Diet to accelerate metabolism

Diet to accelerate metabolism: a literate approach to losing weight

It's no secret that the cherished desire of any woman is a slender figure. In pursuit of ideal forms, lovely young women torment themselves with short-term diets, exhausting starvation and unbalanced unloading days, completely forgetting that the cause of excess weight is often a metabolic disorder caused just the same violation of diet and reduced metabolism.

Sitting on another fast diet and showing great restraint in regard to food, women really lose excess weight, but after a while, the shed pounds come back again, bringing with them depression and poor health. In order for this not to happen, nutritionists are advised to approach the process of weight loss in a comprehensive manner, correcting the diet and normalizing metabolic processes. The most suitable option for correct and balanced weight loss, eliminating the redundancy of excess kilograms, is just a diet for metabolism.

Mysterious metabolism

As you know, the full work of the body occurs at the expense of energy, which is drawn from the food consumed by man – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The process of processing, splitting and converting food into energy is called metabolism or metabolism. In other words, metabolism is a chemical treatment that occurs in the body from the moment nutrients enter it and until the final products are released into the external environment. The cause of overweight often becomes a decreased metabolism, while insufficient body weight is due, on the contrary, very rapid metabolism or high metabolism. Consequently, the lower the metabolic rate, the more calories are stored in fat stores, and in order to lose weight you need to speed up the metabolism.

There are a number of factors that directly affect the rate of metabolic processes in the body. So the level of metabolism depends on:

  • individual genetic predisposition of a person,
  • the number of consumed and consumed calories;
  • sex of the person (men, as a rule, have the big muscular weight and smaller fatty adjournment that provides the best burning of calories).
  • The age of a person (with age, there is a slowdown in metabolism, at about 2% per year).
  • Physical activity;
  • Food (to digest food, transport and store dietary fiber the human body spends about 10% of calories per day).

The human body is prone to accumulation of fats, the consumption of which occurs only in the case of the complete absence of other sources of energy. Accelerate this process allows intense physical activity, which the average person, as a rule, does not have enough time. Therefore, the most optimal way out of the situation is a diet to accelerate the metabolism, consisting in the use of products that do not require significant energy costs for their digestion.

Acceleration of metabolism: 10 rules for effective weight loss

  1. Required breakfast! Proverb: "eat breakfast yourself, share your dinner with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy" – it speaks the truth. Morning meal starts the process of metabolism for the entire subsequent day. While refusing breakfast does not allow the body to wake up until dinner itself. Food for breakfast should be nutritious and full, but not too sweet and oily. Preference should be given to protein-carbohydrate products, slowly releasing glucose into the blood. Correctly selected breakfast can energize a person for the whole day.
  2. Abundant drink! It's not a secret for anyone that water is more important for a person than food. Н2О moisturizes the body from the inside, removing by-products and actively burning excess fat. To ensure proper metabolism, water should be drunk in small sips throughout the day, at least 2-liters per day. The first glass of water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, the rest of the liquid should be consumed at any time and in any place.
  3. Fractional power! As recent studies show, frequent meals in small portions accelerate metabolism and provide weight loss. While the simultaneous use of a large number of calories contributes to their deposition in the form of fat.
  4. A full rest! Night sleep plays a significant role in the metabolism. Do not rash, poor health, lack of appetite and muscle weakness, contribute to energy saving the body. That is why, to ensure a good metabolism, you should go to sleep no later than 11 hours of the night, not on an empty stomach. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  5. Alternating calories! Given that the human body has the ability to adapt to any changes, keeping the same amount of calories for a long time can slow down metabolism. Despite the necessary shortage of calories, the body should be given a rest. This means that once a week you can eat high-calorie food, which will save the body from stress and will not let it feel the lack of energy.
  6. Freedom of protein food! Proteins are an integral part of the diet of a person participating in the construction of his body. Inadequate intake of protein foods leads to a disruption in the balance of nutrients, while the presence of protein in the diet is responsible for the acceleration of metabolism.
  7. Active lifestyle! Despite the excessive employment, it is necessary to try to give time to sports. If you go to the gym and run around in the mornings completely unbearable, try to actively move, doing homework, walking, not using the elevator and showing physical activity at any opportunity.
  8. Good bye bad habits! Everyone knows that alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on the body. But that is not all. In addition to the significant content of poisons, constantly poisoning all organs of the human body, they also worsen the metabolism, depress the work of the central nervous system and reduce the production of testosterone.
  9. Muscles are in high esteem! 1 kilogram of muscle burns around the clock about 100 Kcal, while fat stores practically do not participate in this process.
  10. Down with stress! Stress and negative emotions should be avoided at all costs, trying to find in all the positive aspects.

Nutrition for the acceleration of metabolism

Diet for metabolism is based on the principles of healthy eating, where in the diet are mainly useful foods rich in vitamins, micro- and macro elements and other useful substances. In its essence, it is an alternation of days of limited consumption of food and days of high caloric intake. This cyclic approach, combined with the right set of nutritional products, allows you to accelerate the metabolism and bring the weight back to normal. The daily ration should include three basic meals and two light snacks. Nutritionists identify a number of products that can accelerate the metabolism and provide acceleration of the process of losing weight.

Products to accelerate metabolism

  • Oatmeal, brown rice and other products from whole grains, containing a huge amount of nutrients and complex carbohydrates. These products accelerate the metabolism and fill the human body with energy without a sharp rise in insulin levels in the blood. And because insulin is responsible for the retention of fat in the body, their use is extremely necessary when losing weight.
  • Products containing a large amount of calcium. As the latest Texas studies show, people who use 1200-1300 mg. calcium per day, got rid of much more weight than those whose diet did not contain enough calcium. Thus, calcium accelerates metabolism.
  • Cocoa beans containing caffeine and enhancing metabolism.
  • Any spice is an excellent way to speed up the metabolism. According to a Canadian study, the use of spices can burn up to 1000 calories per day.
  • Soups provide sufficient saturation, which prevents overeating and unnecessary snacks.
  • Cabbage is famous for its high content of vitamins C, K and A, antioxidants and folic acid, contains a sufficient amount of fiber and is the best product for detoxifying the body.
  • Green tea.
  • Citrus.
  • Apples and pears.
  • Hot pepper, increasing metabolism by 25%.
  • Products containing large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pure water.

In addition to these products, special exercises help to accelerate metabolism.

An excellent way to speed up the metabolism is cycling, swimming or brisk walking. In total 30 minutes of physical activity per day will allow you to gradually lose those extra pounds and bring your figure to shape. In everyday life, special attention should be paid to the power loads, which allow to resist the loss of muscle mass. In view of the fact that muscle tissue burns significantly more calories than fat, active strength training is a primary factor in weight loss.

Video about the acceleration of metabolism

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The diet to accelerate the metabolism really works. She checked herself after delivery. The truth began with kefir, but constantly broke down on her, I really wanted to eat. And then the break all the Internet found a more suitable diet for me – to speed up the metabolism. With my small rostick – 155 see began to weigh after delivery instead of the usual 48 kg. as much as 68 . Well, it's just some sort of horror! So immediately after the birth of the baby took up the restoration of the figure. So this very diet has allowed me to increase the metabolism (metabolism), throw off the first 10 kg. for a month and a half and I do not give up, moving to the cherished 48 kg.)))

For a long time already I am suffering from excess weight. I tried a lot of debilitating diets, I sat on one kefir, buckwheat, the Kremlin diet, etc. honestly say the result was practically absent. On the Internet, I came across a diet to accelerate metabolism. Decided to try. For a month, it took 10 kg. For me, this is a very good result. Another month ago I weighed 90 kg. with the growth of 170. She began to feel much better, an inexpressible feeling of lightness. Naturally, I will not dwell on what has been achieved. So the girls dare, you will not regret!)))

It's good that the diet for speeding up metabolism contains my favorite oatmeal! I just have it with a butter and I'm losing weight. That's enough for me. But also I go a lot however.

Diet to accelerate metabolism is just a godsend for me! How many I have not tried different diets! Some gave an insignificant result, while others did not. Recently stumbled on a diet to speed up the metabolism. Disappointed in previous diets, I was already uncomfortable with the result. But I decided to try as in this diet you need to observe a fractional diet. On other diets, I always broke down. And of course it's important to lead an active lifestyle. The results amazed me. I lost weight by 8 kg. A wonderful diet!

Very effective diet! Yes, and call the diet to accelerate the metabolism of the diet the hand does not rise. This is more a way of eating: not very complicated, but effective and useful. I threw off 16 kg without much effort for half a year in this mode of power supply. I continue in the same spirit.

I really liked this diet to speed up the metabolism! I gained ten kilograms since I got married. There were many complexes, decided to lose weight. And I found this diet on the Internet, there were many positive reviews. And I join them! The diet really works, besides, it's easy to adhere to it, I advise you to try all those who want to lose weight and be beautiful)

Great approach to diet! It's not a secret that people who have a good metabolism do not suffer from obesity! This diet helps me not to gain weight, I'm inclined to fullness.

It's not so much a diet,

how much is just the right way of life. If you stick to it, there will not be

problems with excess weight. For example, I have long ago taught myself that in the morning

it is necessary to have breakfast, I will not even leave the house without breakfast, so I

to this accustomed. As a result, I have been relatively

Diet to accelerate metabolism – it's almost the same as proper nutrition! I've been looking for something like that for a long time, I even thought about sitting at the PP first, but there the products are too boring. And then you can eat almost everything that you did before, but DO NOT WANT)))))) When you start drinking a lot, there is not so much pulling, and after training in general, you just want to lie down)) Already dropped 7 kg, 4 more and I'll be beautiful ))

Up to what an actual topic! Extra pounds are my headache, and every time I go to the mirror, I dreamed of seeing a beautiful slender girl there . but so far little has worked out of this venture = (Weight stubbornly stands at 80kg, that when I grow (170cm) very even though the Universe itself decided to help me, and I found this diet on the Internet to accelerate metabolism, it works! We add regular Pilates classes – and we get a minus 8 kg per month .This is just an excellent result for me! that the diet is something difficult to call it, just ht balanced meals every day – just what I was lacking self-esteem and up =) There is something to strive for =).

I was a pussy for life, and after my birth I spread more. Now the little son is eating himself and I finally took up my position. The girlfriend advised this diet to speed up the metabolism. The girls, this is mine, was drawn into the system and for a couple of months returned the old figure. Now we will work further, I want to throw off.

The diet is not bad! I will not say that it's really you, but not the worst. I tried to sit on it. The ration was not bad and it was easy to sit. Moreover, the composition of food is simple and consists of those products that we have in the refrigerator. Dropped a few extra pounds, namely 4 kg for 2 weeks. The result is excellent, but I wanted even better. Until the weight dropped, they did not return.


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