Diet with stomach ulcer – working recipes


Gastric ulcer is the most common disease that develops over several years. First there are signs such as heartburn and nausea after eating, and after a constant sensation of heaviness and discomfort. And only at the peak of the development of the disease, severe pain begins, which forces a person to consult a doctor. He completely examines the patient, conducts a series of studies, makes the final diagnosis and only after that prescribes treatment, the main one in which is a diet in the stomach ulcer.

Why do I need a diet?

The stomach is a very vulnerable digestive organ, which is constantly exposed to various irritants in the form of medicines, stresses and food. And during the period of exacerbation, he reacts particularly brightly to them. Therefore, the patient is recommended to be at rest and follow a certain nutrition plan.

It will be enough to just step back from the diet, as a sharp and sometimes unbearable pain to return again. And all the treatment that was carried out before this is reduced to nothing. The stomach must necessarily be at rest before the end of treatment.

In the diet of the patient should not be present food, which irritatively affect the gastric mucosa and promote increased sosotdeleniem.

No hot and cold dishes. Food should be warm and comfortable for the body. And to enter the body it should be in small portions and preferably by the hour. If a person does not ate at one meal, then he should not supplement his one-time portion with additional dishes. It is better to stay a little hungry and have a snack a little later than to load the stomach and then to re-experience all the "delights" of the disease.

Diet with stomach ulcer - working recipes

Basic dietary rules

Diet in the stomach ulcer during the exacerbation is very strict. It excludes virtually all food that a person used to eat before the onset of the disease. Completely excluded:

  • pickles;
  • smoked products;
  • alcohol;
  • condiments;
  • sharp and fatty dishes;
  • acid varieties of berries and fruits;
  • fruit and berries with a dense skin;
  • sausage;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • baking and baking;
  • biscuits and confectionery;
  • pickled products;
  • fresh onion;
  • rich meat and fish broths.

All these products will have to be abandoned during the treatment of ulcers. After all, they simply have a destructive effect on the gastric mucosa, especially alcohol. By the way, nicotine also affects the organ. Therefore, smoking should also be forgotten. And not only at the time of treatment, but in general. After all, peptic ulcer is easily returned in case of "favorable" conditions.

Therefore, if you value your health, you need to completely change your life – to give up everything harmful and start a healthy lifestyle. Only in this way you can overcome the disease.

The first time, of course, it will be difficult to accept such changes in your life. Will pull to eat something delicious or smoke a "last" cigarette. However, you will need to wait a little, especially since the diet itself does not last long (total 7 – 14 days).

It is also important to partially adhere to the diet after the end of treatment. It will be necessary to introduce restrictions in nutrition, do not overeat and do not eat in large quantities products that are banned. Only in this way you can avoid repeated exacerbations of the disease and contribute to the prolongation of the remission phase.

What is possible?

The diet for exacerbation of the stomach ulcer includes only the right diet, which consists of:

No more, no less. In this case, the daily calorific value should not exceed 3000 kcal. Proceeding from these rules, each sick ulcer can independently make for itself a diet which will help it quickly to be restored and to start a habitual way of life.

Diet with stomach ulcer - working recipes

If the stomach ulcer is allowed to eat:

  • vegetables (except white cabbage);
  • crackers;
  • porridge;
  • vegetable and chicken soups;
  • milk and sour cream.

Of vegetables, you should give your preference to a pumpkin. This vegetable is not only useful for its rich composition, but also contains substances that contribute to the rapid healing of wounds. Therefore, with peptic ulcer disease, the pumpkin is simply a real natural remedy.

As for cereals, you can eat absolutely any, but only without the addition of butter. Doctors recommend adding vegetable oil. It envelops the walls of the stomach and does not give food so irritatingly to act on them.

Cinnamon bread is used for food instead of bread, although it is allowed by a sick ulcer. However, it is not worthwhile to lean on him. Baking and products made from rye flour are strictly prohibited.

Cook soups should be either on vegetable broth, or on the secondary chicken. The thing is that the primary chicken broth is very fatty and can provoke the appearance of pain in the stomach. And prepare the secondary broth as follows:

  • The skin is removed from the chicken, and the carcass is washed under running water;
  • is divided into several parts and filled with 2 – 3 liters of water;
  • cook chicken 20 minutes after boiling;
  • then the broth is drained and re-filled with water;
  • brewed until cooked.

The use of salt should be minimized, and it is better to abandon it altogether. After all, it is a real irritant to the stomach and can interfere with the rapid healing of wounds.

Products such as milk (only warm) and low-fat sour cream have the property of increasing regeneration. And this means, with peptic ulcer, they simply need to be included in the daily diet. But often patients with ulcers complain of the appearance of nausea after drinking a mug of milk.

In this case, you can go for a little trick and cheat your stomach, slightly changing the initial taste of the product. To do this, you can mix milk with weak tea or add to it quite a bit of coffee drink (not coffee!).

Sweets are also allowed, but not all. While maintaining a diet, you can treat yourself only with jelly, compote or kissel. Compotes and kissel is better to cook from fresh fruits and berries. But only sweet varieties.

Also allowed to drink broth from rose hips. Only it is necessary to prepare it with the minimum addition of sugar.

Diet with stomach ulcer - working recipes

The food itself should be fractional and frequent. You need to eat small portions of 5 – 6 times. In this case, one serving should equal 1 / 3 from the usual dose for a person.

An important point! The patient should not feel that "something is chewing" inside him, as this may indicate that the stomach is digesting itself. And this should not be allowed, because the process of recovery thereby greatly slows down.

Therefore, a person should not go hungry and if his body requires it, he can eat every 2 hours. The main thing is not to overload the stomach with food at night. The last meal should take place at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Diet with gastric ulcer is an important stage of treatment. It can be compiled independently or taken from other sources (for example, on the Internet or at a neighbor). But considering the fact that each organism has its own peculiarities, it will be better to accelerate the process of recovery if it is made up individually by the attending physician.

Video about the stomach ulcer

Reviews about a diet with a stomach ulcer

What all the same terrible disease ulcer. Girlfriend when screwed, and on a diet sat down and drank coffee. I finally learned to eat not meat and fresh meat, but fresh vegetables, porridges and boiled or steamed meat. She had a little secret at the expense of which she recovered much faster than her doctors promised her. She filled salads with sea buckthorn oil, and it is known to have antiseptic and wound healing properties. I ate a lot of food, she had not cooked so many dishes herself before this time. The ulcer was prolonged and she also lost weight.

With a stomach ulcer, such a diet is very helpful. Nutrition by the hour, the elimination of all fatty influences well and helps to avoid exacerbations. I liked that carbohydrates should be exceeded, such a diet really works well. I heard that grasses like the seed of flax work well, I tried the effect on myself, cover the walls of the stomach well, I advise.

At me a gastritis, the chronic form, at mum – an ulcer, the husband with stones in pancreatic. So this diet is relevant for everyone. I know for myself how difficult it is for the stomach after a festive feast, so I prefer to restrain myself. Eating with our diagnoses is a serious risk, you can get to the hospital at least. Although stomach diseases – a very unpleasant thing, the diet has a positive side, because strictly prohibited only harmful products. Fatty meat, sausages, cakes do not add to anyone's health, and a rational healthy diet will lead to a loss of excess weight and excellent well-being. The diet described by you is very strict, for a period of exacerbation it is necessary, then you can slightly soften the diet, but only on the recommendation of the doctor.

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