Diet with gout and increased uric acid. What you can and what you can not eat

What foods can not be eaten with gout

In order not to fall into the number of patients, it is necessary to exclude:

  • beer and red wine;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fatty and salted fish (herring, sardines);
  • red meat;
  • seafood;
  • by-products;
  • canned food and smoked meat;
  • dough, chocolate;
  • leguminous crops.

Any diet has medical prescriptions and an independent decision to limit nutrition is not always advisable, especially when it comes to health. The body absorbs 500 mg of uric acid. There are products that increase its production due to the content of purines in them – colorless crystals that form salts. Natural compounds slow down the process of removing excess acid.

American scientists from Boston conducted a test in 14 thousand people and were able to prove that coffee not only prevents the attack of gout, but also prevents its appearance, especially in people with a genetic predisposition. It is believed that 5-6 cups per day is a norm sufficient to prevent disease. Other products are acceptable in the patient’s diet, but their number is determined by the doctor.

What you can eat with high uric acidity

The danger of sparingly soluble crystals is that their excess is accompanied by intolerable pains, and there are situations when a person can not consult a doctor.

On a note! When gout is recommended daily drink celery juice. It contains substances that can remove acid from the body!

The habit of uncontrolled eating leads to a deterioration in health, but, in addition to celery, there are other products that reduce uric acidity.

  1. Artichoke. A healthy vegetable has a diuretic effect, and helps to remove harmful substances, cholesterol, reduce acidity. It is actively used for prevention:
  • gout;
  • anemia;
  • diabetes;
  • urolithiasis.

Artichoke is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, fiber. The decomposition of the crystals is facilitated by the acids contained in it: apple, acetic and others, and sodium helps to remove puffiness. People with low blood pressure are not recommended to consume artichoke in large quantities.

  1. Bulb onions. It cleanses the body well, improves blood flow, strengthens the walls of the arteries, prevents the formation of blood clots. High content of phosphorus, iron, potassium facilitates the withdrawal of excess fluid, prevents gout, hypertension and kidney stones.
  2. Cherry. Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, iron and magnesium, it is recommended to introduce a bug with gout into the daily diet and consume as much as possible. Fruits prevent the development of vascular diseases, prevent the formation of cancer cells, and also contribute to memory strengthening, sleep improvement, and the removal of inflammatory processes.


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