Diets for diarrhea in children

Diarrhea is a disease that can take anyone by surprise from young to old. And it would seem that dangerous in a liquid stool? After all, it helps to cleanse the intestines. However, any diarrhea is an infection. And its spread through the body can lead to the development of serious complications.

Inadequate treatment, diarrhea in just one day can lead to dehydration, which can cause death. Therefore, at the first signs of its manifestation, all possible measures should be taken to eliminate the liquid stool. And this is often helped by a diet with diarrhea.

What can I eat with diarrhea?

In the case of a liquid stool, it is necessary to eat liquid soups prepared on the basis of low-fat meat and fish broths. Also, soup can be cooked from vegetables (without cabbage and beets), while they must be rich and nutritious.

Diet with diarrhea in a child or an adult implies the inclusion in the diet of baked apples, quinces and bananas in fresh form. These fruits will contain a lot of fiber, which contributes to the normalization of the stool, as well as the sorbents necessary for the treatment of diarrhea.

For rapid cessation of diarrhea, it is recommended to eat porridge, which during preparation form a mucus. Also allowed to eat boiled eggs, but not more than 2 pieces per day, or omelet cooked for a couple.

Also, a copious drink will be helpful. And you can drink not only water, but unsweetened black tea (not strong). Although it is believed that with diarrhea it can not be drunk, since it contains caffeine, which increases diarrhea, but it also contains tannins, which has a fixative effect on the intestines.

You can not eat any more foods during diarrhea. All of them can contribute to strengthening the loose stool and worsen overall well-being.

What products are strictly prohibited for diarrhea in children?

In the presence of a liquid stool, in no case should you eat foods such as:

  • pickles;
  • marinades;
  • crackers, crisps, etc .;
  • fruits and vegetables in raw form;
  • bread;
  • coffee;
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • mushrooms;
  • beans;
  • flour products;
  • fermented milk and dairy products.

The diet after diarrhea allows you to gradually introduce other foods. Within a few days, provided the liquid stool is stopped, vegetables and fruits are added to the diet, and a week later, milk and sour-milk products. Through 1,5-2 weeks a person's diet can consist of products familiar to him.

When do you need specialist help?

Treatment of diarrhea includes a plentiful drink, a diet and medications that help strengthen the stool. But there are situations where diarrhea can not be stopped at home for several days, even if all the rules are strictly observed.

In this case, do not postpone the visit to the doctor, especially if the loose stool is accompanied by a strong cutting pain. Otherwise, the disease can be started and it will turn out to be sad consequences for you.

Refer to a specialist should be provided:

  • absence of positive result for self-treatment of diarrhea during 2 days;
  • a strong fluid stool in newborns and people older than 70 years;
  • increased body temperature;
  • Acquisition of calves in black color (this may indicate internal bleeding);
  • the appearance of severe vomiting;
  • occurrence of pain of any kind (noisy, cutting, etc.);
  • the onset of dehydration (a person can lose consciousness, have pale covers, he can not move independently, etc.).

If any of the above symptoms occur, the patient must be rushed to one of the nearest medical institutions. Only in this case he will be able to get qualified assistance of specialists, after which there will certainly be a positive trend.

Trying alone to treat diarrhea in young children or the elderly is by no means impossible. Their body is very weak and can react differently to different actions. Therefore, you should either call a doctor at your house or take it to the hospital yourself.

Diarrhea is treated very easily, during 2 – 3 days. However, do not forget that it often occurs as a result of infection in the body. Therefore absolutely any person who has diarrhea, needs a survey. This will prevent the emergence of complications, characteristic of infectious diseases.

Video about the treatment of diarrhea

Reviews of the diet for diarrhea in children

I am most afraid that diarrhea will lead to

dehydration of the child's body. There was a case when my child complained about

pain in the abdomen, and then diarrhea began. The child ran to the toilet every 15

min, I called the ambulance to ask for advice, the operator asked what I have

home from the sorbents, I ran at a run, rummaged in the medicine cabinet, found a polysorb. AT

In general, I was told to give the child a sorbent, and drink it with kefir. I'm so

did, thank God the treatment helped. I am still grateful to the woman who

was on the other side of the tube.

My youngest sister recently had a terrible diarrhea, or ate unwashed berries, or something else, my mother and I just did not know how to help her. I climbed the Internet for advice, what food to feed better, did not want to persecute us with tablets of the child. And I was thrown on this diet for diarrhea in a child. For the sister we cooked baked apples and tea, there was a refusal to eat, but it helped too! The next day was like a cucumber! Thanks to the author of the article, you saved us!

I somehow treated my daughter's diarrhea, somewhere in the day 3, but really nothing helped. We went to the doctor, passed the tests, it turned out that she had an infection. Then they were treated with nifuroxazide and drank live bacteria. Now I'm more cautious with such symptoms and self-medication I try not to deal with. By the way, I did not know that during a diet with diarrhea a child can be given a baked apple.

The son also has diarrhea from time to time, so the diet for diarrhea in the child contains really useful information, especially for those who do not have medical education. I agree with all of the above, I myself feed the child with soups, most often just chicken broth, rice porridge and apples. Plus would like to add that if diarrhea happens with a certain frequency, like we do, I advise taking enzymes. Of course, before this, you must visit a gastroenterologist.


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