Diet with elevated blood sugar

For a person who suffers from diabetes of any type, a very important diet. The diet is aimed at maintaining a normal concentration of glucose in the blood.

Part of the glucose that enters the body with food is consumed by its food, and some goes to the reserve accumulation, passing into a special substance – glycogen. Diabetes mellitus is a violation of human carbohydrate metabolism, thus, the patient has an increased sugar in the blood. The causes of this phenomenon are well studied, therefore it is usually easy for doctors to make a correct diagnosis.

A diet with elevated blood sugar is only for those patients who do not receive insulin injections or inject this enzyme in small amounts, and imply a fractional 5-6 single meal. Skipping meals is strictly prohibited! However, if you can not eat fully, you need a snack with a slice of rye bread, fruit or a nutritious bar.

Sample menu with high blood sugar

During breakfast it is recommended to eat oatmeal with a piece of unsalted butter, a rye bread sandwich with the addition of low-fat cheese, unsweetened tea. For the second breakfast you can eat low-fat cottage cheese or an apple.

Lunch can consist of soup and the second (for example, buckwheat porridge with chicken cutlet), compote. Snack – fruit.

Dinner should not be heavy – it is recommended to serve salad from vegetables, steamed fish or meat, compote or tea.

Distribution of daily calories

What to do if sugar is increased, and how to eat properly so as not to harm the body? It is very important to correctly distribute the daily calorie content of foods for different meals:

Approximately in 8: 00 in the morning

20% of daily caloric value, i.e. 480-520 kilocalories

10: 00 hours in the morning

10% – 240-260 Kcal

30% of daily caloric content, which is 720-780 Kcal

Somewhere in 16: 00 hours

About 10% – 240-260 kilocalories

Approximately in 18: 00 evenings

20% – 480-520 Kcal

About 10% – 240-260 kilocalories

It is very important to study in detail the energy value of foods consumed in food in special tables of caloric content and in accordance with these data to make a diet for a day.

Diet with increased blood sugar means and consumption of liquid in large quantities. Thus, you can drink pure and mineral water, unsweetened tea or coffee with low-fat milk, juices made from vegetables.

What can not be used for increased sugar in food? Diabetics are strictly forbidden fatty meat of ducks, goose, as well as pork and liver, smoked products and semi-finished products. Fatty dairy products, which include sweet glazed curds, curd mass, drinking yoghurts with various fillings, are also prohibited.

It is worth remembering that rice, semolina, as well as pasta, belong to forbidden foods with a disease such as diabetes. Also under the ban fall fruit juices, alcoholic products and sweet carbonated water.

Only 2-3 once a week is allowed to use carrots, beets and potatoes for those who have elevated blood sugar. The reasons for this restriction are that the listed vegetables are high-carbohydrate, and the food is strictly prohibited. Also bananas, dates, figs, grapes and other fruits that are known for high glycemic index are forbidden to eat.


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