Diet with low hemoglobin

At the current pace of life, a decrease in the level of a special protein in the blood, hemoglobin, is not uncommon. This occurs in almost every fifth person. If you look a little into the past, then this ailment was considered a sign of the aristocracy.

Diet will help to overcome the ailment

Causes and main signs of a decreased level of hemoglobin

Malady can be a sign of a disease

For every adult healthy person, the level of this protein should be within 135-160 g for 1 L of blood for men, and 120-140 for women and children. Decrease in these indicators indicates the presence of iron deficiency anemia.

  • sharp and plentiful loss of blood;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • profuse menstruation;
  • violation of the hormonal background;
  • pregnancy and the breeding season.

It is very important to identify the disease in time and find out the cause of its appearance. After all, in most cases, its cause can be covered in internal bleeding. For examination it is necessary to visit a surgeon, gynecologist, therapist, gastroenterologist.

Clear signs are frequent headaches, loss of consciousness, dizziness, general malaise, lethargy, apathy, loss of strength.

The skin can have a pale, lifeless appearance, the nails and hair become brittle. Dyspnoea, strong palpitations, shortness of breath, etc., may also appear.

Diet for raising hemoglobin is the main way to cure ailment

When the diagnosis is made and the cause of its occurrence is known, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment. In parallel with the medicamental treatment of the underlying disease, a special diet will be prescribed, which increases hemoglobin in the blood. From the observance of all recommendations, the time for recovery will depend directly.

The basis of the diet consists of products that in their composition have the maximum possible amount of iron.

An animal of animal origin will also be useful. Unfortunately, the iron is absorbed by the body very badly, for this it is necessary to learn how to properly arrange products among themselves and take into account certain features of the preparation.

The leader among the products that contribute to the increase of hemoglobin level is beef tongue. It is he who is most effectively absorbed by the body. From meat products it is necessary to give preference to red kinds of meat, it is beef, horse meat, rabbit meat and turkey meat. The maximum amount of iron – 22% – is absorbed from veal, other types of meat are absorbed within 16-18%.

Another useful product in anemia is pork and beef liver.

But very often this product should not be consumed, since it can cause the body more harm than good. You must be sure of the quality of meat products. The highest percentage of useful iron will be absorbed in the preparation of meat products in the Rare, Medium rare and Medium.

You also need to eat fish of fatty varieties, especially useful species of fish from the family of salmonids. Seafood is also useful. Of these, an average of 11% of iron will be assimilated. Especially important product – boiled molluscs.

Plant products will give iron a maximum of 4-5%. But the benefits of fruits and vegetables in this case lies in their vitamin composition, as they help to assimilate the body to iron from other foods. Of this group of products, juices from beets, carrots and pomegranates will be of greatest benefit.

In addition, it is good to include in the menu peaches, watermelons, green apples, strawberries, pumpkin, dried apricots and legumes, in particular soy and beans, fresh herbs.

In order to achieve maximum absorption of iron, the body should have enough vitamins of the C group. Therefore, in a diet with low hemoglobin, it is necessary to include citrus, sauerkraut, tomatoes.

A healthy lifestyle and adherence to all nutrition recommendations will help your body to get stronger and return the hemoglobin level in the shortest time to the norm.


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