"Diet Pegano" with psoriasis – menu for every day

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes significant physical and emotional discomfort. There is no universal cure for this problem.

But the American doctor, John Pegano, developed his own way to long-term remission of psoriasis without taking medication. The doctor defended the importance of a systematic approach to the diet and the influence of psychological factors on success.

What is the "Diet of Pégano"?

"Diet Pegano" in psoriasis is aimed at treating a person by complete revision of the food system, due to which, the body leaves toxins, the skin is cleansed. The doctor claimed that most of the diseases of modern man are to blame for the slagged intestine.

Beginning of the diet with psoriasis is a full unloading on fruit. 5 days, if a person chooses a monofruit food, 3 – if apples or citrus fruits. According to the doctor, such natural sorbents will have a qualitative effect on the condition of the internal organs, especially the digestive tract. Pegano suggests combining fruit days with colonotherapy for greater effect.

The second stage, which is the main one, is diet with a high content of alkali-forming products: water, fruit, vegetables and natural fresh juices. It provides for a reduction in the consumption of preservatives, sweet and artificial foods.

Diet Pegaso with psoriasis is incompatible with hormonal drugs and bad habits!

Part of the treatment for psoriasis is also special set of exercises, aimed at improving the condition of the back and spine: Pegano was confident that psoriasis and other skin diseases are directly related to sedentary lifestyles and the restoration of normal blood flow helps to achieve remission.

Not the last role in the diet play Baths, saunas, hot tubs. Welcome herbal teas and special infusions.

And the last point is psychoemotional state: the American doctor believed that it was the mood of the patient that determines the success of his treatment for psoriasis, so he recommended avoiding stress and conflict on his diet.

Menu for the week

The diet, according to the doctor's diet, does not imply a specific diet, but provides for certain rules. Many are stumped by the abundance of dishes that includes the diet of Pegano with psoriasis.

Diet Pegaso with psoriasis – menu for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

  1. oatmeal in milk with 1 tsp. honey or without it and a few dried fruits to choose from.
  2. soup with broccoli and chicken, salad of legume sprouts with carrots and whole wheat loaves.
  3. salmon baked with asparagus and Romano salad, pineapple sherbet for dessert.
  1. brown rice with honey, a few nuts, blueberries.
  2. spaghetti with herbs and zucchini.
  3. lamb, stewed with cauliflower and garlic.
  1. 2 eggs boiled soft-boiled, whole grain bread with a thin layer of butter, blueberries.
  2. soup based on a vegetable mix, couscous with ginger and champignons.
  3. chicken with vegetables and spinach, baked in the oven.
  1. pumpkin muffins and flakes with baked apple.
  2. cream leek leek, broccoli with garlic.
  3. salad of red cabbage with apples and peas and chicken breast, steamed.
  1. oatmeal with almonds, fruit to choose from.
  2. vegetable salad with lemon dressing and tuna pieces.
  3. pike-perch with spinach and pumpkin cream soup, several crackers without salt.
  1. brown rice with honey, a few nuts, blueberries.
  2. soup based on a vegetable mix, couscous with ginger and champignons.
  3. hake baked with asparagus and Romano salad, peach sherbet for dessert.
  1. egg, cooked soft-boiled, whole-grain bread with a thin layer of butter, blueberries.
  2. lamb, stewed with cauliflower and garlic.
  3. cream leek soup, lettuce seedlings with carrots and whole wheat loaves.

During the day it is allowed to have a few snacks. Preferably, fresh vegetables, fruit or juice (natural). Each meal can and should be accompanied with herbal tea.

List of allowed products

Many are deterred by the prohibitions that the "Pigano Diet" provides, but the list of allowed products is quite large.

  • fresh vegetables of high quality;
  • fruit;
  • cereals;
  • almonds;
  • low-fat meat of animals;
  • fish dishes;
  • dairy products of natural origin;
  • whole-grain crackers and loaves;
  • bran;
  • porridge on the water.

A special priority for psoriasis is cabbage, beets and greens. Among the fruits, the most useful are plum cultures.

But even within the limits of the allowed products one should be cautious: "Diet Pegaso" with psoriasis involves fractional meals. Thus, simultaneous use of dairy products and citrus fruits, meat and food containing starch is prohibited.


A feature of this food system is the large number of dishes that this system of weight loss allows. This is why pThe choices for psoriasis on the diet of "Pegano" are so diverse.

Fresh vegetable salad with a drop of olive oil:

A fresh vegetable salad

All ingredients must be thoroughly washed and cut in any convenient way for you. Lettuce leaves are best torn with your hands. Mix everything, salt, and season with olive oil.

Stewed lamb with garlic

  • 250 g mutton;
  • 1 carrots;
  • 1 celery tuber;
  • 50 g champignons;
  • 2 heads of red onions;
  • two bay leaves;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • salt and spices to taste.

Boil the carrots, mushrooms, celery root. Lean low-fat mutton cut into small pieces and stew without oil on the water for about 1,5 hours in a pan with red onion and spices to taste: thyme, bay leaf, garlic, etc. At the very end, add the pre-cooked vegetables so that they are saturated with the resulting sauce.

Fish with spinach

  • 200 g of trout;
  • 100 g spinach;
  • 20 g white wine;
  • Red onion;
  • bunch of parsley;
  • thyme, salt and other spices to taste.

Fry in a pan without oil fillets of fish 5 minutes on each side. Put the trout on the plate. in the same frying pan throw the rinsed spinach and simmer in shallow heat 15 minutes. After adding thyme, white wine, finely chopped red onion and parsley. Add the fish fillet to the sauce and grind it over shallow fire for about 15 minutes.

Cream of leek soup

  • celery root – 1 medium tuber;
  • 1 leeks;
  • a bunch of green onions;
  • a bunch of greenery (parsley, dill);
  • 100 g spinach;
  • 1 onion;
  • a glass of milk.

In the water boil: celery, leeks, greens, spring onions, spinach and onions. Add a small amount of milk and grind the soup with a blender until smooth. You can serve with a whole-grain cracker.


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