Diet with kidney sand for women

Sand in the kidneys is a common pathology, which can be eliminated without treatment, if the measures are taken in time.

To prevent life-threatening conditions, eat only those foods that the nephrologist recommends. A diet with sand in the kidneys will help to reduce its amount in the main filter of the body, and if you take the time for treatment, then get rid of it forever.

Women are easier to adhere to dietary nutrition and any restrictions in the diet, since almost every representative of the fair sex ever tried to bring the figure in order restriction of the diet.

Choosing a diet with sand and kidney stones

Only after receiving the results of the tests, including urinalysis, the doctor prescribes a diet for sand in the kidneys for the woman, because now he can determine exactly what foods can and can not be consumed with a specific chemical composition of stones. Complex diagnostics include a blood test, ultrasound, nephroscintigraphy as needed. Serious informative studies are shown when suspicion of very large kidney stones. Urinalysis will reveal the composition of the kidney sand, after which you can adjust the diet in this way:

  • when oxalates are detected, products containing oxalic acid are limited;
  • when phosphates are detected in kidneys, products containing phosphoric acid (fruits, dairy, vegetables, sesame) are limited;
  • if urate is found in the kidneys of men and women, they can not eat meat and fish in large quantities, because they contain many purines that are converted to uric acid.

In addition to selecting menus, there are a number of recommendations regarding the diet for patients with kidney sand:

  • to establish a drinking regime (inhibits the precipitation of salts);
  • reduce the amount of salt;
  • less to consume sweets and soda;
  • take vitamin A, at least 2-3 g per day (accelerates the regeneration of kidney tissues damaged by sand and stones).

If the patient immediately began to follow the recommendations of a doctor, then in the near future the condition will improve dramatically. In addition to the new diet, it is necessary to add herbal medicine, since the kidneys perfectly perceive the intake of herbal preparations.

Below are specific recommendations for choosing products depending on the chemical composition of sand and kidney stones.

Based on the recommendations, a woman can choose the dishes that she likes more. Thus, the diet does not infringe the patient’s preferences, but offers useful and tasty food.

Diet with phosphate sand in the kidneys

It is useful to eat meat and fish, sour berries, eggs, cereals. Remove from the menu you need foods that contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium, and also with vitamin D. This means you need to exclude fish oil, liver, caviar. Food when accumulating salts of phosphoric acid in the kidneys should be saturated with vitamins from group B, as well as vitamin A. Such a diet will dissolve sand and small stones.

Allowed products: meat and fish, 1 chicken egg a day, bacon and green peas, bread, mushrooms and pumpkin, cranberry and cranberry morses, loose tea and coffee, sour fruit.

Prohibited products: smoked products, pickles, dairy products and milk, fats, potatoes and other vegetables, not mentioned above, spices.

The drinking balance is maintained by the volume of the liquid, calculating an approximate rate, based on the pH of the urine.

Allowed products: alkaline mineral water, boiled fish and meat, sausages and sausages, dairy products and cereals (pearl barley, buckwheat, millet and oatmeal), pasta and fresh vegetables, bananas and apricots, mors and kvass, weak coffee and tea.

Prohibited foods: salted fish, offal (kidney, liver, etc.), dishes based on gelatin, cheese and mushrooms, rhubarb and spinach, sorrel and strawberries, pears, beans, pickles, meat and fish broths, smoked meats, horseradish and mustard, as well as chocolate, cocoa and strong coffee.

When urate calculi are detected, urine should be made more alkaline, and this can be achieved with the help of vegetables with fruits and milk. It is necessary to include in the daily menu therapeutic mineral water with a suitable pH level. It is important to take into account that caffeine enhances the process of urate formation, so drinks with its content are limited to 1-2 mugs per day. Urates in the kidneys are often detected in people who are overweight, who abuse alcohol.

Allowed products: lean meat and fish (can be consumed up to 3 times a week), dairy products and cheese, cereals of different types, bread from rye and wheat flour, vegetables and fruits, fruit drinks from green tea.

Prohibited products: young meat, offal (liver, kidney, tongue, etc.), smoked products and canned products, animal fats, strong coffee and cocoa, legumes. The remaining recommendations will be similar to those given for oxalates in the kidneys.

Summarizing the above recommendations, you need not forget about the mixed type of sand and kidney stones. In this case, you need to discuss a diet with a nephrologist, as the recommendations will be given to each patient individually. Use the recipes of traditional medicine preferably after consulting a doctor, since the influence of different plants on the body is mixed. In addition to allergies, intolerance and poisoning may occur.


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