Diet with increased acidity of the stomach

What is the increased acidity? To put it simply, the increase in acidity is when a part of the gastric juice, in which the specific gravity exceeds 0,5%, is in the esophagus, which leads to irritation of the esophageal mucosa. There is a burning sensation behind the sternum, a sour taste in the mouth.

What is the diet with increased acidity of the stomach?

About how we have problems with digestion, most of us can guess. However, we often pay little attention to this, until the disease becomes clear. Skipping meals, fast snacks, overeating, convenience foods and fast food – unfortunately, these are the most frequent principles of modern nutrition. Errors in nutrition over time provoke the appearance of trouble with digestion, and not only. Hence the increased acidity of the stomach.

Now we will try to determine what a diet should be with increased acidity of the stomach, in order to transfer the acute period of the illness normally and not to allow another attack of acidity increase.

What exactly needs to be changed in nutrition to improve your health and digestion?

For cooking, it is better to choose those vegetables, which contain less fiber. This is potatoes, carrots, pumpkins. White cabbage, radish and sorrel should be shelved until better times.

Fruits should not be acidic, but in the acute period they should not be eaten raw, but only boiled or baked. The best option for eating fruit when exacerbated is souffle or mashed potatoes.

When choosing meat, you should prefer low-fat varieties, while it should be boiled, stewed or cooked in a double boiler. Fried and fatty meat is prohibited.

Watch for the consumption of fats: they allow food to stay longer in the stomach, which can adversely affect your health.

The principles of diet do not prohibit the use of cereals and side dishes from cereals. They are cooked with water or milk, and during the exacerbation they make the porridge more liquid, for better digestion.

It is useful to eat cottage cheese and other sour-milk products, fresh milk, eggs.

What can I drink with increased acidity? Brewed tea, compote, jelly, ordinary drinking water, mineral alkaline without gas is unacceptable.

It is worth mentioning one more condition of dietary food – it is a split meal in small portions. That is, it is better to eat a little, but every 2-3 hours than 2-3 times a day gorges to the heap.

It is not superfluous to pay attention to the drinking regime: it is not recommended to drink food, and also to drink directly after eating. The liquid is consumed half an hour before a meal, or after 1-2 hours after.

Menu diet with increased acidity of the stomach

The diet menu with increased acidity is not so poor as it seems at first glance. Let’s bring to your attention an approximate diet for a week.

  • Breakfast: steam curd with sour cream, tea with milk.
  • Snack: yoghurt.
  • Lunch: oatmeal soup, steamed meatballs, carrot puree, compote.
  • Afternoon snack: tea with biscuits.
  • Dinner: steam fish with pasta, jelly.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with honey, herbal tea.
  • Snack: milk with breadcrumbs.
  • Lunch: cream soup from vegetable marrows, vegetable stew, green tea.
  • Snack: banana.
  • Supper: dumplings with potatoes, compote.
  • Breakfast: boiled egg, dried bread with cheese, compote.
  • Snack: baked apple.
  • Lunch: milk soup, chicken for a couple, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt.
  • Dinner: rice casserole with vegetables, jelly.
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, tea with milk.
  • Snack: jelly with biscuits.
  • Lunch: rice soup, a piece of boiled veal with vegetables, compote.
  • Afternoon snack: pear.
  • Dinner: boiled potatoes with vegetables, rose hip tea.
  • Breakfast: curd casserole, herbal tea.
  • Snack: a glass of milk, a dry biscuit.
  • Lunch: barley soup, chicken meatballs with rice garnish, carrot juice.
  • Snack: baked apple.
  • Dinner: pasta with cottage cheese, jelly.
  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream, compote.
  • Snack: tea with marshmallow.
  • Lunch: onion soup, fish bit from a double boiler, tea.
  • Snack: jelly from apples.
  • Dinner: potato casserole with sour cream, jelly.
  • Breakfast: mannish pudding with jam, tea with cream.
  • Snack: biscuits, yogurt.
  • Lunch: cream soup made from cauliflower, baked in foil fish with greens, compote.
  • Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with jam.
  • Dinner: rice cakes with vegetable garnish, jelly.

Shortly before sleep, it is recommended to drink 150 ml of dairy product at your discretion. Food can be varied if you prepare new and interesting dishes from the usual and useful products.

What you can not eat with increased acidity of the stomach?

  • Bakery: white fresh pastries, buns, puff pastry, pies, chebureks, pizza, cakes, pastries.
  • Food irritating the gastric mucosa: nuts, coarse foods, corn, seeds, chips, snacks, salted rusks, convenience foods, fast food, fast food, smoked products, etc.
  • Fat and red meat, fat, by-products (liver, heart, kidneys, lungs). Sausage products: boiled, smoked and semi-smoked sausages, sausages, sausages.
  • Fish: river, fried or too fatty.
  • Vegetables: it is recommended to remove the skin from some vegetables. Not recommended white cabbage.
  • Sour fruit and juice from them: citrus, pineapple, kiwi.
  • Sweets: chocolate, oil creams, desserts with glaze, nuts, with synthetic dyes and preservatives, ice cream.
  • Spices and spices, sauces, gravies, broths, marinades, ketchup, mayonnaise, adzhika.
  • Alcoholic beverages (including beer), smoking.
  • Carbonated drinks, energy, coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, sour juices.
  • Fried dishes, pickled, canned, pickled, dried and salted foods.

Undoubtedly, a strict diet is prescribed mainly for the period of exacerbation. However, this does not mean that outside this period it is possible to return to the former messy diet. As far as possible, these recommendations should be adhered to.


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