Diet with hand eczema

Despite the fact that eczema of the upper extremities refers to dermatological diseases, its mechanism is based on disturbances in the water-salt balance, metabolic processes and the work of the nervous system. And all this is due to malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the main direction in the treatment of this disease is a diet with eczema of the hands.

What can not be eaten with eczema of the hands?

Diet with eczema is aimed at improving the work of the whole body, namely, the restoration of the kidneys and other internal organs, the metabolic process and circulation. Therefore, it excludes foods that irritate them and the central nervous system. Such products include:

  • Sweets and drinks with coffee and cocoa beans (coffee, chocolate, cocoa, chocolate cakes, etc.);
  • black strong tea;
  • smoked products;
  • fatty and salty foods;
  • spicy seasonings;
  • flour products;
  • White cabbage;
  • beans;
  • carbonated drinks.

All these products negatively affect the body. They excitably affect the work of the nervous system and poorly affect the digestive process.

Hypoallergenic diet with eczema involves the preparation of all without the use of salt and any seasonings. Absolutely all products should be consumed in a boiled form.

What is possible?

The list of allowed products with hand eczema is quite wide, so the patient can not have problems with nutrition during the treatment period. It is allowed to eat low-fat varieties of meat and fish. They can even be roasted, but only after cooking. That is, any piece of fish or meat must first be boiled, and then fry with a minimal amount of oil and without salt.

It is allowed to eat turkey, veal, chicken, rabbit and beef. Eat only in chopped or grated form. This is necessary for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Vegetables can also be baked in the oven or boiled in water. Soups are allowed only vegetable, fruit and dairy. In them you can add a variety of cereals.

In a limited number allowed to eat green peas and potatoes. The rest of the vegetables can be eaten in any form (except cabbage), but not in fried. They can be boiled, wiped or simply eat raw.

Chicken eggs are also allowed to eat, but in limited quantities. Not more than one boiled egg per day.

You can also eat honey, dried apricots, jam, sugar. The only restriction is cakes, cakes and other confectionery.

Dairy products are allowed to eat sour cream, cottage cheese, drink kefir and milk. Of these, you can also prepare various sauces for dishes.

It is recommended to drink broth of dogrose, as it helps to remove the inflammatory process and removes toxins from the body, which helps to improve the condition of the skin.

It is also possible to drink weak black and green tea, weak coffee and raw juices from vegetables and fruits.

Diet with eczema in adults last until the complete disappearance of traces of the disease. It is the main one in the treatment of the disease, but it must be tailored to the characteristics of the organism. And for this you need the participation of a specialist.

Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor, learn all the details of the diet from him, and not look for a menu for a week on the Internet or with friends. After all, eczema is a disease that can carry a number of complications. And you should not take any risks. His treatment should be strictly on schedule.

Video about eczema on the hands

Reviews about a diet with eczemas

I am very glad that I found a diet with eczema of hands, which subsequently showed only positive results! Some discomfort during the diet, I did not feel, the only one, I had to give up my favorite delicacy – a smoked fish! Black tea, I replaced without any problems to green, by the way very much fell in love with it! I am very pleased that the diet helped me overcome the problems with eczema.

In winter, like many women, I have eczema of the hands. What kind of creams and means I did not use – nothing helped. I already despaired and I was going to put up with this problem, when I suddenly came across a diet with eczema of the hands – it was my salvation. Now, in winter and summer, my hands look excellent. All this is thanks to this wonderful diet, which, incidentally, is not so difficult to observe.

For a long time I suffer eczema of arms or hand, already that only did not try, nothing helped or assisted for long term. But here a couple of months ago I came across somewhere in the network to discuss the results of a diet with eczema of the hands and decided to try it too, not even hoping for a special result. As it turned out to be in vain, now my pens look wonderful regardless of whether the winter is now or summer, warm or cold. The diet itself, by the way, is not at all complicated, I did not experience any discomfort as such.


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