Diets for the summer

Summer, this is a great opportunity to take on themselves in terms of losing weight and think about diets for the summer. Theoretically, in the heat you do not feel like eating, and the prospect of messing around at the stove, creating a multifaceted breakfast-lunch-dinner, is not impressive. And it's all right, but for some reason, it's in the summer instead of dropping hateful pounds, we are horrified to see how the arrow of the weights goes right, right, right . What kind of attack? And it's simple – we eat wrong in the summer. And it's not even about improper selection of products and unbalanced diet, but in snacks "on the run," fast food, ice cream, lemonades and beer. How nice to sit on a hot day in a cozy cafe with a glass of ice cream and ice lemonade or a shish kebab with beer! And meanwhile all these products consist of a lot of harmful substances and have a bad habit of being converted to fat. So, if you do not want your weight to rush, give up all the unhealthy foods, and at the same time from the baked goods and fried foods. Thus, you will greatly facilitate the life of your liver, it will thank you only.

And now let's talk about how to plan a diet for the summer and make the weight fall. You can, of course, torture yourself with some kind of super-diet, which promises "minus the number of kilograms per week." True, with all the effectiveness of such diets, there is one "but": after you decide that you have achieved the desired result, you will immediately return to your normal diet, and with it, your lost kilograms will return. Because any diet is to some extent violence against yourself and a lot of restrictions. Therefore, the best option is not a strict diet, but a change in the whole way of life to a better, healthier side. And the result will not keep you waiting!

Without any restrictions, of course, it will not work. But these restrictions are only for good. Well, will not you really, in fact, protest against the fact that preservatives, dyes, flavorings and other "permitted to use" chemistry will disappear forever from your refrigerator? All sorts of lemonades, cola, store kvass can be replaced with delicious and healthy drinks: homemade kvass, herbal teas and infusions, compotes of fresh and dried fruits – you just need to make a little effort (not only physical, and sometimes you need to move the gyrus). Or, say, prepare cocktails: squeeze the juice from apples (pears, oranges, grapefruits, mandarins or a mixture of fruits) and mix with a banana crushed in a blender – it turns out something like a milkshake, just not as an example tastier and more useful. Or here's a recipe: put bananas (kiwis), apples, lemon juice and greens (parsley, dill, celery, spinach) in a blender and beat. If too thick, add pure cold water. Such cocktails are just a perfect breakfast or a snack before dinner.

The most simple diet for the summer, able to start the process of losing weight – this days off. They are different: fruit, vegetable, curd, "hungry" (water) – they all literally shake the body. The algorithm for carrying out unloading days is simple – once or twice a week there is only one product (cucumbers, watermelon, apples, cottage cheese) and drink only pure water. Not tea, not mineral water, only water. A "hungry" unloading day is generally only water in all its manifestations during the day. Some people find it easier to spend a day at home when they do not distract colleagues for eternal gatherings with seagull and sandwiches. To someone, on the contrary, it is easier to spend this day at work, after all it is not necessary to stand at a plate and to inhale tantalizing aromas of preparing meal. The main thing is not to be scared yourself and not to frighten your body, otherwise all efforts will go to waste.

Nutrition experts have come up with a wide variety of diets for the summer. The two-day diet "Minus 2", 3-4-7-day diets, a two-week diet, promising to part with 7 kilograms, and many, many different, from simple to exotic. Let's consider some of them in more detail.

"Minus 2"

Extreme diet for those who did not have time to pull up the tummy for vacation. One and a half to two kilograms you throw, that's for sure, most importantly, do not dial them again! The menu for each day consists of 1 lemon, 4 apples, 1 crackers and 100 g of boiled lean meat. Mockery of clean water, the benefit is short.

As the name implies, minus 4 kilo you are provided.

1 day: you can eat any fruit in any quantity. The only exception is grapes and bananas because of their calorie content.

2 day: unloading day on herbal teas.

3 day: vegetables in any quantity. You can eat both raw vegetables, and cooked and stewed without butter.

4 day: unloading day on vegetable broths.

"Soup diet"

The basis of this diet is vegetable soup, which can and should be consumed in any quantities. And even at night at the computer or watching your favorite TV show. In addition to soup, you can eat other foods. Drink preferably pure water, green tea without sugar, juices. Alcohol is banned. With this diet, you can reset to 5 kg.

Soup Recipe simple: 6 large bulbs, 4 large carrots, 4 medium tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, & frac12; cabbage, chop parsley root, pour water, so it was not very thick, and cook for 1 an hour.

1 day: fruit in any quantity (except bananas and grapes) and soup.

2 day: vegetables in any form (except beans and peas) and soup.

3 day: fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes) and soup.

4 day: 5-6 bananas, low-fat milk and soup.

5 day: 300-400 g protein of animal origin (beef boiled, chicken without skin or fish) and soup.

6 day: beef and vegetable salad in any quantities and soup.

7 day: rice boiled (without butter) with salad, vegetables, fruit, juice without sugar, tea or coffee without sugar and soup.

Another week diet for the summer – "Cucumber"

Cucumbers – no restrictions, but fat, sweet, smoked and salted is excluded. Instead of salt, you can use soy sauce (without fanaticism, it is also salty!) Or sea (or usual coarse) salt, rubbed with sesame 1: 1. This diet allows you to lose up to 4-5 kg by "draining" the liquid (cucumber is a known diuretic plus salt-free food).

Breakfast: cucumbers with black (ideally home) bread.

Dinner: 100 g lean boiled meat or fish, cucumber salad, dressed with 1 tsp. unrefined oil.

Dinner: cucumber salad.

"Salad Diet" (two-week)

"After sitting" on this diet, you can part with 7 kg of excess weight, and at the same time eat plenty of vitamins from the heart. During the diet, you can drink green tea without sugar, herbal infusions or water with lemon. Or just pure water.

Breakfast: half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of water with lemon. Fruit salad dressed with 1% yogurt.

Dinner: vegetable salad from any ingredients, except potatoes, seasoned with lemon juice or 1 tsp. olive oil.

Dinner: vegetable salad.

During the day, you can drink 1 l of low-fat kefir.

The food is the same, only for lunch is added 100 g lean boiled meat without salt.

Here are such diets for the summer, as they say, choose to taste. But, as you know, losing weight is much easier than keeping positions. Very often, kilograms are returned, and even take a couple with them – just in case, how many diabolical diets are you still thinking of torturing yourself? Therefore, any honest nutritionist will tell you – you need to change not a diet, but a way of life. Yes, yes, imposed in the teeth calls to lead a healthy lifestyle – not an empty phrase. And not so many victims have to be brought in order to adjust your diet, improve your body (and a healthy body is a slender organism, you can not argue with that!). After all, fat is essentially a preservative for those toxins and wastes in our body that have settled in it because of our disregard for food. In our refrigerators, mayonnaise with no eggs, ketchups from starch, meat semi-finished products, yogurt with 6-month shelf life and other "goodies", stuffed with God knows what. And the most terrible thing is that you get used to all this "chemistry" as a drug. Therefore, the rejection of all harmful products and the transition to a normal, balanced, proper nutrition is often accompanied by a real break-up, which many can not endure.

The best way to switch the body to the right way of life can be strict adherence to Orthodox fasts – both great and weekly. That's where the wisdom of ancestors revealed itself millennia before the research of nutritionists! Judge for yourself: from seven days of the week – two non-strict fasting (fish days) and one "hungry" unloading. Add to this four posts and you will end up with almost 200 lean days a year. Is this not a healthy diet? And those who honestly stood at least one long post, always talk about the extraordinary ease in the body, which, unfortunately, goes away, it is only necessary to return to the usual cutlets and pel'menkas. That's why after the posts, the ranks of vegetarians – strict and not very – are growing steadily.

The most, perhaps, extreme way to lose weight over the summer can be called raw food diet. Cheese has nothing to do with it. Its raw food is not eaten. And they eat all those foods that you do not need to cook with fire. That is, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, cereals (soaked, sprouted), honey, kerob (chocolate substitute), sunflower seeds, dried fruits, dried sea kale, unrefined vegetable oil . Instead of animal milk, raw food is made from almond, coconut and other milk Nuts – this is a very nutritious product, known since ancient times. Almond milk, for example, is rich in vitamin E, group B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese.

1 stack. to soak almonds for the night. Grind in a blender until the mushy mass, add gradually 2,5 a stack. water. Obtain the resulting milk through gauze, add 2-3 tsp. honey. This milk can be drunk just like that, and you can whip it with any berries and you will get a wonderful cocktail. The cake, left over from the preparation of milk, can be used in the production of sweets, added to salad or pastries.

Coconut milk

Remove coconut from the shell, pour liquid into a separate cup, peel off the brown peel. Grate, add to a blender, add liquid from coconut, a little water (depending on the desired consistency), beat. The flesh can be wrung out or left as desired. Add seeds, banana or anything to taste.


This soup is also called a "liquid salad". It can become a good alternative to the usual cold borscht and okroshke.

300-400 g dried white bread

1,5 kg of tomatoes

1 big red sweet pepper

150 ml olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 stalk of celery

a few cloves of garlic (to taste)

Bread cut into small cubes and put into plates. With tomatoes, peel, cut, put into a blender and grind until mashed. Pepper should be cleaned of seeds, cucumber – from the peel, chop into a blender along with garlic and onions. Combine with tomato puree, add coriander, olive oil and lemon juice, whilst continuing. Ready gazpacho soup cool in the refrigerator for an hour. When serving, sprinkle with bread cubes and chopped celery.

Raw cevic cheese

First, you need to prepare a wheat starter: 100 g germinated wheat pour 400 ml of clean water and leave for 24-48 hours before the appearance of air bubbles, as in soda. To taste, the liquid must be tart, but without putrefactive odor. You can drink it like kvass.

100 ml of starter

Nuts pour ordinary water, leave for the night. In the morning, the remaining water is drained, put the nuts in a blender, pour the leaven and grind to the state of pasty mass. In this mass, you can add a pinch of sea salt, herbs, spices to taste. Strain gauze, lay out the resulting mass, leave for a day in a warm place. After this time from the mass you can make cheese and leave in the refrigerator. Serve with cereal bread.

Raw food is delicious and nutritious, but, perhaps, they are best suited for sweets.

Sweets with nuts

& frac12; stack. walnuts

& frac14; ch.n. ground ginger

Almond soak, peel off. Fold the dried fruit, half the coconut chips and walnuts in a blender and grind until smooth. Divide the resulting dough into a number of pieces, equal to the number of almonds, to make balls out of it, press the almonds inside and roll in coconut shavings.

Soak the buckwheat for the night. Grind, add honey, walnuts – this is the basis. You can eat and so, and you can add to taste crushed poppies, sesame, dried fruits, coconut shavings, any nuts, seeds, kerob (in this case you get "chocolate" halva). Put in the form, put in the refrigerator.

Another version of halva

2 stack. ground sunflower seeds, 1 stack. ground poppy, 1 stack. Mix the ground sesame seeds, add honey, put them in a mold.

As you can see, everything comes down to fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. Effective diets for the summer must necessarily provide for a large number of plant elements and a minimum of animal products.

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