Diet without restrictions: 90 days of separate nutrition

Many people who want to lose weight dream of finding a way to get rid of extra pounds and not limit themselves to food. It is for such cases that there is a diet of "90 days of separate nutrition". From other methods of weight loss, it is not only its duration, but also an enviable variety of menus.

Features of the diet "90 days of separate nutrition"

The main principle of the diet 90 days is a separate food, but when food is allowed to combine different foods. The diet menu "90 days of separate nutrition", unlike other diets, allows the consumption of flour and sweet. The goal of the 90 diurnal diet is to accelerate the metabolic processes and develop the proper eating behavior. At the same time there are no strict gastronomic restrictions.

As it is obvious from the name of the diet, it lasts three months. At its cost, the diet is comparable to the daily expenses for food. You can apply the 90 diurnal diet as a permanent food system. You can combine this method of weight loss with fitness and active physical activity. The results of the 90 diurnal diets of diets varied from 3 to 25 kilograms, depending on the initial weight and purpose.

Has a diet of "90 days of separate nutrition" and contraindications. It is not recommended to use it for diseases of the digestive and excretory system, during pregnancy and lactation. With severe obesity, such a diet, as however, and any other, can only be used under the supervision of a specialist.

The principle of 90 diets

All the menu of the 90 daily diet is divided into 4-day stages:

  1. On the first day only protein food is used.
  2. The second day is starchy food.
  3. The third day is carbohydrate food.
  4. The fourth day is vitamin food.

At the same time, every 29 day of the diet should be arranged for a day of unloading, in which only water is allowed to be consumed. The last meal should be no later than 8 hours of the evening. The smallest portion of food is taken at breakfast, at lunchtime the amount of food increases, and for dinner a portion equal to half the lunch is consumed. In the intervals between meals, one can eat any fruit.

Recipes of the diet "90 days of separate nutrition" can be varied. The main condition is the use of only authorized products.

The 90 Menu of the diurnal diets

During the whole "90 days of separate meals" diet, a daily breakfast consists of the same foods. All the rest of the menu is planned on the basis of personal preferences. The approximate power schedule for 7 days is as follows:

Afternoon snack – a sandwich with tomatoes, chicken and lettuce.

Dinner – a glass of ryazhenka and kefir.

Afternoon snack – 200 g roasted with celery and turmeric.

Afternoon snack – Spaghetti with basil and tomato sauce.

Afternoon snack – 200 g of baked with cinnamon apples.

Dinner – several pieces of melon.

Afternoon snack – 200 g omelette with ham and cheese.

Afternoon snack – 200 g of potato casserole with greens.

Afternoon snack – 150 g any pie.

Dinner – A cup of sweet hot chocolate.

Additional recommendations 90 daily diet

For more effective diet "90 days of separate nutrition", you can use some useful recommendations:

  • Use only in boiled or stewed vegetables, minimize fruit consumption and refuse bread;
  • use the minimum amount of fat;
  • select foods with a minimum of pre-treatment;
  • cook meals yourself and, if possible, do not use semi-finished products, while the use of a moderate amount of salt, spices, herbs and various sauces is acceptable.

Exit from the 90 daily diet and its results

To fix the results obtained after the 90 diet is over, it is recommended to leave it right. It is necessary to continue to observe the basic rules of the diet:

  • eat fruit for breakfast;
  • continue eating under the rules of separate meals;
  • observe the meal schedule.

All the reviews on the diet "90 days of separate nutrition" converge in one: for three months the body gets used to a certain diet and the diet becomes a habit, the body does not need a large amount of food, the food consumed is enough to save energy throughout the day and the extra weight is not is typed.

The end results of the 90 daily diet can vary significantly. So if you have a small amount of extra pounds, for a month there will be a loss of 1-3 kilogram. If the diet is used by obese people, then you can lose up to 25 extra pounds.

The main advantage of 90 days of diets with separate meals is that excess weight goes away irrevocably, because the metabolism processes are completely restructured.

Video with the myths of separate food

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Reviews on the diet 90 days of separate meals

In our family, everyone is not insincere, so that my weight is above the norm – no one is surprised. But when the scales show 118, it's already a misfortune. They do not like themselves, and I understand that the others look at me askance.

Decided to eat separately. The first time, of course, is difficult (to share food, and no willpower), but after three weeks everything becomes a habit. Added sport + more water – in the end for 3 months, the hated 20 kg left. But this is the beginning! I hope that in half a year of separate food I'll throw off a minimum of a kilogram of 20.

You are a great fellow! By myself I know that it is difficult to give up the usual food. Although separate food is not very complex and there are no strong restrictions, it is very effective and useful for improving the body.

It was on this diet that my mother sat. She perfectly suited her. This diet does not starve you, in principle it is not difficult, my mother chose her, because she finds it difficult to sit on exhausting strict diets, and in this diet there are absolutely no threats to health. In fact, it speeds up the metabolism in the body, that is, and at the end of the diet you do not need to very much limit yourself to the goodies, but everything, of course, in moderation. My mother lost weight on 9 kg, it's not so much, but no harm to health, and her well-being improved significantly. I advise everyone! Thanks to the author!

Very good diet! I've never liked to limit myself to eating tasty food, all the more exhausting my body in order to lose a few pounds. This diet is good because the body receives all the necessary nutrients, while experiencing great stress as a result of a new diet. I began to feel even better than before, while I began to lose weight. Thank you for the article!

Very good diet! I never liked to limit myself to eating tasty food, the more exhausting my body in order to lose a few pounds. This diet is good because the body receives all the necessary nutrients, while experiencing great stress as a result of a new diet. I began to feel even better than before, while it began to lose weight. Thank you for the article!

Girls, I advise this diet! Of course, it is not fast, but very effective! Not only did I lose weight with her, but then I stopped recruiting him. And in general, has already got used to such food, it was difficult to return to the past habits. Yes, I did not return it! For 90 days, I took 15 kilogram! Just think about it. Super, girls, I advise you to try it for everyone!

Juliana, you're right. Such a diet with habituation easily enters the norm of nutrition! I, too, now can not imagine how you can eat differently! Better slowly, but without harm to the body to lose weight! I dropped for 90 days 11 kilogram!

Diet with separate meals for me is one of the most difficult. 90 days are 3 months, very long and difficult to sustain. Although, judging by the menu, the diet is quite tasty and nutritious. Well, that it includes vegetables and fruits, as well as the opportunity sometimes to pamper yourself with a pie. I will definitely try it, I do not know, it's true, will it suffice me for such a long time!

The information in the article is useful for every girl, because we periodically struggle with extra pounds to look better than we looked yesterday. I do not agree with you that the diet is very complicated, because there is an opportunity to consume all products, only separately. You must always eat right – that's the key to success.

Girls, began to feed on this diet (she was very seduced by the fact that you can eat sweet and flour, and I'm a sweet tooth), while getting used to it and it's difficult enough for me (especially when the daughter and her husband are humming something delicious and harmful). I did not lose much – 2 kg and no more than 1 cm at the waist, but I hope this is just the beginning and I'll throw off quite a bit for the remaining time (just under two months). Prompt, really further this diet develops into a constant diet?

My wife and I have been on the right diet for over a year now. My stomach has stopped hurting and my stomach grows. It's just a matter of habit. You will like it and you simply can not eat differently.

After the birth, my sister could not lose weight. With the growth of 160 weighed 70 kg and reached hysterics, when after the diet was over, weight returned. I tried to eat on a separate power scheme for 90 days. When they began to melt the kilograms, and yet she did not have to deny herself anything in meat or flour, she then recovered her spirits and began even to do light exercises to tighten her skin. The only drawback she called the ban on biscuits with butter :). Weight was gone and she regained her former appearance.

Your sister needs to put a monument! :)) And she spent all 90 days? Well, yes it is not so important, the main thing is that she had the spirit to start this long diet)) But I can not sit on diets at all for a long time, so, unfortunately, attempts to sit out the whole diet for 90 days were vain))

Literally a month ago, I first heard about a separate diet and decided to try it on myself. I can not say that my weight goes beyond the bounds of decency, but I still accumulated a couple of extra pounds over the winter. The experiment began two weeks ago and the first results pleased me. I threw off about 5 kg and at the same time I feel fine. I hope that I can finish this diet and the angry pounds will not return.

My main mistake in trying to lose weight was that I always wanted a quick result. But! Which quickly goes away, even faster returns. And so every time! I wanted to say goodbye to hateful fat once and for all, and the 90 diet of separate meals is ideal for this. Most of all I like that there are no restrictions in products, a monotonous menu, on this diet you can eat pizza and pies, and lasagna. Well, just a feast for such a gluttony as I am.) The most important thing is to stand the first two weeks, and then it will go like clockwork. I do not even consider her to be a diet, it's a way of life! It's difficult to get used to, but it's real, so go for it!

As soon as I see that the pirozhenki begin to harm my figure, I "include" a similar diet. 90 days to withstand heavily, but calms and tune to the continuation of the "feat" that in a month you begin to see the result, as they say, on the face. For me, this is the best option. Vegetables are, fruit, eggs. Only I carbohydrate foods are minimized, but this is a feature of my body. For a month, I calmly "leaves" 3 kg, then I include more workouts times 2 a week in the gym, and by the end of 3 month 6-7 kg is not present. Ideally it would be so eat constantly! But as soon as the result is achieved, I again start "hooligan" in terms of eating.

In general, I liked the diet. I can not say that it is with her that you can lose a pair of kilograms in recent years, no. But this diet will be useful for those who have already launched their excess weight and need to reset a lot already.

I'm on this diet for a month. It took 7 kg. I do not feel any restriction in eating: I eat everything I like only not all at once, but every day is different: meat, potatoes, pies and fruit. The main thing is not to overeat, but to eat in moderation. After 20.00 do not eat, drink water or tea. I go in for sports 2 times a week.

We started eating with my husband, on this diet for two days. While the "flight is normal" as it will be next look. I do not know if this is water, but for the first day everyone has left 900 gr.

an excellent diet .. is not at all difficult .. except that the first week is difficult to rearrange_)

I was sitting almost two months (with irregularities sometimes), 7 kg was gone, it can of course be in weight and a little for such a time, but the volumes in the waist and hips have decreased very much, after a half a year the kilograms have not returned! In general, I recommend an excellent diet to everyone, you quickly get used to it and almost do not limit yourself to anything!

At first, I waited for carbohydrate days to eat a chocolate or ice cream, and two weeks later I waited for the macaroni to sit down, from the sweet turned away (although I'm a sweet tooth)


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