Diet with acne – eat properly!

If you are a "happy" owner of acne on your face, then you probably have complexes about your appearance. And that you do not undertake (used various expensive creams and scrubs), you can not solve the problem, because you fight it only outwardly, without thinking that the basis of the mechanism lies deep in the body.

Diet with acne will help you get rid of the problem once and for all, will give the skin a smooth and healthy hue, and also adjust the work of the whole organism as a whole.

How can a diet help get rid of acne?

As already mentioned, the problem of the appearance of acne is much deeper than it seems. And often the culprit of her appearance is ourselves. Wrong and irrational nutrition leads to the fact that the intestines are clogged by calves and can not perform their functions in full.

As a result of this, the body is poisoned – the feces begin to release toxins. And since the intestine does not cope with its direct duty (removing all excess), then the skin takes on this function.

It begins to "throw out" toxins through its sebaceous glands, thereby provoking the development of inflammation and the appearance of acne and acne. That is why a diet with acne on the face is simply necessary. After all, with her help you can adjust the work of the digestive tract, after which the rash itself will start to go quietly.

The main points of the therapeutic diet for acne

To adjust the work of the intestine, the diet should be dominated by foods rich in fiber. Especially a lot of it in raw vegetables and fruits, cereals and legumes.

In order to quickly regenerate the skin, it is necessary to include in the diet of low-fat proteins, which are contained in lean meat, seafood, fish and dairy products.

Since the body to this day would be clogged with toxins and slags, it is necessary to include in the menu natural antioxidants, and more specifically vitamins A and E. in large quantities they are contained in nuts, spinach, vegetables and fruits that are orange, liver and olive oil.

If you want to get rid of acne on your face, then you just need to give up such products as:

  • sugar;
  • various sweets;
  • products of white flour, including baking;
  • beverages with a gas content;
  • sausage;
  • fat;
  • smoked products;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • alcohol;
  • tea and coffee.

All these foods have a negative effect on the skin condition and contribute to the disruption of the sebaceous glands. And this all leads to the development of inflammatory processes, the consequence of which are acne.

Having adjusted the work of the digestive tract, you will improve the functionality of the whole organism. But do not forget that to cause disruption of the intestine can also various diseases. Therefore, if you can not get rid of acne for a long time, you must visit a specialist and go for examination for pathology.

And once you eliminate all the causes of the appearance of acne on your face, your skin will shine with a healthy shine, will acquire an even and natural tone.

The main thing to remember is that everything is in your hands. Your skin is a reflection of your body. Love yourself and do everything possible so that you and others will love you. And for this, start with at least a diet that will help you get rid of all the complexes associated with your appearance.

Video about the treatment of acne

Reviews about the diet for acne

It was tormented simultaneously and from an acne, and from excess weight. And if the rash was not very pronounced, and it did not bother so much, the excess weight caused a lot of inconvenience. When they began to eat more correctly, the weight also left, and the rash decreased. As an eerie sweet tooth, completely eliminate harmful sweets could not, but reduced their amount significantly. Simultaneously, less fried, replaced with boiled or stewed, plus a plus of a liter and a half of pure water, in addition to all the liquids drunk. With the help of this and the skin cleared, and the body from toxins, and the body from excess fat.

My girlfriend always suffered from acne, acne and other "delights", well, she was eating adequately – every day fast food, often alcohol. As a result, and excess weight, and problems with the skin, with hair . fortunately thought again))) Eliminated all harmful. A month later, her skin was clean! I did not recognize her. And for a year she also lost weight, now the beauty is simple)))

It is a pity that when I went to school, I was not told the simple truth. I pressed, and I used alcohol, and even bought a lot of creams . For several days I washed my face. That with soap, it was without. After all, the recommendations ran from one extreme to the other. Effect if it was, then for a few days. Then the eels returned. Everything turned out to be very trite, it was all about food. So the diet with acne is the only solution that will not solve the problem temporarily, but forever.

I learned about this diet quite recently and immediately decided to try, because this problem is very urgent for me. Well, what can I say about the diet after a month . First, the skin of the face improved noticeably, it cleared and became lighter, and secondly, the diet helped me to get rid of some imperfections in the form of small fatty folds on the body. In total, I lost about 5 kg, which is quite pleased me!

Never believed that there is a diet for acne. The thing is that I have excess weight and acne at the same time. I could not choose a diet carefully, there were always worsening. For a long time I was looking for a similar diet and I found it! She sat on it exactly 2 weeks, while treating a rash. The rash has decreased, has grown thin to the necessary size, still slightly and the eruption at all will not be! Very good diet!


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