Diet with enteritis

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For breakfast, a patient with enteritis can eat an egg soft-boiled, cheese, oatmeal, boiled in milk, and drink a cup of tea. At lunch you can eat meat broth with vermicelli, meat patties fried without breadcrumbs, with carrot puree and drink jelly. At noon, a decoction of wild rose berries is recommended, and for dinner you can prepare a jellied fish, rice pudding with gravy from fruit, and drink tea. Before going to bed useful yogurt.

Features of diet with enteritis

In the diet of the patient enteritis it is necessary to include low-fat varieties of meat and poultry cooked without fascia, tendons and skin. Meat dishes should be boiled, baked or fried, the products may be lubricated with eggs, but their breading is not allowed. Patients can prepare beef patties, as well as cutlets from rabbit meat, chicken, turkey, young mutton and low-fat pork. A whole piece can be boiled or put out veal, rabbit, chicken, turkey, in rare cases, beef.

Also allowed the use of boiled tongue, dairy sausages, pancakes stuffed with cooked meat. In the diet can include dishes from low-fat varieties of fish, and you can cook as a whole piece, and chopped fillets. Fish should also be boiled, baked or fried without breading.

Soups for people suffering from enteritis, cook on a low-fat skimmed meat or fish broth, as well as on vegetable or mushroom broth. Vegetables should be well cooked, finely chopped or wiped. Cereals are also best to wipe. If the patient tolerates borsch and cabbage soup well, you can cook them, and all the ingredients must be finely chopped.

From dairy products to patients you can drink yogurt, yogurt, sour-milk products, fresh cottage cheese is allowed, as well as curd dishes. Cheese can be eaten in grated form and cut into thin slices, sour cream is allowed no more than 15 g per serving of finished product, milk and cream can be consumed only along with drinks or ready meals. Eggs boil soft-boiled, cook for a couple, fry or make an omelet out of them.

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Porridge with enteritis can be cooked with a small amount of milk or only on water, meat broth. Cereals should be well boiled, excluding from the diet and pearl barley. You can also cook a steam or baked pudding, boil vermicelli, make a noodle with cottage cheese or boiled meat.

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From vegetables are allowed potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, beets, colored and white cabbage, green peas. The last two types of vegetables are allowed only if they are well tolerated by the patient. Vegetables can be boiled, stewed, used in the form of mashed potatoes, puddings and casseroles. Greens, added to the dishes, should be finely chopped.

Mature fruits and berries are best to wipe, cook them compote, jelly, cook jelly or mousse. Apples are useful to eat baked, and oranges and lemons – add to tea or cook jelly from them. With good tolerance it is allowed to eat up to 200 g per day of mandarins, oranges, watermelon or grapes without skin.

From sweets are allowed creamy caramel, toffee, marmalade, pastille, marshmallow, sugar, honey, jam. It is better to limit consumption of flour products, wheat bread, dried baked goods, cookies are allowed. Twice a week you can eat well baked, not hot and not rich buns, curd cheese cakes, pies with boiled meat, fish, eggs, rice, apples or apple jam.

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Patients are advised to drink tea with lemon, as well as coffee and cocoa, cooked on water or with the addition of milk. In addition, decoctions of rose hips, vegetables, fruits, berries, bran with a little addition of water are useful.

Enteritis is characterized by a violation of the processes of digestion and absorption, the cause of the disease can be inflammatory and dystrophic changes in the mucosa of the small intestine. Enteritis can be superficial, occurring with dystrophic.

It is known that many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be treated quite successfully using prescriptions of traditional medicine; nevertheless, it is better to consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and the choice of the optimal treatment of enteritis by folk remedies.

Enteritis in children can occur in acute and chronic form. The course of acute this disease in children is usually accompanied by the phenomena of acute gastroenteritis, which passes into a chronic form. Pathology can develop against the background of a transmitted infection, allergic.

About forty years ago A. Adam discovered that in severe enteritis in infants, an E. coli is sown from the stool, which differs from normal. The resulting strain of Escherichia coli, which is the cause of the appearance of a loose stool, was called coli-dyspepsia.

Acute enteritis refers to inflammatory diseases of the small intestinal mucosa, it accompanies diseases of the stomach and large intestine (gastroenteritis, gastroenterocolitis). Treatment usually does not take much time, but there are cases of severe course of the pathological process.

Chronic enteritis, as a rule, develops against the background of constant nutritional disorders, frequent use of spicy food and seasonings, eating disorders. The cause of enteritis can be alcoholism, industrial, domestic, endogenous and drug intoxication.

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