Diet with acute gastritis of the stomach

Diet with gastritis of the stomach is just as necessary part of the treatment as taking medications. Observance of the rules of nutrition should become a way of life, helping the body cope with signs of inflammation and eliminating the additional irritation of the mucous membrane. The diet is designed to minimize the exacerbation of gastritis.

The frequency of food intake varies 6 – 8 once a day with a break of two hours. The serving volume does not exceed 300 grams.

In the first – the second day, strict dietotherapy is prescribed, when a person eats semolina porridge, low-fat broth with the addition of round boiled rice, jelly, pasteurized skimmed milk.

Gradually begin to eat dried wheat bread from wheat, lean cookies, lean fish, steamed without salt and spices, boiled chicken breast, green tea. Do not use nuts and legumes.

When the first symptoms are gone, omelettes, rabbit, veal can be cooked, freshly squeezed vegetable juices from potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage.

From sour-milk products it is better to buy cottage cheese with sour cream with a small fraction of fat, yogurt and yoghurt. As a vegetable oil, it is better to add linseed, olive, sesame to food. Of sweet are allowed pastilles, marmalade, marshmallow, halva.

Sample menu with exacerbation of gastritis:

  1. First breakfast: buckwheat porridge, green tea;
  2. Second breakfast: labeled pear and yoghurt;
  3. Lunch: soup with mashed potatoes and carrots, on a second side dish of steamed marinated steaks, boiled chicken breast without spices;
  4. Snack: compote and lean cookies;
  5. Dinner: boiled round rice with pollock;
  6. Before going to bed: curdled milk or bifid.

It is more suitable for children from two to five years old, adults with chronic gastritis in the stage of exacerbation. Fractional diet with six meals.

The diet provides for the use of two liters of liquid, one hundred grams of fat and protein and four hundred grams of carbohydrates. The energy value does not exceed three thousand kilocalories. Nutrition for acute gastritis is provided regularly and does not exceed a three-kilogram total weight of products.

Products must be saturated with vitamins and minerals, small portions are required to replenish the body’s reserves. It is allowed to use citrus fruits, pulp of watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes.

Of meat, use beef, sometimes steamed pork without fat, the bird is the best choice will be chicken and turkey.

It is allowed to eat dairy products with a low fat content. Out of eggs, except for omelette, cook not fried eggs and tomatoes to taste.

As for sauces and spices, vanillin, cinnamon, laurel leaves, dried dill and parsley are recommended for dishes. Gastrites are allowed to use sauces on sour cream, without adding vinegar and chemicals.

From sweet dishes with gastritis eat homemade jam, fresh floral or lime honey, marmalade based on natural juices, marshmallows and pastilles, in rare cases – iris and caramel.

Dietary dishes with vegetables and fruits with dense peel, legumes, mustard, horseradish, red pepper, desserts with the addition of chocolate or cocoa powder, ice cream are forbidden.

Approximate menu for the day:

  1. The first breakfast: peach juice, cheese curds;
  2. The second breakfast: oatmeal porridge on milk, fruit juice from berries;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup-mash, baked in the oven, turkey with boiled noodles;
  4. Snack: pancakes with honey, green tea;
  5. Dinner: chop from pork, boiled buckwheat, compote;
  6. Before going to bed: a glass of milk.

During remission, the ditea limits only fat, protein and carbohydrates are used in the usual normal volume. The frequency of food intake is slightly less: five or six times a day, the mass of the portion is correspondingly slightly higher than previous diets. It is recommended to eat regularly with a break at four o’clock.

Dietary food does not include essential oils, purines, cholesterol, a high concentration of organic acids. Preferred products of animal origin are also non-fat varieties. A distinctive feature is the permission to use dairy sausages, doctor’s sausage, seafood.

Vinaigrette, sauerkraut, caviar from caviar, herring of low-fat varieties, soaked in vegetable oil, is allowed.

As a main dish, a cooked piece of meat or a steamed fish is recommended. From drinks enter into the diet weak black tea without lemon, coffee with milk. Useful for improving the work of the stomach decoction of rose hips, is prepared for the whole day.

Still spices, legumes, canned, fried and smoked products, confectionery products with fat cream are forbidden. Diet number five with a small restriction includes the use of cream, sour cream, fermented milk and cheese.

Approximate menu for the day:

  1. The first breakfast: a salad of carrots, dressed with olive oil, coffee with milk;
  2. The second breakfast: baked apples, berries berries;
  3. Lunch: soup with chicken and vermicelli, steamed fish cutlets, compote;
  4. Afternoon snack: fruit salad, dressed with yoghurt;
  5. Supper: stewed beef, mashed potatoes, black tea;
  6. Before going to bed: a glass of yogurt with a biscuit.

Diet is used for exacerbation of chronic gastritis with low acidity. The daily ration varies from two and a half thousand to three and a half thousand kilocalories. The volume of consumed liquid is one and a half liters. The total mass of food does not exceed three kilograms. Limit salt – up to twelve grams per day. Therapeutic diet with acute gastritis is carried out in four stages.

The main emphasis is on taking carbohydrate food. The amount of carbohydrates consumed daily is 500-600 grams. A high level of glucose in food is due to the help of the body in the restoration of metabolic processes.

Any bread is allowed, even with bran and seeds, buns from uncomfortable dough, puffs with fruit filling.

This is the first and only case when the use of all cereals and legumes is permitted. It is permissible to use it in its pure form, add to soups and second courses.

Of products of animal origin, more species of fish and meat are allowed, preference is still given to rabbit, beef and pork. Sometimes it is allowed lamb – for a change.

Difference is the fact of permission for exacerbation of gastritis on dairy and mushroom soups with the addition of pieces of meat, pre-cooked.

In the category of beverages, besides coffee and tea, cocoa, kvass, freshly squeezed fruit juices are added.

Nutrition with exacerbation of gastritis, despite the small contradictions of diets, even provides food frying.

The main prohibition remains the use of spicy spices, the use of fatty and smoked products, sauces based on vinegar. In the period of exacerbation of symptoms, it is better to limit the use of acidic foods.

Approximate menu for the day:

  1. First breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with condensed milk, cocoa;
  2. Second breakfast: fresh fruit – apple, pear, banana, citrus fruits;
  3. Lunch: borscht with sour cream, fish cooked in the oven, boiled buckwheat, fruit juice with berries;
  4. Afternoon snack: kissel with puff pastry;
  5. Dinner: cutlets chopped from chicken, spaghetti, vinaigrette, black tea with lemon;
  6. Before going to sleep: yogurt.

Which diet to prescribe better, the gastroenterologist decides, based on the patient’s complaints and objective examination of the gastrointestinal tract. The doctor will detail the ration, will tell about the allowed and prohibited products.


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