Diet Pegano with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a serious dermatological disorder that requires medication and proper nutrition. What is a diet of Pegano with psoriasis? What are its features and principles? Advice for users and experts regarding the patient's healthy diet.

The author of the technique is John Pegano.

It was he who developed the diet for psoriasis, and laid down all the principles of nutrition in the book "The treatment of psoriasis. The natural way. " Thanks to his advice, many users in a short time got rid of the problem and began to live a free and healthy life. Pegano says that you first need to understand the causes of psoriasis, and not rush to the pharmacy for expensive medicines and ointments.

It turns out that nutrition plays a huge role in the recovery process of the patient. All skin diseases reflect internal metabolic processes, the presence of toxins and harmful radicals in the body.

The author of the technique calls the whole list of factors that violate the effective work of the intestine:

  • fatty foods in excessive quantities;
  • excess empty carbohydrates;
  • presence of harmful chemicals in products;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • bad habits;
  • constant stressful situations.

Principles of nutrition on the diet of John Pegano in psoriasis

  • A lot of liquid – water gives strength and energy to the body.
  • Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are a source of youth and fine mood.
  • For one meal you can not eat flour and cereal products.
  • "No" is fried, fatty, canned, salty and acidic foods.
  • Less dyes, additives and other preservatives.

Diet Pegano with psoriasis includes a menu of the following products: the first allowed are soups with chicken, lean beef, zucchini, zucchini, fresh onions, carrots, cauliflower. Okroshka is better to cook without sausage, using lean varieties of poultry meat.

On the second it is obligatory to lead into the diet one dish of stewed vegetables, they can be filled with yoghurt, low-fat sour cream. Macaroni should be combined with greens and vegetables, but not with meat. All meals are preferably steamed.

For dessert you can eat fresh fruit, drink a glass of home-made juice, sweets and other sweets are made from dried fruits, without the addition of sugar.

It is necessary to completely abandon the nightshade products, crustaceans, mollusks, red meat, herring, anchovies, dairy products with high fat content, alcohol, vinegar.

The main purpose of the diet of Pegano with psoriasis is to systematize nutrition and establish a normal acid-base balance in the body. Thanks to step-by-step actions, such a nutrition system will help to slow down the disease or completely cure a person.

According to the diet of Pegano, the table includes a list of acceptable products for the treatment of the disease.

Diet Pegaso – positive comments!

  1. The diet helps to completely cleanse the body, restore the structure of the skin.
  2. The body is filled with useful vitamins and minerals, the work of the immune system improves.
  3. With the help of some products on the system of Pegano it is possible to restore the vital activity of the spine, to improve its work.
  4. Cleansing occurs both inside and outside, and the food is balanced and useful.

Warning: it is necessary to regularly empty the intestines, with constipation to take laxatives, once a week to arrange unloading days. In addition, to take any sorbent in the form of a medicine, it will help to exit the slag faster on the surface.

Reviews about the diet for Pegano with psoriasis

This diet was developed over 20 years ago, with the help of its norms you can lose weight for 7 days at 3 kg. It is difficult to observe the first time, and then the body fully adapts and starts to function normally.

I suffer from psoriasis for more than 10 years, but only one year ago I heard about such a diet. She began to slightly change her usual diet, and after three months she began to feel much better, the spots turned pale, large areas of the skin completely cleared. Finally, I began to live a free life.

I'm not an adherent of various dietary schemes, but when it comes to the cosmetic problem, and want to look confident and beautiful, it's worth a try. At first, my rashes became more active, I already regretted a hundred times that I became a hostage to the diet of Pegano. But suddenly all the spots began to disappear, turn pale and flake. However, after every drink of alcohol, the rash appears again .

Take care of yourself and your health! Best wishes to you!


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