150 g yoghurt.

Duration of the diet should also not exceed 2 weeks, while maintaining the result you need to arrange unloading days 1 – 2 times a week. In this case, you should use 500 g yogurt and 500 g cottage cheese. This will be more than enough. In addition to freshly squeezed juices, nutritionists recommend the use of green tea, you can drink it in unlimited quantities, most importantly, without the addition of sugar.

Such diets allow you to quickly bring your weight back to normal. Also, do not forget about the physical exertions that contribute to improving metabolism and, of course, weight loss. So with the help of them, you can easily pull up your body and cheer yourself up for the whole day!

And how to make yogurt at home, you can learn from the following video:

Reviews about a diet on yogurt

I like smoothies vegetable and fruit, instead of ordinary fruits, although I do only unloading days on them.

I was very interested in this type of diet!) I have never seen such a diet. I'll show my girlfriend. We'll try to sit on it for a few days while we go to the hall. I think that it will be a bit heavy, since in yoghurts there are very few carbohydrates that give us energy. I think that by kilogram 2-3 can be reset for 2 days. We exclude heavy physical exertion and try only to do cardio – boxing, running, skipping rope.

All the girls want to lose weight by the summer, but I did not have time. A couple of weeks ago, my young man said that in a week we will go to the river, so I did not want to disgrace myself. I stumbled upon a diet on yogurt, made small adjustments and decided to try (especially since I love dairy products). Immediately I will say – all kinds of diets on one water, apple and air are forbidden to me. I ate so:

Breakfast: cottage cheese mass, cooked from 4 st. l. fat-free cottage cheese, 100 yogurt and half apple

Lunch: salad: 100 gr. Cottage cheese. 100 g yoghurt, 1 small cucumber, a little salt

Dinner: 100 g cottage cheese and 100 g yogurt

What can I say, 4 kg per week – I think, a good result. Yes, and the state itself has improved – some lightness inside.

I, you can say, well, not at all a beginner in terms of diets and dietary nutrition) For

half a year I lost weight on 30 kg, but now I successfully maintain weight, although it is difficult, because I sometimes relax completely and eat in unlimited quantities. But such unloading diets as this diet on yoghurts, well, sooo save, helping to bring themselves into form in the shortest possible time. I am generally a lover of yoghurts and other lactic and dairy products, so it's easy for me to sit on it, and it's not too monotonous, like many modern diets, where you can eat only an apple a day (by stupidity and it passed)) For a week, such a diet is usually me goes about 5 kg, and immediately adds plus 1000 to self-esteem)) Really cool diet, tasty, but still useful – kicks!

I tried such a diet, I have a right to exist, I just replaced asparagus with green beans. Results are, for a week minus 3 kilo, then I'm sick of it. But I usually use another option when I need to prepare myself for some long-term diet: I sit on 3-4 only on yogurt, kefir and skim cottage cheese. The body is perfectly unloaded, and you can go to the menu of the planned diet.

Girls, and maybe even boys, hello!)

Then I found this diet, I decided to share a response .. About this diet I was told not so long ago by a friend . it's a pity that I myself have not found on this site before, I would have been a beauty of ahaha for a long time already)

On this diet is very easy to hold on! This, in fact, is the right food! And since it's summer now, it's mast-hev! Since in the summer you do not really want to eat, but yoghurts are not that heavy food!

I respected the 1 option. I do not know . I personally sustained a "hurray!" Of course, my favorite meal is lunch) Although for breakfast I really liked to drink freshly squeezed juice)

At my growth 173 I weighed 75 kg, and became already 68! In the early days, after the zeal, compared with other diets, swellings quickly went away . and it became better to wake up . well . with ease . well, losing weight will understand me! I, honestly, thought that even if I lose, then kg 3! And here it is!)))) In general, my joy is no limit)) Still in shock! Although it's been a month and a half already! And by the way, weight has not returned! Well . half a kilogram! But here I marked a successful ending of the session ^ __ ^

I just adore all dairy and sour-milk products, so when I found out that there is such a diet on yogurt, I realized that for me it is an ideal option – yogurt is not only useful, but also really tasty! For several days I have been following this diet, I feel great – there is no special feeling of hunger. By the way, I do yogurt itself, from boiled milk and a pharmacy starter, there and lacto- and bifidobacteria, in general, some utility. With a cherry or raspberry simply otpad!

I really want to lose weight soon wedding and found a chic dress for her but I'm a bit too fat for him. Help or Assist prompt the good whether this diet and that very much it is necessary to grow thin. The husband says that well this dress but I'm a girl and it's exactly what I need. I read an article like everything should be fine. And the food is similar to the one I used to eat. And yogurt in general is my most favorite dairy product. I hope to lose 12 kg.

Kind time of the day! At all times women like to look beautiful and many used different means and diets for this. I, as well as many, have tried many diets before reaching the result. But I like this diet more than anything and the result comes without much effort and expense. If you follow the advice – it's all very simple. But do not forget about the willpower, that would not relax.

I liked this diet) I love yogurt very much. I plan to sit on it for a week, I'll see the result) In case of good results, I'll sit still) I'll compose a menu for a week and follow it) For a diet, I plan to take natural Greek yogurt and add natural fruits or vegetables to it) Since the diet allows to include in the diet and cottage cheese, then in the morning I will eat cottage cheese, also with the addition of fruit or honey)

For a diet on yogurt, in my experience, it is better to take yogurt, cooked at home and from normal, and not store milk. Adhered to this diet for a week, but instead of apples ate cherries (I have a brutal appetite from apples!), Well, a set of exercises every day at home doing. The result is excellent: 3 kg for a week, plus some lightness in the body appeared, the mood is good, although maybe the last one because I went to bed in 10 went to bed (not to overfeed for the night), so I'm an "owl" and go to bed too late.

Interestingly, the first time I see such a diet. I lose weight on the Model Form for someone for 18. It helps to reduce cravings for flour and sweet and improves metabolism. But natural yoghurts will bring in your daily diet, thank you. For a month already – 3700 I want more)))

I like the first version of the diet. There is still at least some variety and it will be easier to observe it than the second, where only yogurt and cottage cheese. I'm generally against very strict diets. I think everything should be in moderation. And, by the way, with the benefit of yogurt for the body completely agree, but only if there is a view of a home, and not a purchased product. Since yogurt from the store can contain more harm than good. To prevent this, I prepare it myself with leaven from BakZdrav. As for me, this is the best yogurt I've tried.

Yogurt diet for me – a real find, because I really love this product. I always cook it myself at the leaven of Bakdzdrav. Over a month, the yoghurt diet managed to lose weight by 4 kg. And now I continue to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition and to use this useful and tasty sour milk product every day.

Ease with this diet is very like. Basically, I try to buy bio-yoghurts. I take it in farmers' shops Sincerely yours, while very much it is pleasant. And the packaging is very convenient to take with them for snacks. The composition is natural, which is important in the diet. I think that completely sitting on the same product is to deprive your body of other nutritional elements, which are also necessary for us.

I also cook yoghurts myself, but I never mix them, it is much thicker and it can be eaten with a spoon, it is very tasty) I cook at the ferment Bakshdrav, one sachet dries up to three liters of milk and thick yoghurt is very nutritious. For 10 days of yogurt diet on 4-6 kg I lose weight.

I try to use more often kefir or yogurt not only for weight loss, but also to relieve the gastrointestinal tract. I do not get long mono-diets, so I just limit fatty, high-calorie foods, prepare more vegetables, and vitamin preparations. I squeeze fruit juices myself, they need a little, grams for a hundred and sour milk drinks I make from ordinary milk and starter cultures. I liked the starter Bakdzdrav – quality at the level and it is convenient to cook. For a month, one pack for kefir and yogurt is enough for the whole family.

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