Diet with giardiasis. Permitted and prohibited products for adults and children

Giardiasis is a difficult to diagnose disease. Over the years, an infected person may not suspect that he has these parasites.

With such a disease, due to intoxication, the intestinal mucosa suffers, the digestion process is disrupted. There may be a manifestation of an allergic reaction to the skin. Over time, the work of the cardiovascular and nervous system suffers.

The diet prescribed by the doctor for lamblia does not allow products that promote the reproduction of these helminths. It prohibits in the first place confectionery and fast carbohydrates.

Unfavorable environment for reproduction of lamblia is acidic. Therefore, it is desirable to use sour-milk products, as well as a variety of dishes with a sour taste.

When manifesting the signs of atopic dermatitis from food fed by lamblias, humans are excluded from products that contribute to the emergence of such a reaction of the body.

General menu rules for adults

Diet in the treatment of giardiasis is designed in such a way as to provide conditions that exclude the multiplication of helminths, as well as eliminating the effects of their effects on the human body:

  1. Cereals are prepared on the water. In the second month of the diet dilution of water with milk in the proportion of 1: 1 is allowed. To make porridge can be used buckwheat, rice, corn or barley. Beans, semolina and wheat porridge are not recommended.
  2. Carbonated sweet drinks are prohibited. Fluid in the amount of 1,5-2 liters is recommended to drink in the form of sour berry compotes and fruit drinks from cranberries, cranberries or currants. Juice from cooked tomatoes is allowed.
  3. In the menu for lambliasis, broths from a bird are prepared from meat after fat removal. The advantage is given to soups, cooked on broth from vegetables.
  4. Meat is used dietary: poultry fillet, veal, low-fat lamb and pork. They are finely chopped and cooked in a double boiler, multivark, microwave oven or on a stove, excluding the roasting process.
  5. Fruits (apples and pears) are baked without sugar. They can be mixed with cottage cheese and consumed fresh or baked in the oven. Be sure to include in the diet of acidic berries.
  6. From dairy products it is supposed to be low-fat cheese and cottage cheese. Sour-milk drinks are supplemented with acidophilin and bifidum bacterin. Ryazhenka and yogurt are allowed to be included in the menu for the second week of dieting.
  7. It is forbidden to eat vegetables that irritate the intestines: onions, garlic. You can include root vegetables and cruciferous plants: tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot.
  8. Bread to the table should be served from rye flour and only on the second day after baking. But flour products are used in the form of biscuits, crackers or biscuits.

When lesions of the gastrointestinal tract with lamblia, recommended dishes should be sourish to the taste.


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