Diet with uterine myomas

There are many diets that can be used in the presence of a tumor. This scheme of nutrition according to VA Laskin, according to GA Garbuzov, according to Moermann, DG Daer and other doctors and nutritionists.

However, they are all based on several statements:

To prevail is food of vegetable origin, since it normalizes the microflora in the intestine, normalizes all metabolic processes;

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of red and processed meat;

It is necessary to abandon fried and fatty foods, rich in carcinogens;

In the menu it is necessary to introduce soy products and bran, as this allows to remove toxins from the body;

The daily diet can not be full if it lacks fruits and vegetables;

Nuts are rich in useful substances, like dairy products, contribute to the normalization of the hormonal background;

Antitumor activity of fish oil, which is rich in fatty sea fish.

According to doctors, malnutrition alters the metabolism, creates favorable conditions for the formation of a tumor, for the formation of chronic diseases. Therefore, with uterine myoma is so important to eat rationally, which is a pledge not only of successful treatment, but also the prevention of disease.

Women with a diagnosis of uterine fibroids faster to get rid of the disease will help the diet, formulated with the following rules:

The menu should include dishes from whole grains, and not from processed groats. That is, wheat grains replace wheat grains, rice brown rice is used to make rice porridge, and so on.

All baked goods must be whole grains. This will increase the amount of fiber that enters the body.

Daily presence in the diet of nuts or beans. Nuts are consumed with salads and in pure form, and peas, beans, lentils are cooked soups and cereals.

Soya should be included in the diet of a woman with fibroids, as one of the products containing a large number of anticarcinogenic substances. This product is not just useful, it helps fight the tumor.

The number of servings of fruits and vegetables in the daily menu is at least 9. At the same time, it is necessary that at least three of them be different. The most useful for myomas are: Brussels, colored or white cabbage, tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruits, carrots, pumpkins, lettuce, spinach, oranges, red grapes.

It is important to consume fresh and frozen berries, rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins.

Separately, women with fibroid should pay attention to red grapes. It contains bioflavonoids, which are the most powerful antioxidants, as well as enzymes that have a positive effect on the woman's hormonal background. Therefore, it is necessary at least once a week to drink a glass of grape juice.

The fish should be included in the weekly menu at least once, than 3 times. It has long been known that Omega-3 are assistants in the fight against all diseases. Preference should be given to tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines.

Herbs and spices should be abundantly presented in the menu if there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Particular attention should be paid to garlic.

Flax seed is an additional source of not only Omega-3, but also enzymes, valuable vitamins. Every day you need to add to the dishes on a spoonful of flaxseed, you can in the crushed, and if you like the taste, then in its entirety.

Of the beverages, green tea is especially useful. On the day of it you can drink up to 6 cups. And it does not matter whether the drink is hot or cold. This is due to the fact that it contains epigallo-catechin galan, which has anti-carcinogenic properties. It is worth remembering the quality herbal teas, as well as broths of dogrose and berry fruit.

Dairy and sour-milk products. A woman with a diagnosis of uterine myoma should 2-3 once a week drink a glass of milk, but it is important that the fat content in it was minimal.

In priority to sunflower oil is olive oil. It contains monounsaturated fats, which prevent cells from growing and developing. If possible, you should refill the dishes with first-time oil. Do not forget about linseed, corn and other types of vegetable oils.

Refusal of alcohol, or reducing it to a minimum. In exceptional cases, a glass of red wine is allowed by dietitians.

As for calorie content, nutrition must necessarily be full, but not lead to obesity. Do not consume more than 2500 calories per day. Especially this rule is relevant in fibroids.

Diet is important not only in the presence of education, but also after its removal. Correctly designed diet will allow the body to recover faster, and internal and external scars regenerate.

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What can not be eaten with uterine myoma?

There are also products that are subject to a complete exclusion from the menu:

First, we are talking about spreads, margarines and all products with high-melting fats in their composition. As for butter, it should be strictly dosed and not exceed 25 g per day.

Secondly, the ban is imposed on all types of fatty meat, on sausages, lard and smoked products.

Thirdly, it is necessary to refuse baking and baking, cakes, cakes and other sweets.

The last of the banned products, under the restriction of fibroids are fatty, melted, and sausage cheeses.

As for the method of preparation, in the priority of cooking, steaming, quenching. Frying and baking until golden brown should be avoided.

The diet made for a woman with uterine myoma should be rich in vitamins and microelements, should give the body energy to fight the tumor. To change the established diet is necessary in order to make the curative scheme more effective and to eliminate the existing problem.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Myoma of the uterus can flow with a variety of symptoms. The course of the disease depends on the prescription of the node, the age of the woman, the size and location of the tumor, the rate of growth of the size of the myomatous node, the presence of other chronic diseases. Sometimes fibroids occur almost asymptomatically and are detected only when.

Traditional healers use the motherwort tincture for various diseases of female genital organs, including for uterine myoma and endometrium. However, for treatment of such serious diseases, one motherwort will not be enough, but in combination with other herbs the effect is greatly enhanced.

After surgical intervention to remove fibroids, it is possible to develop certain complications. Although in most cases they can be avoided, since this type of surgery is not considered difficult or dangerous for a woman's life and health. However, in some cases, the following complications may occur.

In solving the problem of treating uterine fibroids, scientists from Belgium have made significant progress. They were interested in research data, which indicated that for rapid growth and development of uterine fibroids is responsible not only for estrogen, but also for progesterone. This prompted scientists to study the properties of drugs that are.

The combination of the properties of the hog queen and the red brush allows to achieve a unique therapeutic effect and an excellent result. However, it is very important to remember: to get a positive effect of taking the drug, you need to consult a doctor. Only the doctor can say.

Modern medicine has reached the level when submucous myoma is not an unambiguous indication to the removal of the fruit field. Operative intervention is carried out in such a way that the uterus remains in the body of a woman, which means that she will be capable of procreation. This became possible thanks to the appearance.

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