Diet with a cyst of the liver

The liver cyst is a newly formed pathological cavity in the liver that has a wall and contents in the form of a transparent liquid or a gelatinous mass of yellow-green color. The size of the cyst in the liver and the structure of its walls are different and depend on the prescription and mechanism of education and location.

Diet (nutrition) with a liver cyst

When diagnosing the cyst of the liver and after its surgical removal it is necessary to follow a strict diet, in which fatty, fried, salted, smoked and canned food is necessarily excluded from the diet. It is also contraindicated to use carbonated drinks, coffee, spicy sauces, spices and seasonings, sweet.

Since the lack of vitamins and various microelements adversely affects the liver, it is important to consume daily: foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables (carrots, parsnips, strawberries, beets, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.), greens, sea buckthorn, dog rose, fish, sour-milk products .

The basic principles of a diet for a cyst of a liver:

  1. the diet should contain a sufficient amount of a fully digestible protein (about 120 g of pure protein);
  2. The quality and quantity of consumed fats (about 80 gr.) and carbohydrates (no more than 450 gr.) should be determined taking into account the patient’s condition and physiological characteristics;
  3. food must be carefully cooked;
  4. meals should be frequent and carried out in small portions;
  5. the average energy value of a daily diet should be about 3000 kcal.

The above norms and principles of the diet are generalized, so when compiling an individual diet, you need to contact a dietitian.

The diet must include vitamins, proteins that are easily digested, carbohydrates and minerals. What to eat and how to cook:

  • Bread products are better stale, dried, white bread;
  • The porridge is not too boiled, it can be friable;
  • Vermicelli and macaroni somewhat restrict, no more than once a week;
  • Sour-milk and dairy products without fat;
  • Meat, low-fat parts, it is better to boil or bake in your own juice in the oven: beef, chicken, veal, turkey, rabbit;
  • Fish and eggs are any;
  • Vegetables are all, except for legumes and containing coarse fiber;
  • Fruits are all except pears;
  • Honey, as an alternative to sugar, in limited quantities.

Salads can be seasoned with olive and sunflower oil, pumpkin, corn, linseed oil is also allowed. From sweet are allowed: marshmallow, marmalade, pastille, jelly, mousse, biscuit from oats.

Among the beverages, preference should be given to compotes without sugar, cooked on dried fruits, tea, jelly, fruit freshly squeezed juices, water. Tea should not be strong.


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