Diet Pegano with psoriasis – the rules of nutrition!

Psoriasis does not apply to infectious diseases and is not transmitted by airborne droplets or by close contact. However, only one type of patient with psoriasis alarms those around him, which naturally can not be overlooked by a person. Of course, it is not pleasant for him, and despite the fact that it is quite difficult to get rid of this ailment, it is possible to reduce its manifestations. And it helps in this special diet of Pégano with psoriasis.

How does the diet help fight psoriasis?

Scientists have been studying the mechanism of psoriasis for several hundred years already. They established a connection between its occurrence and metabolic disturbances in the body, which arise against a background of incorrect and unbalanced nutrition. There are other causes of the disease (genetic), but they are extremely rare.

Therefore, only adjusting the diet allows you to partially adjust these violations, and can be completely cured only with strict adherence to diet and medication, which is prescribed only by a doctor.

Diet for psoriasis by Pegano

Each organism is individual and reacts differently to different foods. Therefore, it is simply impossible to talk about a single food system for psoriasis patients. A diet is prescribed for psoriasis of the head and other parts of the body only by a doctor, taking into account the patient's medical history.

As a rule, with such a disease, the diet of Pegano is prescribed, which is aimed at gradual improvement of the body and normalization of all processes, including metabolic processes. The principle of this diet is a minimum of calories, the maximum benefit.

Diet Pegano with psoriasis requires strict observance of all items and regimen. This is the only way to achieve the pursued goal and positive dynamics.

Principles of the diet of Pegano

Treatment of psoriasis with the help of diet occurs in several stages. At the first stage there is a complete cleansing of the body of all "superfluous" and harmful. Only fruit is allowed. Thus the patient can use a multicomponent diet, which lasts for 5 – 6 days, or one-component (citrus or apple), duration of 3 days.

And after a complete cleansing of the intestine begins the second stage of the diet, which eliminates the penetration of harmful substances into the body, by eliminating from the habitual diet of "dangerous" foods.

It is also required to engage in physical exercises, which have a preventive effect on the spine and prevent disturbances in his work. As practice shows, this item is very important, since it is the disorders in the spine that lead to a decrease in blood circulation and an exacerbation of the rash.

In addition, a diet with psoriasis of the scalp and body in addition to strict nutrition requires the implementation of cosmetic procedures that allow you to clean and repair the damaged epidermis.

Also, patients with psoriasis are advised to visit the bath and sauna frequently and regularly take steam baths. This will help to avoid excessive dryness of the skin and remove toxins from the body.

And most importantly – the patient should be in a state of complete rest. No stress, worry and worry. All this leads to the fact that the body begins to produce special substances that can trigger the appearance of new rashes.

Meals for psoriasis

At a psoriasis the basic share of a ration is necessary on alkaloobrazujushchie products. These are various vegetables and fruits, juices and water. They should be about 70% -80% of the daily menu. The rest of the diet should consist of acid-forming products, which include cereals, fish, meat, milk, eggs and vegetable oils.

It is this ratio of products that makes it possible to achieve a balance in the body in which harmful substances simply can not exist and multiply, and this leads to a decrease in the manifestation of symptoms of the disease.

Permitted products

During the maintenance of the diet, patients with psoriasis can make their own menu, based on the list of approved foods. These include:

  • fermented milk products (kefir, fermented milk, yogurts, yogurt, etc.);
  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • cheese;
  • a fish;
  • meat;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • any porridge cooked on the water;
  • cereals;
  • almond;
  • bran.

Important! Fruits like apples, bananas and melons should be used as a separate dish, not an addition to others!

Prohibited products

Treatment of psoriasis with a diet involves the exclusion of foods from the diet, with a high content of carbohydrates and fats, as well as:

At the same time it is forbidden to carry out additional treatment with hormonal drugs, antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Also, you should give up such a bad habit as smoking, and try to avoid stressful situations.

For how many days is the diet of Pégano calculated?

Diet Pegaso is designed for 30 days. However, doctors recommend not to depart from such a plan of nutrition and after its completion. After all, this diet allows you to provide the body with everything you need and at the same time prevents the exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, this method of nutrition allows you to treat not only psoriasis, but also other dermatological diseases, as well as improve the psycho-physical state of the body.

Anyone can follow it, since it has absolutely no contraindications (except for an allergic reaction to fruit) and also struggles with such problems as overweight and decreased immunity.

However, remember that the independent adoption of any treatment for the disease, even such minor ones as a change in diet, can lead to a deterioration of well-being. Therefore, without the prior approval of a doctor, adhere to this diet is not worth it.

Video about the diet of Pegano with psoriasis

Reviews of the diet of Pegano with psoriasis

It's very rare, but it happens that diet and treatment are pleasant, not painful. Diet Pegano – just such a case. I was advised by her friend who just had psoriasis (thank God, not in a neglected stage). Her diet helped, and she offered it to improve immunity and weight correction. The first part – "fruit" – I was given easily, the rejection of the usual fish and meat was without problems. Well, with the second part – even more so. In the end, you will not believe – depression has gone, well-being has improved. With weight, too, there is progress – 2 kilograms were removed. Delicious and pleasant diet, and not only with psoriasis!

These rules for nourishing psoriasis were described by a friend of mine when I asked her about the problem. then I still did not know that this is a certain diet of Pégano, and only found out after a long time when I was looking for reviews on this diet on the Internet. Virtually everyone whose opinions I came across were enthusiastic and pleasant and mine will not be an exception.

After reading a lot of information and reviews about this diet, I decided to try. Combining this diet (strictly observing, without any indulgence to myself) and the doctor's instructions, I coped with psoriasis, which is unspeakably happy.

Yes, from experience I can say that diets, in particular, the diet of Pegano with psoriasis can help even better than hormonal drugs. My doctor advised me to go on a diet and how everything will go, then allow new products and look at the body's reaction. So figured out that I have a forbidden chocolate product. That was a shame. I eat a lot of chocolate, and in the end I had to give up altogether.


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