Diet without solid food

Currently, in a network and a variety of printed publications, women are offered a huge variety, a wide variety of diets. Not all of them are available or effective – one has a very unusual list of allowed products, another has a different meal schedule from the usual day regimen. But at the same time, there are several dozen really effective nutrition programs.

One of them is a liquid diet.

The flowering of its popularity fell on 2000 years, and although now it is a little forgotten, as it is lost against the background of many others, but less effective from it did not.

One of the main secrets of the success of this diet is the very structure of the human body. And it consists in the fact that without the normalized amount of water in the cells it is impossible to work on fat burning. This can explain the sharp decrease in weight in the first three days. Starting from the fourth day, the decrease in excess kilograms will be more stable and will be about 700 grams per day.

If to speak easier, then following such a diet, you can not be afraid of dehydration. But it is because of him that there are: weakness, bad mood, reduced efficiency. And if there is enough water, then the process of losing weight will pass easier and faster.

The basis of this type of food is the lack of solid food in the diet for the period of weight loss. It is not recommended to follow such a diet for a long time, as only allowed liquid dishes are not the best way to affect the work of the intestines and stomach.

The optimal time is 14 days.

The diet with an average level of complexity is transferred, therefore as the organism some the first days is reconstructed, getting used to absence of firm food, and after it becomes slightly easier.

There are several general tips for dieticians on a liquid diet:

  1. This type of food is often recommended in case of exacerbation of various diseases, and for a short time.
  2. It is advisable to exclude any undiluted juices, as in fact there is no use from them, and there are too many calories and sugar.
  3. To prevent food shortages, food should be taken every hour.
  • pregnant,
  • people whose body is recovering from a serious illness,
  • children up to 16 years,
  • people who have a metabolic disorder,
  • those who have any mental illness,
  • people with heart or kidney disease.

The diet itself is divided into 2 phases: strict, and the release period.

Traditionally in such a diet for the main dish is taken any broth, and the main component is a decoction of oats or rice.

Broths give a good sense of satiety, while also cleaning the blood, and help the stomach well in case of diarrhea.

Strict phase menu

9.00 – 200 ml of decoction of oats, a choice of a cup of tea or coffee, but without the addition of sugar.

10.00 – 200 ml of broth made from vegetables.

12.00 – 200 ml of juice, which must be diluted with fresh water (3 / 4 fresh juice and ¼ of room temperature water). Juice is allowed apple, orange, grape, pear.

15.00 – 200 ml of decoction, which is made from fruits or berries.

16.00 – 200 ml of a weak broth, cooked on meat of lean beef or mutton.

19.00 – 200 ml of vegetable juice, which must be diluted with water at room temperature (you can mix 1 / 4 cabbage and 1 / 4 carrot juice with ½ a portion of warm water, or one to one dilute tomato or pumpkin juice to choose from).

22.00 – 200 ml kefir fat content from 1.5 to 2.5%.

After, it follows the way out of the diet. Little by little solid food is added, but all fat, sweet and flour is excluded.

Sample menu on 7 days to exit the diet.

9.00 – 250 ml of tea and 1 pcs. potato in a boiled form.

12.00 – 200 grams of boiled cauliflower and 250 ml of tomato juice.

15.00 – 50 grams of potatoes, carrots and cabbage stew, 250 ml of fruit juice.

18.00 – 200 gram of beets with garlic, and a choice of 250 ml of juice from vegetables or water.

From the fourth to the seventh day.

9.00 – 150 gram of oatmeal and 200 ml of tea or 100 ml of coffee.

12.00 – 100 gram of spinach and greens salad, 250 ml of tomato juice.

15.00 – 150 gram of vinaigrette with one tablespoon of sunflower oil.

18.00 – 150 gram of salad from boiled carrots and beets.

The last meal should be no later than two hours before sleep, so time can be adjusted according to your own schedule.

During all two weeks it is allowed to drink as much pure, non-carbonated water, and any other drinks without added sugar.

For 7 days of the diet, and 7 days out of it, you can lose five to six extra pounds.

The action of the diet will manifest itself almost immediately, and it will be proved by the processes taking place in the body. Since only liquid food will be used, the stomach will begin to decrease in size, and the volume of its work will temporarily take on the kidneys and liver. And as a result, when returning to the usual type of food, the body will no longer need as much food as before.

All nutritionists agree that more often than twice a year, such a diet can harm your health.

During the diet, you can significantly reduce excess centimeters on the hips, abdomen, waist and buttocks.

Undoubtedly, the results of the diet will depend largely on a positive attitude. It is necessary to believe endlessly that starting in 7 days, a much more slender and well-proportioned figure will be reflected in the mirror.

Diet without solid food for weight loss based on fruit and vegetable smoothies

A strict diet is designed for 7 days. Power mode 3-4 times a day. Only smoothies and water are pure still. For a week you can lose weight on 7-9 kg, without harm to health.

To whom it is very difficult to carry such a diet, you can slightly diversify the menu, adding to the diet oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, lean meat of chicken or fish, skimmed sour-milk products.

The process of losing weight is effective and very fast, the liquid does not stay in the stomach, passes through the intestines, releasing the body from the severity after eating. The person immediately feels light, the kilograms go away, the mood rises.

Do not forget about the vitamin complex, which is necessary for our body, even if the diet lasts no more than three days.

Before the start of the smoothie diet should be properly prepared. Stop using fried, smoked, fatty, sweet, less bakery products. Let the stomach get used to limited portions, and a copious drink between meals is mandatory.

  1. There is no special menu for the diet. Each for himself chooses the number of days, and the food regime is divided into 4-6 meals. During the day you need to drink smoothies and other liquids, preferably after six in the evening do not eat, before going to bed you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt or kefir.
  2. It is necessary to try to eat at regular intervals. Make different cocktails: in the morning you can have fruit, for lunch – vegetable, in the evening – fruit juice with dried fruits.
  3. The diet should contain only liquid, low-fat broths are allowed, but only without pieces of meat or fish.
  4. You can enter non-carbonated drinks into the diet, but not sweet ones. Green tea, compotes of dried fruits, herbal decoctions.

A few recipes for smoothie slimming

  1. Strawberries and banana. 1 serving contains half a ripe banana, 150 g strawberry berries, 150 ml skimmed yogurt, 1 st. l. cottage cheese.

Gently knock down all the ingredients in the blender. On this principle, you can combine different fruits, only carefully monitor the ingredients, for example, pear and milk can cause indigestion, and plum and yogurt – bloating.

  • Apples and cinnamon in winter. We bake a ripe apple without seeds and cores. 150 ml of skim milk is heated in a water bath. Next, combine the pulp of apple, milk and 0,5 teaspoon of cinnamon. The cocktail is ready.
  • Soup smoothies with vegetables. 150 g broccoli pre-boil, finely chop dill. We grind in a blender with low-fat kefir. We add a few boiled leaves of cabbage. You can have a few spices.
  • Vegetarian smoothies. To prepare this drink you will need 0,5 banana, 1 orange, 200 g rice milk. We grind everything and put it in special utensils. You can sprinkle with pumpkin seeds, but only for beauty.
  • Smoothies to enhance immunity. 1 tsp. root of ginger, juice quarters of lemon, 1 large orange. Then the procedure is clear. Drink, this cocktail every morning for 30 minutes before meals.
  • During the preparation of vegetable smoothies, we replace fruits with celery, carrots, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pumpkin. Especially effective during the diet will be a diuretic parsley.

    If you competently alternate the unloading days of a smoothie diet, you can lose weight stably and naturally, without harm to health.


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