Diet with gastritis, menu

In an age of high speed and eternal haste, gastritis has become one of the most frequent diseases affecting our stomachs. This ailment is the sign of 80% of the population! Even hardly begun inflammatory process – the phenomenon already enough unpleasant. But if you do not take urgent measures, very soon he will begin to destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach and develop into a much more dangerous disease: erosive gastritis. Diet, a menu for every day and attention to your own health can help to cope with this scourge. But only if you immediately take control of what you eat!

Nutrition rules for gastritis

The easiest way to adjust your diet is diet. Gastritis affects first of all amateurs "kusochnichat." If you eat dry-bones, hastily intercept sandwiches in between business – be ready to meet this unpleasant guest. Do you want to put your stomach in order? Then go to the fractional power. And carefully stick to the chosen mode! Eat every 3-3,5 hours, and this should be full-fledged meals. Select at least 30 minutes for each and be sure to find the opportunity to sit at the table. Raid bites are excluded.

Refuse too hot and cold dishes. Do not rush: every piece chew seconds 20-30. First, well-ground food is better digested. Secondly, it contributes to proper secretion of gastric secretion. And finally, the feeling of satiation will come sooner. You will not eat too much, and this is already a direct benefit to the figure.

Remove from your kitchen all foods that are forbidden for gastritis. First of all, baking and sugar fall into disgrace. Coffee, alcohol and citrus juices – under strict prohibition. So useful for digestion cellulose, alas, too, is sent to the list of unwanted products. Henceforth, bread with bran, muesli and hard vegetables such as radishes should forget the way to your table! And of course, no fast food.

Diet with gastritis: an approximate menu

What can you eat to overcome this unpleasant disease? Do not give up! The choice of products is wide, so finding something to your taste will not be difficult. Without haste, study the list of what is allowed and plan your own diet for stomach gastritis. Its menu should include:

  • Lean meat without veins. The best choice will be a rabbit and a chicken without skin.
  • Omelet. Cook it from protein, and use yolks better for a cosmetic mask.
  • Fish and seafood, without which it is difficult to imagine a healthy diet. However, fashionable sushi is not included in the list of allowed products: rice and raw fish are harmful for gastritis.
  • Oatmeal or buckwheat porridge.
  • Fruits and vegetables without hard flesh. Let it be zucchini and tomatoes, pumpkin and lettuce, soft pears and bananas.
  • Sweet berries.
  • Dairy products, but not fat-free and not acidic.

For forest of benefit, cook or bake all dishes. And do not fret with spices. Your taste enhancers are fresh greens, not ginger and peppers!

Gastritis: dietary recipes

Controlling the diet does not mean that you will have to switch to anything fresh and tasteless. You can not even imagine how varied diet can be when gastritis! Its dishes are not only useful, but also delicious. See for yourself:

  • Add in the semolina porridge yolk, whipped with butter and honey or fruit puree with a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Bake apples with a spoon of berry jam and a handful of raisins.
  • In chicken soup, pour a couple of spoonfuls of milk, add a spoonful of butter, beaten egg, sliced ​​carrots and a little salt. Cook for 20 minutes – and a delicious dietary soup is ready.

So, it is possible and necessary to cope with gastritis. The main thing is not to drop your hands! And you will certainly succeed.


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