Diet with a cyst of the liver. How to eat properly

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The cyst of the liver is the formation of a hollow tumor filled with fluid. Today, doctors do not give an unambiguous answer regarding the causes of cyst formation. It can appear on various organs and tissues of the body: the ovaries, the cicle, the gums . The common cyst has become a kidney cyst and no less common – the cyst of the liver. In the liver, the cyst can appear both on the surface and deep inside. A proper diet with a cyst of the liver contributes to a faster recovery in both cases.

If the cyst of the liver grows rapidly or there are neoplasms, then surgical intervention is necessary. The walls of the cyst are thin, therefore, the larger the size, the higher the probability of its rupture. In the case of infection by parasites, a cyst rupture threatens anaphylactic shock due to an acute allergic reaction. Such cysts must be operated on.

Before any cavitary operation, you must carefully prepare. For each patient develop an individual set of measures. However, there are general recommendations that you can eat before the operation liver cysts. In addition to adherence to the diet, the operation to remove the liver cyst, women need to plan for the menstrual cycle.

Three days before the operation, you need to exclude the following products to comply with the slag-free diet:

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Before the operation of the liver cysts, you can eat a light supper: yogurt or kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, porridge. Drinking is allowed without restrictions until the last eight hours before the operation. However, doctors recommend to exclude from use natural coffee. As a drink, tea, compotes or decoctions of dried fruits are perfect. Naturally, the hospital must go on an empty stomach. You can not eat and drink eight hours before surgery.

The first few days after the operation, the food is exclusively intravenous. After the operation, the operation of the small intestine is disrupted, so after an intravenous diet, a smooth transition from the probe nutrition to the usual one is carried out for about a week.

What you can eat with a cyst of the liver after surgery:

  • low fat broth;
  • liquid jelly from berries;
  • compotes without pulp;
  • broth of dogrose;
  • fresh juices from berries diluted with water;
  • jelly from fruit;
  • rice decoction – 4 of water on the 1 portion of rice;
  • tea with lemon and sugar.

Such a diet with a liver cyst of a person lasts 2-3 days, after which the caloric intake gradually increases.

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Proper nutrition with a liver cyst

What you can eat with a liver cyst, listed above, but we can not fail to note the principles on which the diet is established for this disease. So, with such a pathology as a liver cyst, the diet is based on the following principles:

  1. Increase the amount of easily digestible protein – about 120
  2. Reduce the amount of fat consumed. This is due to the fact that animal fats are difficult to digest and overload the liver, since they contain cholesterol. Vegetable fats in a moderate amount (not more than 30 g), in contrast, have choleretic properties. However, when frying, these properties are lost completely.
  3. Limit the amount of carbohydrates consumed – no more than 450. The norm is calculated according to the physiological data of the patient. It is recommended to consume quickly digestible carbohydrates, as the diseased liver reduces the amount of glycogen.
  4. Mandatory processing of products, excluding frying. Vegetable fats are added already in the finished dish.
  5. Reducing the size of portions and increasing the number of meals. Optimum is 5-6 once a day, it reduces stagnation of bile.
  6. Inclusion in the diet of products that produce choleretic effect.
  7. Eliminate too hot or cold food. The temperature of food should not exceed 45 degrees.

Recommendations for a diet with a cyst on the liver are general. A diet with a liver cyst and menu should be discussed with your doctor in order to take into account all the characteristics of your body. Calorie diet should not be more than 3000 kcal per day. Changing the diet must necessarily be agreed with the doctor.

The attending physician makes adjustments depending on how pronounced the cyst of the liver is and the patient’s condition. It also determines the duration of the diet and what you can eat. Compliance with diet after treatment of the liver cyst can last from several months to several years. A number of restrictions, for example, the ban on fried foods, with such a disease as a cyst on the liver diet requires respect for life.

With temporary exacerbations of the liver cyst, the diet is toughened – all food is prepared only in the garbled form, the sources of coarse fiber are excluded. During the postoperative period, the diet lasts from six months. In this case, nutrition in the cyst of the liver in women is not fundamentally different from the diet for men.

What can I eat with a liver cyst – nutrition with cyst of the liver in women and men:

  1. Drinks: tea, a substitute for coffee with milk, compotes and decoctions of dried fruits.
  2. Bakery products: stale bread and crackers, baked pies, not a biscuit cookie.
  3. Sweet: honey and jam, non-chocolate candy.
  4. Fresh fruit and berries.
  5. Salads from vegetables, steamed, boiled and raw vegetables.
  6. Dairy products: low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir, milk.
  7. The first dishes: vegetarian and dairy soups, fat-free broth.
  8. Fish is lean, boiled or baked.
  9. Low-fat meat – rabbit, chicken, lean beef in stew or cooked. Boiled sausages.
  10. Eggs: scrambled egg whites.

The cyst of the liver determines the list of what you can eat with the liver cyst for a long time. It must be remembered that the general condition of the body depends on how carefully the diet is observed in the cyst of the liver.

Limitations and contraindications

Diet in the human liver cyst inhibits a number of habitual products:

  • fatty meat – lamb, pork, duck;
  • fatty fish;
  • lard – raw, salted, smoked;
  • butter;
  • eggs – boiled and fried;
  • meat broths and soups;
  • fresh bread, fried pies, products from puff pastry;
  • cakes and cakes with butter cream;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fried and smoked food;
  • canned food and marinades;
  • dishes with mushrooms;
  • Smoked or salted cheeses, fatty cottage cheese and cream;
  • ice cream and cold drinks;
  • green onions, spinach, sorrel, garlic, radish.

With a cyst of the liver, the diet categorically prohibits alcohol. This is especially true after surgical intervention, when the tissues have not yet fully recovered.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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