Diet "Spring" for 35 days

Do you have a strong will and an irresistible desire to lose weight by the summer season? Then the information of this article is half of your way to elegant forms and health.

The Basics of the Diet

The diet "Spring" refers to the category of long-term diets and can be used only in conditions of complete health, at the age of 18-60 years and in the absence of chronic diseases. The diet starts at the end of April, when you can already buy fresh herbs, some vegetables and fruits.

The essence of the diet is to reduce the caloric intake up to 800-1000 kcal per day for 35 days, fractional and separate meals.

Also important points are:

  • exclusion from the diet of salt;
  • drinking regime in the form of still water at least 1.5 l per day;
  • increase in the amount of protein food;
  • increase in the number of vegetables, herbs and fruits;
  • last meal not later than 18.30.

For light carbohydrates (sweets, confectionery, pastries, etc.), the spring diet recommends their exclusion from the diet. However, if there is a strong pull to them, in order to avoid stress and breakdown, eat a small portion of such a product in the morning. On the example of chocolate, this will be an 1-2 dice.


If the whole course of the diet "Spring" 35 days is successfully sustained, the reviews say about the achievement of the following positive results:

  • weight reduction not less than 15 kg;
  • Adaptation to reduce the amount of food eaten;
  • the development of the habit of counting calories;
  • the habit of eating is slow;
  • the development of a habit is not later than 18.30;
  • fixing habits and results for a long time.

Among the negative aspects of the "Spring" diet, the reviews indicate the following:

  • a difficult adaptation period (the first 3 days);
  • high risk of failure;
  • stretch marks and sagging of the skin (should use anti-cellulite drugs);
  • fast fatigue of the body during the first week of the diet.

Proceeding from the above pluses and minuses, we can say that the diet "Spring 35 days" is an emergency effective method of weight loss, which requires preliminary psychological and physical training, as well as constant monitoring of health during the course.

Video about the diet Spring

Reviews about the diet of spring 35 days

Today ended my first week of the diet "Spring". The first two days for me were sooooooo hard. Not broke! Heroically withstood the suffering of deprivation. And here it is happiness, minus 3.700 The most important thing is that in this short space I stopped thinking about cakes and other tasty things there. I was very inspired by the result, now I want to return the former forms))

Has typed after a birth of the child 20 superfluous kg. I found in the magazine a review of the diet * Spring *. I decided to try and sat down on this diet. For a week, I dropped 3 kg. I try and continue.

In fact, this diet contains the basic laws of proper nutrition. And diet can be used when breastfeeding, my baby 3 months, it's even easier, because now you can not sweet, or salty, or smoked . after birth has already lost weight by 15 kg. Now seasonal fruit vegetables will begin – it will be even easier!

Tried this diet, really helped to lose weight, but all that the article says I did not know.

Diet Spring 35 for just a month brought my figure in order, but I did not know that I should use anti-cellulite drugs, now there are a few visible stretch marks.

Diet "Spring" for 35 days is the most pleasant way to bring your body and body in order and prepare for the summer.

About what is nice – completely agree. Still, in spring it's time to switch to vegetables and fruits – and cook different tasty things from them. But without sweet is hard, especially the first days This is perhaps the only negative point.

My brain works on carbohydrates. Do not eat sweets – your head does not understand. But I can not change sweets for dried apricots or bananas – well, I do not like vegetables and fruits .

Spring comes and all the rhinestone and sharply begin to lose weight, so to say to the "season". My extra pounds remained after pregnancy and childbirth. I fought with them for a long time and painfully. But that's just your unpretentious "Spring" really helped to get in shape! Thank you!

The diet is really good. With her help, I lost weight by 7 kilogram. I advise anyone who is overweight.

This diet helped me to get rid of 7 kg, which I "ate" for the New Year holidays! Without salt it was difficult, but used. It was worth it!

With a sincere desire to lose weight, this diet works only this way. The main thing is not to make yourself indulgent.

Such a diet to my taste! It does not require sacrifice and constant internal struggle, like many others. It is easy and pleasant. Lose weight, ladies!

Since childhood was very large. In 20 years weighed 77 kg, then I realized that I had to take myself in hand! She sat on the diet "Spring", withstood all 35 days, during this time left 16 kg. The diet is not hungry, the main thing is to survive the first three days, and then it will be easier.

The diet is useful, but heavy. Tried to exclude salt, weight goes instantly. It is definitely suitable for those who want to lose weight fast.

As for me, it's not that hard. Spring, so much fresh greens, you can cook so many light and vitamin dishes

If you just exclude salt – from the body will leave extra water, yes, you lose weight by 2-3 kg, but the fat will not go anywhere. Only by completely reconsidering your diet can you get rid of it. The main rule is to spend more calories than to consume, and therefore, to move more if you want to pamper yourself with something high-calorie

The most correct diet – after all to lose weight on 10 kg for a week without harm for an organism – it is impossible, and here simply the recommendation to a healthy delivery that for an organism it is madly useful)))

All greetings, today is the first day! 85 kg! I will unsubscribe!

I, from the beginning I begin. My weight is 81. I hope less than 5 kg per week


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