Diet when working on relief and drying muscles


From this article, you will learn the necessary recommendations for the formulation of a special individual diet, which will allow you to get relief during the drying cycle of muscles. This diet is suitable for bodybuilders who have a sufficient amount of muscle mass, but do not suffer from obesity.

  • First of all, the diet when drying muscles assumes a gradual decrease in caloric intake by 10-30%, depending on the speed of fat burning. As you cut your diet, monitor the weight and thickness of fat deposits. If you see that there is a tendency to decrease body weight and fatty layer by 2-3 kg per month, then the diet can be considered successful.

Additional recommendations for a successful diet

  • Practice shows that a good result can be achieved only by combining an individual diet and a special training.

The best products for a diet for relief

Diet when working on relief and drying muscles

Diet when working on relief and drying muscles

Diet when working on relief and drying muscles

Diet when working on relief and drying muscles

Diet when working on relief and drying muscles

Good afternoon! Tell me, please, in the graph of dairy products, minus skim milk, high sugar content, and milk fat content 2,2% – without sugar? Why is that? Ie, is it better to eat low-fat foods, not fat-free? Can I add milk to tea during slimming? Thank you in advance!

Good day! Help advice. In the past, I was seriously engaged in sports gymnastics and often bent over a stick with strength training (well, I liked it) by the way, my biceps outnumbered my husband's biceps)) (but he has no sport for sports.) So the essence of the matter after 2x birth figure managed to keep in the right shape or quickly recovered right now after the birth of the third child .. floats (((I do not eat a strict diet of bad habits .. practice mostly cardio) help me choose the right nutrition and training program. home at the age of almost no room (am grateful for the answer.

Please, I'm getting ready for a fitness bikini competition, now I'm drying up, I'm holding waves, training 3days + 1.can there be a cod's cod, it's fat-but fat like fish is useful, just do not know if it's too much for 130 gr 40% fat. "What can you still replace the breasts and fish, you can eat chicken liver or beef? I heard in one of the interviews that Lisyukov (if I do not confuse) on drying before the competition eats it. thanks in advance 🙂

In such quantity there is a liver of a cod is harmful, except for useful fats in it the cholesterol and the sated (unhealthy) fats contain. It is better to replace with capsules with fish oil or linseed oil, in order to obtain the necessary amount of healthy fats.

Why is nothing said about rice, and it is doubtful that flour products (excluding macaroni from solid wheat varieties) will be useful in dieting. Why not immediately call things by their own names a low-carb diet?

Write please programs for the relief 🙂 I will be very grateful

Soon new training programs will be added to the section "Training programs", including the relief.

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