Diet with oxalate kidney stones

The main principle of dietary nutrition is based on reducing the consumption of products containing oxalic acid. Also, there are restrictions on the methods of heat treatment of products and the amount of calories consumed. The list of meals allowed for the daily menu allows you to make a varied and tasty diet for every day.

What you can eat with oxalate kidney stones

Meat fish: lean chicken meat, turkey meat, beef, shrimp, squid, rabbit meat.

Cereals: rice, wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal, bulgur, couscous, manna.

Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, bell pepper, avocado, white cabbage and color, lettuce, beetroot, string beans, potatoes. Occasionally you can eggplant.

Fruit: apricots, peaches, bananas, pears, not sour apples, melons, prunes.

Dairy and sour-milk products: any skim, not salted, milk is not more than 200 g per day.

Flour products: bread with bran and rye flour and biscuits from them.

Beverages: weak black or green tea, broth of the Rosehip, daisies, fruit smoothies, parfait, mashed potatoes.

Diet with oxalate in the urine and general recommendations for approved foods are supplemented by specific nutrition with kidney stones. Do not prepare dishes with a rich taste, it gives a load on the digestive system and kidneys. Vegetables and fruit purees are diluted with water, soups cooked liquid, meat is ground.

Nutrition with urolithiasis is given increased attention. The diet is aimed at dissolving the stones and preventing their further formation. Changes in the diet are usually prescribed as maintenance therapy. In parallel with oxalate stones in the kidneys, traditional treatment with medications is performed.

Alcohol, beverages containing caffeine, beans, peas, sour fruits and vegetables (raspberries, tomatoes), whey, salted cheeses, offal, fatty meat and fish are completely excluded.

Indications for the appointment of a therapeutic diet is oxalaturia, liver and stomach diseases. Such a therapeutic diet helps in therapeutic activities. At a time when medications are aimed at dissolving oxalate stones, the diet provides the body with a gentle diet. At the same time, the chemical composition of the products and the salt balance are aimed at eliminating the re-formation of deposits in the kidneys.

The diet menu is built on the principle of fractional nutrition. It is recommended to divide daily food intake by 4-5 times. Portions should be approximately the same, prepared from permitted products. In the morning, on an empty stomach, you should drink a glass of clean water.

Eating for a diet should be 5 days. After this, the attending physician conducts an examination of the patient, if necessary, analyzes are given. If the transition to a new diet is normal, then it is prolonged for a month or until the patient recovers completely. Health food is indicated even during pregnancy.

For convenience, you can make a detailed menu or several options for a daily diet in the form of a table to print and hang on the refrigerator. When drawing up an optimal menu, one should keep in mind the limitations in the methods of heat treatment of products. It is recommended to cook in water or steam, bake, sometimes stew foods. Hot, cold and fried dishes are categorically excluded. Most ready-made meals should contain crushed or wiped foods.

Diet with oksalaturii for a week.

First breakfast: green tea with chamomile, rice porridge, rabbit meatballs.

Dinner: pumpkin soup, chicken and steamed vegetables.

Snack: natural yoghurt, not sour apple.

Dinner: rice with vegetables, boiled fish.

Breakfast: oats flakes with yoghurt, herbal tea.

Snack: allowed dried fruits.

Dinner: beetroot, buckwheat porridge, beef stroganoff.

Snack: cheese cakes baked.

Dinner: fish meatballs with vegetables, steam rice.

Breakfast: pumpkin, baked with cottage cheese.

Dinner: rice soup, chopped beef cutlet, vegetable salad.

Snack: home-made crackers without fillers, herbal tea.

Dinner: carrot puree, steamed turkey fillet.

Breakfast: chicken fillet steamed, braised zucchini, herbal tea.

Snack: a sandwich made of bran bread, sour cream and cucumber.

Dinner: pumpkin cream soup, meatballs from low-fat rabbit, buckwheat porridge, squash caviar.

Snack: herbal tea with chamomile.

Dinner: steamed turkey fillet, steamed vegetables with natural yoghurt.

Breakfast: rice porridge, boiled veal, green tea with chamomile.

Snack: fresh vegetables to taste.

Dinner: beetroot, lazy cabbage rolls with rabbit.

Snack: crackers from wheat bread, warm berry compote.

Dinner: boiled fish, vegetable puree, stewed vegetables.

Breakfast: millet porridge with fruit, green tea.

Snack: allowed dried fruits.

Dinner: beetroot, stewed veal, beet salad.

Snack: cheese cakes baked.

Dinner: boiled beef, pasta, vegetable salad.

Breakfast: noodles with cottage cheese, herbal tea with chamomile.

Snack: rahat-lukum without nuts.

Dinner: pelmeni with turkey meat, can be seasoned with low-fat natural yoghurt.

Dinner: sticks, stewed in milk, salad from permitted vegetables.

It is important not only what you can eat while you are sick, but also drink enough fluids. Dissolve oxalate stones with freshly squeezed juices. The recipes are very simple, the fruits should be washed before cooking, cut, remove the seeds and the core. Prepared fruit and berries put in a juicer. The ready drink is consumed several times a day.

Especially well established in the diet of cucumber juice. In a detailed recipe, this dish does not need vegetables, grind them in any available way and squeeze out the juice. It is enough three to four times a day to drink 100 ml of ready-made cucumber juice for 30 minutes before meals. Therapy acts on the bladder, stimulates the process of dissolution and excretion of stones.

Also, with oxalate stones in the kidneys, it is recommended to include lemon juice in the daily diet, and brew tea from apple peel or Camomile. As a sweetener you can use honey.

The actions of the medical diet favorably affect the general condition of the body. Normalization of metabolism contributes to dissolution of oxalate stones and weight loss. For 4 weeks of a changed diet according to the results of tests, one can judge about the improvement of the patient’s condition.


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