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If you want to lose weight and at the same time improve your health, then the Perricone diet will do the best for you. The point is that this food program, developed by Nicholas Perricone, includes only food for the body, which are enriched with omega acids and other useful substances.

Maintaining this nutrition program, allows for a short time to cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances that have accumulated in the intestines for a long time and negatively affected the work of all internal organs and systems.

Such cleansing and replenishment of reserves of useful substances allows to completely transform skin integuments and make them more elastic and radiant health.

What is the diet of Periccone?

Diet Nicholas Perrikone last 28 days. If you decide to try it on yourself, then you can be sure that you will never feel a feeling of hunger during all this time. And all because the diet menu includes everything necessary for the normal functioning of the body. This is fish, and vegetables, and fruits.

At the same time you can not only improve your complexion and the body as a whole, but also throw off a few pounds, which will give you even greater confidence in your beauty and attractiveness.

The food should be five times a day and occur at regular intervals. Eating before bedtime is not recommended. The last meal should occur no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

You should also drink plenty of fluids. It helps to remove toxins from the body and generally has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body.

What foods make up the diet?

The basis of the diet menu is the fish, or rather the salmon. This fish contains most of all omega3 fatty acids, which are very valuable for the human body, and easily digestible protein.

But protein is a real building material for our muscles, which is simply necessary for losing weight.

Also in the diet can be present products such as:

If you are a sweet tooth and can not live a day without candy or cake, do not worry. This diet and such addictions of a person also take into account. The diet of Dr. Perricone allows the use of 2 pieces of dark chocolate a day, no more.

Milk and white chocolate is excluded completely, because they contain a lot of carbohydrates and they are high-calorie.

What you can not eat in any case?

If you want to get the maximum effect from maintaining this diet, then you should not at all eat such foods as:

  • any kinds of meat, including lean;
  • by-products;
  • potatoes;
  • sugar;
  • packaged fruit juices;
  • flour products from white flour;
  • confectionery;
  • sausage;
  • fast food;
  • wheat cereals;
  • coffee, cocoa, black tea.

This diet is gluten-free, and therefore is considered curative. It is useful to support people who suffer from diabetes and have various disorders of the digestive system.

Diet Perrikone is especially useful to people who are obese. After all, with this combination of products, a gradual and safe weight loss occurs. And since health such a nutrition program does not harm, stick to it can be much longer.

Video about the diet of Perricone

Reviews of the Perricone diet

Diet Perrikone is difficult to call a diet. This is the same, necessary to all rational, balanced nutrition. After the birth, I greatly recovered, I work as a fitness trainer, clients can not be left. This form is not permissible for me. Of the many diets, I think this is the best. Continuing breastfeeding, for a month minus 5 kg. Feelings of fatigue, no malnutrition. I will stick to the diet until I bring myself to its original form.

I love this diet for the fact that you can lose weight without limiting yourself in anything! I love both fish and vegetables with fruits, you can lose weight by eating delicious! For me it's more a diet scheme than a diet, but if you need to slowly bring yourself to the form I use this way! Of course, you should not count on a quick result, but the correct weight loss should be gradual – everyone knows this!)

It seems to me that most diets are essentially intermingled, but the Perricone diet is the most optimal and effective! I finally managed to get rid of my hated 18 kg., Recruited after delivery! What I just did not do with my body: and on some apples for 5 days sat and kefir it was repaired. But only the diet of Perricone gave an effective, and most importantly a PERSISTENT result! I am delighted. Looking at me, even my mother decided to try it on her)))


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