Diet with stomach ulcer


Diet with gastric ulcer is a prerequisite for complete therapy and prevention of repeated cases of the disease.

General principles of diets with gastric ulcer

Knowing and adhering to the general principles of a diet, which is used for a stomach ulcer, it will be possible to make your own menu as correctly as possible and not to aggravate the course of the disease.

Among them we can distinguish:

Balance. You can not deprive the patient in terms of calories. The daily menu should be balanced, and the energy value should not be less than 3000 kcal.

Fractionality. Breaks between meals should not be more than three hours.

The minimum serving size. Ideally, each portion of food should fit in the palms folded by a handful.

Ban on fried and baked until golden crust foods.

Prohibition of very hot or very cold food. Dishes that have a temperature above or below 30 degrees depress the function of fermentation, slow the process of recovery of the epithelial tissue of the stomach. Especially this rule is relevant at the time of exacerbation of stomach ulcers.

Refusal from products that enhance gas formation.

Complete failure or minimizing the amount of salt consumed.

Increase the volume of water to 2 liters, in the absence of thyroid disease and pathologies of the urinary system.

Exclusion of carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Refusal of any products that enhance the production of gastric juice.

Priority should be given to milk dishes and dairy products.

The thermal processing of dishes is allowed: stewing, cooking, steaming, blanching.

Priority of gentle food, not irritating the walls of the stomach.

The principle of shining. Mechanical shaking of the stomach consists in the selection of certain foods that are eaten at a time. Chemical shining is the exclusion of products that irritate digestive secretion.

The principle of zigzag feeding. He suggests that for short time intervals the patient is allowed products from the forbidden list (within the reasonable range), and after it is returned to the diet menu. This principle is designed to serve as a kind of training of the gastrointestinal tract and it is used only at the stage of recovery.

Principle of individuality. That is, when drawing up the menu, one can not be guided by the same principles. Much depends on the stage at which the disease is located, where the ulcer is located, what the age of the patient is, what is the mass of his body, whether there are concomitant diseases, etc.

Accounting for the time of digestion of food. So 200 ml of water, tea or broth will stay in the stomach on average for 1,5 hours. After three hours he will leave the meat, boiled vegetables, apples and bread. The longest there is a fat fish, fried meat, legumes – up to 5 hours.

As for the timing, the diet should be adhered to at least one year after the attack of an exacerbation of the disease. The main goal of dietary nutrition in this case is the acceleration of regeneration of the mucous membrane lining the stomach and normalization of the digestive process.

What can not be eaten with a stomach ulcer?

All products that irritate the gastric mucosa, increase gas formation, digest for a long time, containing a large amount of salt are prohibited.

It is mandatory to avoid:

Meat and fish broths of primary boiling and soups prepared from them;

Any dishes from any mushrooms;

Okroshka and cabbage soup;

Any fatty meat and fish are banned, including lard and caviar;

Smoked products, most sausages (sometimes, during the recovery phase, it is allowed to eat a little boiled sausage or ham);

Canned foods, as well as pâtés;

Dairy products with acid, for example, kefir, ayran, tan, etc .;

Fatty dairy products: buttermilk, condensed and whole milk, cream and cheese;

Hard boiled eggs, as well as fried eggs (soft-boiled eggs are allowed);

Of cereal dishes under the ban, barley, wild rice and corn, as well as bran in granules and muesli;

Vegetables, which contain fiber, difficult to digest: radish, radish, cabbage, turnips, peas, beans, rutabaga;

It is necessary to limit the use of cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as tomato paste;

Vegetable products that can irritate the mucous membrane of the damaged organ: sorrel and rhubarb, garlic and onions;

Under the ban are nuts, dried fruits and apricots;

Any sharp, salty and spicy sauces: mustard, horseradish, ketchup, vinegar;

Ice cream and chocolate;

Strongly brewed drinks (teas, cocoa, coffee);

All fizzy drinks;

Rye bread, butter products.

When processing meat products should be removed from them cartilage and veins.

What can you eat with a stomach ulcer?

The list of those products that are approved for stomach ulcers is quite extensive, so the patient will not have to starve:

Bread made from wheat flour. But it is important that it is not just baked. It is better, if from the moment of its manufacture have passed day.

Baking from unleavened dough (not in yeast) in small quantities. Filling for such pies can serve: fish, apples, cottage cheese or lean meat.

Also allowed to eat crackers, cookies, but not sweet, biscuits.

Meat soups, but the most important rule in their preparation is the use of a secondary broth. That is, after boiling the broth merges, the meat is again poured with clean water and the soup is already prepared from this. As for the meat used for cooking soup, you can take either chicken or beef.

Milk soups with the addition of cereals or pasta.

Cereal soups without meat component.

The second course consists of low-fat meat, containing a minimum number of veins. You can take rabbit meat, turkey, beef, chicken. As for the dishes themselves, in priority zrazy, meatballs, cutlets, souffle, meatballs, but not fried. It is best to cook them for a couple.

Fish, but not fatty varieties. An excellent solution – dishes from fish mince. Only the fish should be boiled or cooked by steaming (you can in the oven, in foil)

Dairy products that do not have a large percentage of fat content are useful. It can be milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, fermented baked milk. You can also eat cheese, but it's better to rub it. Prefer the need for fresh cheese.

The patient should include eggs in his diet. From them you can cook an omelet, or boil them soft-boiled.

Breaded cereals and pasta are useful. You can consume rice, oatmeal, semolina and buckwheat porridge.

Berries and fruits must be previously rid of the peel and grind to a puree state. You can also bake apples and pears.

From desserts you can diversify your own menu with marmalade, honey, marshmallow, pastille, jam, jam. Do not harm the damaged mucous membrane of the stomach of jelly, mousse, jelly, creams.

As a drink, decoctions of dogrose and wheat bran are suitable, freshly squeezed juices are half-diluted with water, teas that are not welded hard, and compotes. You can drink cocoa.

In a small amount, you can consume olive oil and sunflower oil, not refined, and unsalted butter.

As a dressing for dishes, you can use white milk sauce.

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3 therapeutic product for gastric ulcer

Although the list of products approved for use in gastric ulcer is quite wide, there are those that have a curative effect. They allow not only to maintain the vital activity of the body, but also to fight Helicobacter pylori – the main bacterium that causes the formation of ulcers on the mucous organ

Such assistants include cabbage, honey and milk:

Milk has the property of enveloping the walls of the stomach, not allowing other, more aggressive foods and gastric juice to damage its walls. Doctors strongly recommend that all patients with stomach ulcers have milk with a low percentage of fat, as this will speed up the process of wound healing. In addition, after the ingestion of milk in patients, the pain caused by the ulcerative process most often becomes dulled or ceases altogether.

Honey is the next, no less useful product for peptic ulcer, which in reasonable quantities must be consumed daily. He, thanks to the constituent microelements and vitamins, has a beneficial effect on the whole gastrointestinal tract. In the presence of ulcers, honey removes inflammation, envelops the walls of the stomach, reduces irritation from the mucous membrane of the body. In addition, honey can neutralize the action of hydrochloric acid, reduce its secretion, and stop pain syndrome. This product of beekeeping will also help with these, often accompanying gastric ulcer symptoms like nausea and heartburn, and also raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which serves as the prevention of anemia.

Cabbage juice. Therapeutic effect is the juice, but only in fresh form. It contains a stable form of ascorbic acid and antiulcer vitamin U. It is the juice that fights the main culprits of ulcer development – Helicobacter pylori and favorably affects the scar scarring process. Nevertheless, it is best to use cauliflower inflorescences for dietary nutrition.

It would seem that the list of allowed and forbidden dishes to be used with a stomach ulcer is fairly clear. However, after a visit to the doctor, the majority of patients have a number of questions about an unspecified product.

Therefore, it is worth responding in more detail to the most popular questions that arise in people suffering from an ulcer:

Is it possible to drink kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt? It is necessary to understand separately with each of these sour-milk products. So yogurt is banned during the exacerbation of the disease, and after 5 days, after the attack passes. After this time, you can consume kefir, but it is important that it was fresh and non-acidic. The main thing is to warm it slightly before using it inside. You can add a spoonful of vegetable oil to the drink, which will help to heal the existing ulcer faster. Yogurt is one of the priority foods for the treatment of ulcers, since the bifidobacteria contained in it have a detrimental effect on Helicobacter pylori. If possible, it is worth preparing this product yourself, at home. With regard to ryazhenka, it is also allowed for this pathology of the stomach. However, it is worth buying this sour-milk product with a minimum fat content.

Can I eat cucumbers and tomatoes? When the disease is in an aggravation stage, vegetables such as cucumbers are banned from consumption. After the stage of remission has begun, you can gradually include them in the diet, but in small amounts and without the skin. This vegetable is added to salads in various forms, but it is best to grind it on a grater. Tomatoes, as well as cucumbers are prohibited at the time of exacerbation of the disease. This is due to the fact that they contribute to a decrease in the rate of healing of the ulcer and slightly increase the acidity of the gastric juice. When the exacerbation of the disease is eliminated, you can use the fruits of tomatoes in the daily menu, but beforehand having poured them with boiling water and removing the peel.

Can I eat a banana? Bananas are allowed for use in patients with gastric ulcer. Once in its cavity, they envelop the body, thereby reducing the acidity of the gastric juice. This helps to eliminate the pain syndrome, the soonest healing of the existing ulcer. In addition, bananas have an increased nutritional value.

Is it possible to cheese, cottage cheese? Cottage cheese is a product that must necessarily be on the table of a patient with a stomach ulcer. It does not include anything that could provoke an attack of the disease or aggravate the patient's condition. In fact, cottage cheese is a curdled milk protein, without whey, which is endowed with vitamins B, PP, A, iron. Therefore, it has undoubted value for sick people. And the cottage cheese can be bought both in the store, and cook at home. You can use the product to prepare many dishes: casseroles, soufflé, mousses, creams, etc. It is worth choosing cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat. Cheese is also a valuable product in the diet of a person with an ulcer. It has a lot of easily digestible protein and amino acids, as well as calcium. The main thing is to prefer cheeses that have low fat content and low salt content.

Is it okay to have eggs? Eggs belong to those products that have high nutritional properties and provide an excellent opportunity to fill the deficiency of vitamin A, B6, B2, D, E, phosphorus, calcium, cobalt, glands and other microelements in diet. The protein from which the egg is made is perfectly absorbed by the human body, but it is important to prepare it correctly. Do not long to cook or fry eggs, a sick ulcer is indicated to use this product cooked soft-boiled or in the form of an omelet. It will be useful to egg in raw form, however in this case the risk of infection with salmonellosis increases.

Is it possible to watermelon? Patients with a stomach ulcer are prohibited from eating a watermelon. This is due to the fact that it contains coarse fiber, causes increased secretion of gastric juice, increases its acidity, which will exacerbate the disease. During the remission period, you can include a small amount of fresh watermelon in your menu, but do not do it on an empty stomach.

Can I get sunflower seeds? Seeds are forbidden in the ulcer of the stomach, as they irritate its mucous membrane, can additionally injure it and aggravate the pathological process. In addition, they contain hard-to-digest fats, which negatively affect the course of the disease. After the seeds come into the stomach of a person with an ulcer, he will begin to experience painful sensations, as the level of acidity will increase, often meteorism and complications from the gallbladder. It is not necessary to consume seeds even during the period of remission, since this can contribute to an aggravation of the ulcerative process.

Is it possible to have garlic? For a period of exacerbation of the disease, such a product as garlic is under strict prohibition. When the patient's condition reaches a stable remission, he is allowed to eat. However, patients who have a history of ulcer, should first cook garlic for a couple, or adding to the puree dishes: mashed potatoes, boiled cereals, etc. You can add it in a small amount when extinguishing or cooking the dish, to give them some sharpness and smell .

Can I have coffee? During an exacerbation of the disease, any coffee drink is prohibited. You can not consume either natural or instant coffee. When the disease is in remission, you can sometimes enter into your menu a small cup of natural coffee, but on the condition that it will not be tightly brewed and in addition to this diluted with milk. The reason for abandoning this tonic drink in the presence of peptic ulcer is that it affects the production of hydrochloric acid, strengthening its production. This, in turn, affects the process of the development of the disease, provoking its aggravation.

Can I drink soda? With heartburn and belching, many people use soda to stop unpleasant symptoms. This substance is really capable of having a neutralizing effect on hydrochloric acid, which in excess is formed in diseases of the stomach. However, after a very short time, when soda leaves the organ, and move to the duodenum, the body will throw out a new portion of the acid, but in an even larger amount. In addition, the interaction of acid and soda contributes to the release of carbon dioxide, which, in turn, presses on the walls of the stomach. In the place where there is an ulcer, there is an increased risk of perforation. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drink soda for this pathology.

Can I smoke? Smoking and stomach ulcers are two incompatible concepts. First, tobacco smoke provokes the development of this pathology, exerts an unnecessary stimulating effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, getting into the stomach with swallowed saliva, nicotine strengthens the existing inflammation, inhibits the regeneration process, does not give the ulcer cicatrice. Thirdly, according to the latest data, smokers die from stomach ulcers 5 times more often than non-smokers with a similar illness. In addition, tobacco smoke provokes an increase in the symptoms of the disease, in particular heartburn, eructations and pain. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon this pernicious habit, especially if an ulcer was diagnosed.

Can I get vodka, cognac? Doctors-gastroenterologists unequivocally agree that drinking alcohol with stomach ulcer is strictly forbidden. This is justified by the fact that any alcohol, including vodka and cognac, provokes inflammation of the walls of the stomach, increases the acidity of its juice, slows the process of digesting food. All this in turn leads to an aggravation of the pathological process and can even cause gastric bleeding. If you can not refrain from drinking alcohol, then in small amounts and not in the period of exacerbation of the disease, it is worth giving preference to strong, but quality drinks, best of all vodka. In this case, you must pre-eat dinner, but the food should be gentle and enveloping the stomach. Thus, it will be possible to protect to some extent its walls from the harmful effects of alcohol.

Menu for the week with stomach ulcer

It is important to remember that during an exacerbation of the disease, it is necessary to adhere to a special diet, which is called the table number 1. In the future, when the attack is eliminated, you can switch to a more varied diet.

Start the day with a pair of cooked soft-boiled eggs and semolina porridge in the amount of 250 gr. As a drink, not strong tea is used.

For the second breakfast you can use a baked apple, which you can drink with a glass of low-fat yogurt.

In the afternoon a patient with a stomach ulcer is offered chicken soup with boiled rice croup. On the second you can cook mashed potatoes with meatballs from beef. As a dessert fruit jelly is suitable. As a drink acts as a broth of wild rose.

The snack should consist of a glass of milk and a couple of crackers.

For dinner, you can cook zander for a couple and complement it with inflorescences of cabbage, also cooked in a double boiler. As a drink you can use not strong tea.

Finish your day with a glass of warm milk.

For breakfast, you can use the egg mash, which is prepared based on 2 eggs, milk and butter. You can drink with a strawberry jelly.

As a second breakfast, the patient can be offered a buckwheat porridge rubbed with milk. As a drink weak tea appears.

In the afternoon, a soup-puree of courgettes is served. The second dish is represented by a snack from fish pate (any nonfat fish), as well as a potato and beef casserole, cooked in foil. As an apple dessert, apple mousse can be used.

In the afternoon snack you can eat a banana and drink it with a slightly warmed up fresh yogurt.

Served with chicken meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner. As a dessert sour cream is used, smeared on stale bread. You can drink with a weak tea.

Before going to bed, a glass of low-fat milk is drunk.

For breakfast, you can cook a porridge of rice wiped with milk, drink apple compote. The second breakfast can consist of cottage cheese and oatmeal.

For lunch, you can serve soup with vermicelli, cooked on vegetable broth. As a snack, a beet salad with vegetable oil is acceptable. On the second you can use porridge buckwheat friable with greens and pike-perch in Polish. You can drink with a weak black tea.

In the afternoon snack biscuit croutons and a glass of low-fat yogurt are served.

Dinner consists of pilaf with boiled beef, vegetable risotto and vitamin jelly. As a dessert, you can prepare apple nests.

End the day Wednesday, you need a glass of warm milk and fruit jelly.

For breakfast, you can offer a sweet slimy decoction of pearl barley with milk and yolk, a rusk and milk feta with carrots.

As a snack, snowballs and warm, weak tea are used.

For lunch, rice soup with pumpkin is prepared, as a second course you can serve meat soufflé from the rabbit and boiled pasta. For dessert, apples and pears are used in syrup, which you can drink with grape jelly.

Dinner patient with a ulcer consists of a salad of beets and potatoes, pumpkin-squash puree, jellied turkey. One of the variants of the drink is milk jelly with plums.

As a snack before a night rest, you can use a cheese pudding with apples and a glass of ryazhenka.

For breakfast prepare semolina porridge with jam. As a drink, tea is used.

As a snack you can suggest vareniki lazy with cottage cheese and a cocktail of strawberries.

For lunch the patient is offered a salad of greens with sour cream, soup with dill and dumplings, as a second dish – zucchini stuffed with meat.

At noon, you can eat a fruit salad and drink strawberry jelly.

For dinner, the patient is served a boiled tongue with mashed potatoes and a pudding made from the rolled oats and apples. You can drink with a weak black tea.

The evening ends with a glass of milk.

Breakfast can consist of milk soup with boiled vermicelli and warm tea.

The second breakfast consists of a glass of ryazhenka and beet pulp.

At lunch you can eat apple soup with prunes and herring, soaked with vegetables. Dessert – biscuit on squirrels

For a snack, the patient can afford a cocktail of kefir and strawberries with apple pudding.

Supper on Saturday you can baked with a crust and a crumbly crumbly porridge. Supplement the evening meal with a dessert of jelly with fruit.

As an evening snack before bedtime, a glass of warm milk and a cracker is used.

You can start the morning with a boiled vermicelli with cheese and butter and weak tea.

A snack before dinner can be a cottage cheese-potato casserole and vitamin jelly.

For lunch, dairy potatoes and boiled meat, as well as soup from cauliflower and a mass of cheese with carrots are used. As a drink, apple compote is used.

As an afternoon snack, you can offer an apple baked with honey.

For dinner, home made yogurt, beef stroganoff with soybean oil and boiled beef, supplemented with mashed potatoes. You can drink with berry compote.

As a snack before going to bed, you can drink a glass of warm milk and eat one soft-boiled egg.

Recipes of dishes that can be prepared for a patient with a stomach ulcer there are many.

Many of them are quite simple, but there are also some that can present some complexity:

Pike perch in Polish. In order to cook pike-perch in Polish, the fish will need to be cleaned, washed and boiled with the addition of 1 carrots and 1 a bunch of parsley. As the sauce used oily-egg filling, which is laid out on the side dish: on buckwheat, rice or boiled potato puree.

Risotto. To prepare a dietetic risotto for a patient with a stomach ulcer, it is necessary to clean carrots, onions, celery root and parsley and slightly let them in a small amount of water. The rice in the amount of 4 tablespoons is boiled in slightly salted water, then mixed with vegetables and transferred to a greased with sunflower oil form, filled with milk and egg and baked in the oven.

Recipe for dietary snowballs. For their preparation it will be necessary to take a couple of eggs, about half a glass of low-fat milk, pasteurized, a little flour and three tablespoons of powdered sugar. Proteins are separated from the yolks and whipped, there is added sugar powder. In boiling milk with a spoon, squirrels are dropped and cooked, but no more than 5 minutes. Then the sauce is prepared. To do this, the yolks are mixed with sugar powder and hot milk and boiled in a water bath. The resulting sauce is filled with protein snowballs and served on the table.

Salt from turkey. In order to prepare a turkey from a turkey, the meat must be pre-cooked and cooled, get rid of the peel and cut into small slices. While the carrots are being boiled, you can prepare the jelly, fill it with water 1 to 8 (for half an hour). Then, in a boiling carrot broth, jelly and salt are added, after which the mass is filtered. Large cut parsley and dill, poured into a gelatinous mass, along with a turkey and sliced ​​boiled carrots. All this is cleaned in the refrigerator for freezing.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Knowledge of the main symptoms of the developing pathological process will allow you to quickly seek medical help and diagnose the disease, which guarantees the success of the therapeutic effect without surgical intervention. However, sometimes the disease does not.

The perforated ulcer of the stomach belongs to the category of severe, life-threatening diseases. There is a perforation in the organ wall and the contents flow directly into the abdominal cavity. As a result, peritonitis develops, which requires immediate surgeon intervention.

The benefits of potato juice in the treatment of digestive system diseases have been known for a long time. This product protects the mucous membranes of the stomach from damage, reduces the increased acidity. Possessing a light anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect, root juice can save pain from ulcers, a.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to carry out a full examination. This is done in order to exclude other diseases or manifestations, for example, spasms caused by overwork. The mechanism of manifestations in a similar situation may turn out to be similar. In addition, attempts to treat stomach ulcers due to.

The mechanism of the onset and development of a stomach ulcer has not yet been fully understood. On the one hand, it is proved that the originator of the infection is a specific pathogenic microorganism – Helicobacter pylori. And on the other hand, strong immunity, a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet and a stable neuropsychological.

But you can also speed up the process by some kind of mocking drugs from the pharmacy

Also, gout has become attached, and there is nothing to treat it with – NSAIDs can not. There's a steeper diet. I will not last so long! I'm hungry all the time.

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