Diet on yogurt

Diet on kefir, in addition to losing excess kilograms, brings invaluable benefits to the body. Kefir normalizes sleep and the work of the nervous system, has a mild diuretic effect, cleanses the stomach and intestines, promotes the production of digestive juices and even quenches thirst. True, we must remember that this is a real yogurt, the same drink, which is listed in the list of the most useful products in the world. It is best to prepare kefir by the leaven itself. But if there is no time, buy kefir in the store, watching the production time. One-day kefir is useful for the intestines, there are few alcohols (the inevitable companion of the fermentation process) and microbial contents. Two-day kefir contains the optimal number of enzymes and microorganisms. The three-day kefir contains the maximum amount of these substances, as well as carbon dioxide, which irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Most nutritionists are very respectful of yogurt, which is justified, because this is really a unique low-calorie product, well absorbed by the body and containing a lot of useful substances for it. And dieticians themselves, and admirers of all kinds of kefir diets, and those who prefer light meals know well that kefir is an excellent substitute for some poorly digestible foods. For example, it can be successfully used as a salad dressing instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

The most effective for today is a mono-kefir or one-product variant of this diet, but it is very difficult: for three days only kefir is used for food – 1,5 l per day for 5-6 receptions at regular intervals. Kefir should be skim, preferably 1% and without any additives. A strict diet on kefir may contain several sweet vegetables, for example, 2-3 a piece of stewed pumpkin. Observance of this diet for 5 days will give the most favorable result: the body will be cleansed, at least 3-4 kg of excess weight will disappear, but in this case you can develop a persistent dislike for kefir.

Such a diet on kefir is complicated by the fact that it is as difficult to get out of it as to begin to observe. Try this diet is able only one whose body is ideally prepared for such changes in the "supply of energy." In addition, the use of this product for several days in large quantities can cause an intestinal disorder. At the end of the diet on yogurt people tend to only dream about one thing – eat plenty! However, overeating can greatly harm the body. It is for this reason that a number of nutritionists recommend approaching a strict diet on kefir, having consulted with a doctor beforehand, and starting from unloading days on kefir, because sometimes one day of food a week can give better results than a monthly torture of the body.

There is also a more sparing version of the diet on yogurt for those who are ready for seven whole days to abandon the usual and favorite dishes. This diet on kefir is more caloric and diverse than kefir mono-diet, and even there is an opinion that it is more useful than many other mono-diets.

In this version, meat and fish in natural form, that is, without salt, spices and other additives, are added to kefir in small quantities. The daily volume of kefir is slightly changed – 1-1,5 l for 5-6 receptions.

Seven-day diet on yogurt

1-th day: 5 boiled or baked potato tubers + kefir.

2 day: 100 g of boiled chicken breast, which can be replaced with a turkey. Do not consume broth.

3-th day: 100 g lean boiled meat, not consuming broth.

4-th day: 100 g of boiled sea and nonfat fish: halibut, pollock, flounder, navaga.

5-th day: 1 kg of fruits and vegetables, separated for the whole day. It can be kiwi, fresh pineapple, apples, pears, persimmons, fresh cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, but bananas and grapes should be completely excluded from the diet.

6-th day: only kefir, and the volume can be increased to 2-liters.

7 day: at least 1,5-2 liters of mineral water without gas throughout the day.

On the 8 day, you can return to your normal diet with the restriction of fatty, sweet and flour products. Kefir can still be included in the diet in an amount of 0,5-1 l per day in between meals. It should be unsweetened and maximally fat-free. "Sitting" on such a diet can not be more than 1 times in 2 months.

Diet on kefir "Star" slightly softer than the above option, but there are differences in the timing of this diet: it should alternate with the weeks of your usual diet until you reach the desired result. That is, one week of kefir diet, one week of normal nutrition with some restrictions, no bread, fatty, spicy and sweet food.

The process of nutrition consists of 6 meals per day at regular intervals: 8.00, 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 and 18.00 are the last meal, after which it is not recommended to even drink water. The use of water, by the way, is rather limited – no more than 0,5 l per day, naturally, boiled, unsweetened and still. Inveterate coffeemakers in the morning allowed 1 cup of coffee without sugar. However, they are nevertheless recommended to take themselves in hand and go to tea, in which caffeine is practically the same, and the benefits are much greater.

Before the start of the diet itself, it is recommended to conduct a course of artificial bowel cleansing. I must say that this procedure is unpleasant, but, you must agree, if it is necessary for the matter, you can tolerate it. If you decide to use laxatives, then you need to consult a doctor. Remember that with medicines you should always be very careful.

1-th day: 400 g of baked potatoes without salt + 500 ml of low-fat 1% kefir.

2 day: 400 g fat-free cottage cheese + 500 ml kefir.

3 day: 400 g fruits, except bananas, grapes and persimmons, + 500 ml 1% kefir.

4 day: 400 g boiled chicken breast without salt + 500 ml 1% kefir.

5 day: 400 g of fruit, the same as on 3 day + 500 ml 1% kefir.

6 day: 1,5 l mineral water without gas.

7 day: 400 g fruit + 500 ml 1% kefir.

For enthusiasts who do not want to part with the diet regime and somewhat toughen it, it is possible and such an option as nine-day diet on kefir with apples, which provides for alternation during 9 days of yogurt and apples. The first three days you need to drink 1,5-2 l kefir per day, the next three days there are 1,5 kg of apples per day, then again three days kefir. You ask, why apples? Yes, because in our middle belt, this fruit is the most popular and affordable, regardless of the season. And so far, he simply does not have a worthy replacement. The diet is really too hard. During its application, you can experience both dizziness and a sense of weakness. After feeling these symptoms, add a little cottage cheese or a boiled egg, prepare yourself a fruit or vegetable salad. After all, mockery of your body in your weight loss program is clearly not included.

And here is the another version of the diet on yogurt, as well as the previous one, built on the principle of alternation and calculated for 9 days. A certain number of products are calculated for every three days. The first three days: 1% kefir in any quantity and 100 g of boiled rice without salt per day. The next three days: 1% kefir and 100 g boiled chicken breast also without salt per day. And the final three days: kefir and apples as much as you like.

Kefir is a part of many diets. In the summer, when you have plenty of fresh home-made cucumbers, you can try a diet with yogurt and cucumber. A very effective diet, I must say, only again, not everyone will stand it. In addition, you should not be in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Just in case and confident in his health, a doctor will never interfere with a doctor's consultation. If there are no health problems, and you absolutely do not mind the combination of kefir and cucumbers, then adjust your body for seven days of active weight loss with the help of this diet. By the way, literally in a week you can get rid of 4-6 hated kilograms. Drink all this time you need only pure non-carbonated water, up to 1,5 L per day, and green tea without sugar. Nutritionists are also advised during this period to support the body with multivitamins with microelements.

Diet on yogurt with cucumber

Breakfast: 1 stack. kefir, 200 g cucumbers.

Lunch: 1 stack. kefir and 200 g cucumbers.

Lunch: salad of fresh cucumbers and lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil, 1 stack. kefir, 100 g boiled, baked or steamed pair of lean sea fish.

Dinner: 1 stack. kefir and 200 g cucumbers.

Before bedtime: 1 stack. kefir.

After a daily tasty and rich menu, such a diet seems to everyone too hard. It is not surprising that in the course of a diet, weakness, headache and dizziness may occur. In no case do not chop off the shoulder, sharply abandoning the usual products and switching to such a diet option. Try to experiment first with the unloading days, taking as a basis such a proposed menu for the day, and then you can swing and for all 7 days of the diet.

Diet on yogurt and buckwheat is designed for 7 days and consists of a very simple menu. Kashi can be eaten for a day as much as necessary, naturally without salt, sugar and all the rest. Cook it should be like this: measure the amount of buckwheat in the evening, fill it with boiling water, then literally after a couple of minutes drain the water with a new portion of boiling water (1 stacks of cereal for 1,5 l boiling water). Well wrap it in a blanket with a porridge and leave until the morning. Since the porridge can be eaten so much the soul wants, then the feeling of hunger you are guaranteed to torture will not. The main rule is the last meal for 4-5 hours before sleep. Before going to bed, you can drink a little yogurt. Within a day the permissible norm of kefir is 1 l. Of course, it should be low-fat. It is best to use it for 30 minutes before meals or in 30 minutes after it. If you use a dry and tasteless porridge completely do not want to, drink or pour it with kefir. Now about the liquid. You need to drink at least 1,5 liter of liquid per day. It can be green tea, water without gas or some herbal tea without sugar. It is allowed to add a lemon to them. Sometimes, no more than twice a day you can pamper yourself with a cup of coffee or black tea, but it is not recommended to abuse these drinks. Dieticians also recommend taking multivitamins during a diet to provide support to the body.

2 stack. low-fat kefir,

1 a handful of raspberries.

Separate egg yolks from proteins and whisk with 4 st.l. sugar, add grated lemon zest, kefir, pre-prepared gelatin and proteins, whipped with the remaining sugar in a stable foam. Refrigerate the resulting mass, and then put into a dessert dish and decorate with fresh raspberries.

1 fresh cucumber,

1 clove of garlic.

black ground pepper – to taste.

Peel the cucumber from the peel and cut it into small pieces. Finely chop the dill. Mix the yogurt with milk thoroughly, add pepper, lemon juice and a little vegetable seasoning. Add the crushed garlic clove, lemon slices and slices of olives to the kefir mixture. Use kefir soup in a cold form.

Weight loss is, first of all, work on yourself, a kind of self-test for the presence of willpower and steadfastness. And in any case, the use of a tasty and healthy drink is a hundred times better than absorbing miracle pills with the effect of unpredictability. So, maybe, diet on kefir just what you need? You need to lose weight deliciously, healthy and healthy!

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