Diet with elevated blood insulin

The diet with increased insulin in the blood provides:

  • Balanced for the main components of food.
  • Decrease in total calorie content of food.
  • Correct distribution of calories (breakfast and dinner at 25%, lunch – 30%, and 10% for additional meals).
  • Decrease in the content of complex carbohydrates in the diet (potatoes, pasta, cereals, bread from coarse flour) and the exclusion of simple (sugar, sweets, confectionery, cakes, pastries).
  • All sweet drinks are excluded.
  • Restriction of fat intake (saturated fatty acids) and inclusion of foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids vegetable oils. Limitation of consumption of sausages, fast food dishes, semi-finished products containing “hidden” fats.
  • Introduction in the diet of fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and rich in fiber.
  • The use of low-fat dairy products.
  • Eating every 3-4 hours and in small portions.
  • Sufficient fluid intake.

When high insulin in the blood should be excluded from the diet of all foods with a high glycemic and insulin index. In most cases, there is a proportional relationship between them. High AI have bread, milk, potatoes, yogurt, confectionery, ready-made breakfasts. Medium – beef, fish, low – buckwheat and oatmeal, eggs, muesli. Equal portions of carbohydrate foods stimulate insulin secretion in different ways: three times more insulin is necessary for a potato portion than for macaroni.

High glycemic index have glucose, beer, potatoes and starch, white bread, boiled carrots, popcorn and corn flakes, honey, spaghetti.

Medium: macaroni from hard varieties, basmati, cranberries, barley, green peas, banana.

Products with low glycemic index: apple puree, peas, oat flakes, rye bread, dairy products, beans, most fresh fruit, bread from sprouted grain, black chocolate, juice without sugar, pistachios, green vegetables, tomatoes, cottage cheese, lemons, mushrooms, mandarins, oranges, quince, pomegranate, peaches, grapefruit, avocado, broccoli.


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