Diet with oskalatnyh, phosphate and urate stones in the kidneys

Diet, observed with urolithiasis – is not only a preventive measure, but also a cure.

After removing the kidney from the kidneys, many people think that they have recovered from the disease, but this is not so. Since the surgery, a special diet follows, which has a different nature. It depends on the stones, namely the chemical composition. There are only 3 species: urates, oxalates and phosphates. Each stone implies its specific diet. A kidney stone disease has a general dietary rules, let's look at them in more detail.

The basis of the diet for urolithiasis

The types of preventive diets aimed at treating urolithiasis have their own peculiarities and the observance of the rules:

  • Strictly restrict alcohol, smoked products, spicy, salted and fried. It is important to exclude such food from the daily diet, because over time, delicious and harmful food can lead to illness.
  • Know the measure when eating, do not overeat. It is better to adhere to a fractional food, this is 5-6-single food, which will facilitate the process of assimilation of food.
  • Drinking regime – the norm of the fluid used is about 2-2,5 L daily. It is important to know that in cases of heart disease, excessive fluid intake is not recommended. Observance of the drinking regime prevents kidney disease.
  • Observe the nutritional balance with kidney stones, and a diet that should be used for other related diseases, if any. Such diseases can be: an ulcer of the duodenum, it is important to follow your diet. In this case, you need to find a compromise in nutrition and stick to it.

Let's find out which foods are forbidden to eat if there are stones in the kidneys.

The first to be included in the list is refractory fat, followed by protein food of animal origin. Excluded fruits and vegetables with a high content of acid (oxalic) contributing to the appearance of oxalate (a kind of stone). Also forbidden are gelatinous dishes, strong tea and coffee.

  1. Bread (from premium flour), buns, cakes with fat cream or cakes;
  2. Meat broths, mushrooms, poultry (skin, fat) and soups from them;
  3. Fish of fatty species: mackerel, salmon, catfish, herring;
  4. Seafood;
  5. Meat of a young bird, with a high content of purines, as well as canned from it and fish;
  6. Sausage products, smoked meat, jelly, jelly, jelly;
  7. Beans, beets, spinach, aubergines (limited), rhubarb, sorrel;
  8. Berries (raspberry and all kinds of currants, cranberries, as well as gooseberry and cowberry);
  9. Citrus is rare;
  10. You can not eat salted or hot cheese;
  11. Pickles, canned food, marinades;
  12. Coffee, all kinds of chocolate, cocoa and strong tea;
  13. By-products that contain fat and purines;
  14. Beef, lamb, culinary fat, fat, margarine;
  15. Various hot snacks and spices: horseradish, mustard, all kinds of peppers;
  16. Egg yolk.

Next, we will look at what foods are allowed to eat while eating a special diet.

This list introduces products that promote alkalization of urine (with the exception of phosphate stones in the patient, in which the urine must be oxidized on the contrary): vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

To improve the anti-inflammatory effect, it is recommended to drink weak mineral water or herbal decoctions. Since animal fat is banned, we replace it with vegetable oils that prevent weight gain, accumulation of salts and normalizes the functioning of the intestine.

  1. Dried bread from bran or coarse flour;
  2. Summer lettuce;
  3. Sauerkraut, the vegetables are soaked;
  4. Macaroni and cereals are rare;
  5. Not sour, sweet fruit and berries contribute to the excretion of oxalates;
  6. Zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkin, as well as aubergines are rare;
  7. Low-fat fish, beef and dietary poultry meat;
  8. Milk, cottage cheese and other sour-milk products;
  9. Slightly salted, faint cheese;
  10. Eggs, but the yolk is moderately;
  11. Dried fruits, honey, marmalade, pastille, jam and meringue;
  12. Sauce from tomatoes, cream or vegetables;
  13. Coffee with the addition of milk or lemon, weak tea, a decoction of wheat, bearberry or oatmeal;
  14. Butter 40 gr, and vegetable is rare.

Why is it so important to exclude from the diet products from the first list? Let's find out.

Compliance with diet in the presence of urolithiasis is important, because:

  • This is the prevention of the formation of other stones;
  • Promotes the dissolution of existing stones;
  • Helps to withdraw the formation in the form of salt or the smallest stones from the kidneys.

At the same time, the diet helps to reduce excess weight, improves the heart and digestive tract. If the diet is strictly observed, the patient minimizes the risk of inflammation of the urinary tract.

The consequences of ignoring the diet

If you ignore the dietary requirements in the presence of stones there is a risk of complications:

  • Pyelonephritis of chronic form;
  • Urethritis or chronic cystitis;
  • Renal failure;
  • Frequency of seizures.

In order to prevent these complications, study the diet for urolithiasis is your specific situation. As it was said above, stones are of urate, phosphate and oxalate type.

Diet in the presence of urate in the kidneys

Vegetable salad on a plant. oil

(not muffin), broth from a dogrose

milk porridge, cranberry fruit drink

In addition to the products contained in the menu, during the day you can eat 300 gr. any bread, 20 g of butter, 40 gr of refined sugar or sugar.

Diet after an operation to remove kidney stones

In this program Elena Malysheva you will learn about the basic principles of a diet with urolithiasis:

In order to preventive measures with kidney stones were effective little proper nutrition, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Go in for sports, and older people will benefit from outdoor walks at least 2 hours per day. If you have excess weight, try to bring it back to normal, since obesity is the cause of many chronic diseases.

Of course compliance with the diet is very difficult work on yourself, your willpower, but this is for your health. You will feel the lightness of your body's work, and will not be tempted by forbidden food.

All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

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