Diet with prostatitis and prostate adenoma: proper nutrition is the key to successful treatment!

Treatment of the prostate and adenoma is not as difficult as it seems to many men at first sight. If you approach this problem in a complex way, then in a couple of weeks you can forget about unpleasant sensations and completely return the male power. Diet with prostatitis and prostate adenoma plays a very important role in this case. After all, it depends on how correctly it will be respected, 80% of success depends on the treatment.

What is needed and what kind of diet for prostatitis?

The diet with prostatitis and adenoma is primarily aimed at preventing constipation and normalizing the weight of the patient. It should be understood that constipation leads to stagnation of blood in the small pelvis, which is not the best way to affect the course of the disease, and can lead to exacerbation. And they are provoked by the appearance of the wrong and irrational food.

In addition, because of this nutrition in the body receives a lot of carbohydrates and fats, which for a short time are converted into fat cells and deposited in the subcutaneous tissue. All this leads to obesity, which also affects the circulation in the pelvic area.

It should not be overlooked that fats also have the property of depositing on the walls of the vessels and forming so-called atherosclerotic plaques. Their appearance leads to a narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and, as a consequence, to a violation of blood flow. The result – stagnant phenomena in the small pelvis and exacerbation of the disease.

The diet for prostatitis in men completely excludes foods that can irritate the genitourinary sphere, causing an exacerbation of the disease and the development of other diseases of the urinary system, which also has a negative effect on both the condition of the patient and the duration of treatment.

In the event that the presence of extra pounds affected the development of prostatitis, and the patient will follow the usual diet for weight loss, then his body will not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and other macro-elements, which will lead to a decrease in immunity. This, in turn, will cause a decrease in the body's defenses. He will not be able to fight the pathogens on his own, and against this background the chronic inflammatory process will occur, which will undoubtedly affect the duration of treatment, and not in the best way.

Basic rules of nutrition with prostatitis

This disease is accompanied by acute inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. Any irritating effect on the mucous membranes of this organ leads to an aggravation of the situation and may even lead to the development of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, it is so important at the initial stages of the disease to follow a therapeutic diet.

What not?

When the first signs of acute prostatitis appear, it is necessary to abandon foods that have high extractivities. These include:

strong and invigorating drinks, which contain ethyl alcohol (beer, wine, vodka, etc.);

  • strong meat and vegetable broths;
  • sharp spices;
  • smoked products;
  • sausage;
  • canned food;
  • marinades;
  • pickles;
  • all kinds of spicy vegetables;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fast food;
  • salted croutons;
  • sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup.

All these foods are irritating to the mucous membranes of the prostate gland. In addition, they contribute to increased appetite, as a result of which a person consumes more food than his body really needs, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds. And their appearance can negatively affect the treatment of prostatitis. In addition, these foods are poorly digested, lead to the accumulation of salts in the body (this can cause swelling and stagnation of urine) and frequent constipation.

What is possible?

Diet in the treatment of prostatitis implies a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Excellent sources of these substances are fresh vegetables and fruits. Exposing them to heat treatment is highly undesirable, since this will lead to the destruction of most of the chemical elements and will reduce the usefulness of these products.

It is very important to ensure the supply of a large amount of vitamin C into the body, which takes part not only in maintaining the immune system, but also in strengthening the walls of blood vessels. The natural source of this vitamin is all representatives of citrus fruits (mandarins, lemons, oranges, etc.), as well as rose hips, sea buckthorn, gooseberry and black currant.

To maintain the functionality of the prostate, fat-soluble vitamins A and E are also required. They are contained in fish and vegetable oils. Vitamins of group B take part practically in all processes occurring in the body, therefore, they need it especially sharply. Their high content is found in cereals (buckwheat, rice, barley, etc.), as well as in bakery products that are made from coarse flour.

Do not forget about micronutrients. With inflammation of the prostate, the body especially needs iron, calcium and zinc. Iron is the main element that provides all internal organs with oxygen. However, its assimilation is much better if it is in contact with animal proteins. Therefore, to provide them with an organism, one should eat more beef, offal, rabbit and chicken.

To replenish the supply of calcium in the body can be through the use of dairy and fermented milk products. And zinc, which takes part in the sexual function of men, is found in pumpkin seeds, celery, walnuts and seafood.

An important point is that all meals consumed by a man suffering from prostatitis should be served warmly (except for raw vegetables and fruits, and also juices from them – they should have room temperature). This will improve the digestion of food and the process of assimilation of nutrients, as well as prevent the appearance of constipation.

Nutrition for exacerbation of prostatitis

Diet in the case of exacerbation of prostatitis implies the use of mashed food in a warm form. All dishes should be prepared without the use of oils and preferably on a couple or boiled.

During the exacerbation of prostatitis, vegetarian soups prepared on a secondary broth, steamed meatballs, cutlets and meatballs, stewed vegetables, fruits and berries should be eaten (they should be eaten only in raw form).

In the presence of fever, general malaise and lack of appetite, several days of fasting are recommended. During this period, use as much liquid as possible – up to 2,5 l. In this case, you can drink not only one water, but also compotes, kissels, kefir, fruit drinks, tea with lemon (if desired, sugar can be added to all these drinks).

After the well-being of a man improves, the drinking regimen should be observed for a long time, since the ingestion of a large amount of liquid in the body will prevent the occurrence of stagnation of urine. And this is very important in the treatment of prostatitis. The exact list of prohibited and allowed foods should be provided by your doctor.

It is worth noting that the treatment of chronic prostatitis occurs in an outpatient setting. With the development of the acute inflammation, hospitalization of the patient is required.

Video about nutrition with prostatitis

Reviews of the prostate and prostate adenoma diet

Eh . the problem of men is of course prostatitis. No one is immune from the fact that one hundred percent can not get sick with prostatitis. So my father had the same illness. We went to hospitals every half a year, he can not walk himself, I have to go with him. Right now of course the prostatitis was left behind, thanks to a good diet, this is Sbiten folk consecrated. And only because of this diet, he began to forget that he once had prostatitis

Unfortunately, my husband had such a problem. Oh, I remember how many were treated, how many tears wept . But he was determined, and how I was very happy when I found out that he began to feel much better thanks to a diet. It was there that wonderful doctors could pick up the necessary list of "permitted" for him: food for a couple, fruit, berries, vegetables, plenty of liquid, to somehow feel better. I am very grateful to them. Happiness is to see how close it is to recover!

Unfortunately, this problem was not avoided. Correctly say – a person is what he eats. So my husband began to notice that as a salty, fatty, acute more will allow himself – so immediately exacerbation. Everything here is correctly written, diet is particularly important to adhere to, and I also did not stop. Only we have come to it by experience. The husband has checked everything on himself, but everything is brief and concise. In general, the aggravation of the husband is much less now, it feels better, more energetic, more energy.

Well, what can I say? my brother after forty years began to appear signs of prostatitis. He did not want to drink medicine, but he did not want to start the process of the disease. Therefore, he began to question friends. One of them, wise in experience in the prostatitis, advised just a diet for prostatitis. I did not want to give up the usual food, but health is more expensive! He took himself in hand, refused from the acute, salty and other forbidden elements. In 2 months (he did not believe it), but there was no trace of the problems.

My elder brother discovered a prostatitis and he was treated and followed everything that the doctor appointed him. But the doctor did not tell his brother that a prostate diet is necessary. And what's interesting is that the drugs and procedures that the doctor prescribed to the brother did not help at all. Only a diet with prostatitis helped him greatly and improved his physical and moral condition. My brother lives with me and my parents, and that's why my mom and I organized a diet for him, and how he did not want to, but he had to give up salty, fatty, etc. Already after the first month of the diet the brother became more cheerful, and after a month 2 he completely got rid of prostatitis.

I had a problem – prostatitis. Something already panicked (though not sharp). Went climbing on the Internet – he came across this diet, well, an unpleasant diet, but in another way apparently it is impossible – healed of prostatitis, well that reacted quickly. Thanks for the article, helped.


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