Diet with oxalate stones in the kidneys. What you can eat and what you can not

70% of kidney stones are oxalates. These concretions are very difficult to dissolve, but in practice they are constantly added in size. The reason for the formation of oxalate stones is a change in the chemical composition of urine towards oxidation, which causes their deposition. And those who suffer from this disease, and those who have already had an operation to remove stones, need a diet with oxalate stones in the kidneys. With the help of therapeutic nutrition, you can normalize the chemical composition of urine and protect yourself from the occurrence of oxalates in the future.

Principles of nutrition, which must adhere to a patient suffering from oxalate stones in the kidneys:

  1. Sufficient fluid intake, which allows you to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the urine. The total amount of water drunk per day must be at least 3 liters, of which 2 liters is mineral water without gas.
  2. Eating foods with the necessary calcium content.
  3. Limitation of products rich in oxalic acid.
  4. Reduction in salt in the diet.
  5. Increase in the diet products of plant origin.
  6. Complete exclusion of alcohol, spicy and spicy food, pickled vegetables.
  7. To prevent swelling, the bulk of the liquid is best drunk before six in the evening.
  8. Meals should be regular – 3 basic meals and 2 snacks throughout the day.
  9. One of the main principles – a strict adherence to diet, you can not use prohibited foods, even in small quantities.
  10. The diet of a patient with oxalate stones in the kidney should be at least 3 thousand calories.

Diet with oxalate stones indicates a restriction of salt intake – only 10 g per day is allowed. As already mentioned, the patient should be fed at least five times a day. The diet recommends a similar diet, but the food should be cut as little as possible.

In the diet, there are necessarily the first dishes – vegetable soups, low-fat parts of beef or poultry, fish. Useful in a small amount of dairy products, cereals, stale bread, one egg a day, fruit juices and fruit drinks.

Restrictions in nutrition for people suffering from oxalate stones in the kidneys should not be aimed at reducing the consumption of substances necessary for the body. Simply put, a diet with oxalate stones does not limit useful vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to eat cabbage (all kinds), potatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and zucchini, pumpkin and green peas. Pears, bananas, watermelons, apricots, peaches and melons are allowed.

Patients can eat macaroni from flour of solid varieties. For cooking, the use of vegetable or butter is allowed, in small quantities. Among the dairy products recommend kefir, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt without flavor additives. A compote of dried fruits is useful. You can have a snack during the day with nuts. Bread eats any sorts, but it is better if it is slightly stale. Butter buns and fresh pastries are forbidden.

It is worth noting that in the diet, in addition to the allowed products, must contain those that are necessary to improve kidney function. These include cucumber or pumpkin juice in combination with infusion of marigolds or linden. These drinks contribute to the activation of the bladder, and the silicon contained there, normalizes the chemical composition of urine.

For patients suffering from oxalate stones, not all products are useful, so some of them are on the prohibited list. Let’s enumerate what can not be used with oxalate stones in the kidneys:

Faced with the problem of choosing the right food, patients can at first make an incorrect menu by allowing prohibited foods to be consumed. To ensure that the diet is harmonious and safe, let’s give an example of a weekly menu with oxalate kidney stones.

Monday – for breakfast you can cook rice porridge with skim milk, add a little cottage cheese and sprinkle with raisins. A weak slightly sweet tea is allowed. As a snack, you can eat a piece of curd pudding and drink it with a rose hip broth. For lunch, a light vegetable soup, a portion of boiled low-fat chicken fillet and compote is allowed. As a dinner, you can eat two small meatballs from fish, a slice of curd casserole with milk. Before going to bed, a glass of kefir is recommended.

Tuesday – You can start the morning with milk buckwheat porridge and carrot cutlets. He was drinking tea. As a second breakfast, you can eat a small piece of boiled fish, and garnish with a potato puree. At lunch you can eat lean borsch or soup, on the second – a piece of meat without fat, and all is washed down with apple compote. At dinner recommended meat casserole, a little sweet cottage cheese and tea with milk. After 2 hours after dinner, you can drink a glass of yogurt.

Wednesday – For breakfast, vegetable salad with a piece of boiled fish, cottage cheese with sour cream, a glass of fruit juice. A few hours after breakfast you can eat a piece of curd casserole. At lunch, the menu is served with soup with vermicelli, rice with a piece of lean beef, compote. For dinner, potato casserole, oatmeal with berries or fruit, and before going to bed – a glass of curdled milk.

Thursday – In the morning you can eat rice porridge on milk, sweet cheese with raisins and drink it with a cup of tea. For the second breakfast is recommended cottage cheese casserole. At lunch, soup is served with vegetables, as a second – a piece of low-fat meat and cereal. Wash down with apple compote. For dinner, you can offer fish steamed meatballs, pasta casserole and a glass of milk. Before going to bed will be useful yogurt.

Friday – For breakfast prepare rice porridge or rice with vegetables. You can add a little cottage cheese, and recommend eating with compote or fruit juice. As a second breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, sprinkled with sugar. For lunch, the menu recommends vegetable soup, a piece of boiled lean meat and compote of apples. Dinner should consist of rice casserole and broth of wild rose, and before going to bed you can have a snack with prunes or nuts.

В Saturday and Sunday dieticians prefer not to limit patients in food, but they are allowed to choose the dishes they liked from the five-day list. Thus, they do not feel restricted in their diet.

Oxalate stones in the kidneys are unpleasant news that the patient receives from the doctor. However, with a properly formulated diet, it is possible to largely prevent the formation of concrements and stop their current growth. Neglect diet rules can not, otherwise it will not give the expected effect.


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