Diets for weight loss at 10 kg per month


To lose weight on 10 kg for a month is quite possible, but for this it is necessary to choose the right diet. This issue is especially relevant for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in the beginning of summer, before the next beach season. It is important that the loss of excess kilograms occurs smoothly and without harm to health. The first results will motivate you to continue to adhere to the diet and actively engage in sports.

Striped diet for weight loss on 10kg

Striped diet allows you to get rid of excess weight and not to harm your own health. Many women note that weight goes only at the initial stages of the diet, and then ceases to decline, or even begins to increase. A striped diet will avoid this problem.

To get rid of excess weight with a striped diet, you must adhere to the following principles:

Kefir days should alternate with low-calorie days. This allows you to diversify the menu and easier to carry on a hunger strike.

"White" days in the diet should alternate with "colored".

On white days, only kefir is consumed (up to 2 liters per day). You should choose a quality product, well, if it will be labeled GOST. The fat content of yogurt should not exceed 1%. On the packet with a drink should be written the word "kefir", and not "kefir product".

In "colorful days" you can eat a variety of foods, but you need to monitor that a day their total caloric value does not exceed 1500 kcal.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Eaten during a striped diet can be the following foods

Vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts

Walnuts and cedar nuts

Buckwheat on water / oatmeal

Milk, cottage cheese, egg

Kefir fat content 1% / 2,5%

Ryazhenka fat content 1%

Yogurt fat content 2%

Curd fat content 0,6%

Meat, poultry, fish

Salmon cooked on the grill

To ensure that the diet is as effective as possible, you must stop using the following products, or severely restrict their use:

Products fried in oil.

Wine: no more than one glass a day.

Natural "live" beer no more than one glass a day.

You can eat fast food only in exceptional cases.

Bread from wheat flour, pasta, confectionery – all these products are sources of fast carbohydrates, which contribute to a set of excess weight.

Some foods in the striped diet fall under absolute prohibition.

Corn / tomatoes in canned food

Chips from potatoes / from bananas

Popcorn with salt

Groats, macaroni, bread

Meat, sausage, poultry, eggs, fish

Roasted pork meat

Milk cooked sausage / sausages

Smoked chicken wings

Dried squid rings

The "white" day menu in the striped diet should look like this:

Throughout the day you should drink 2 l kefir. More for the whole day nothing to eat can not.

For a day you can drink 1,5 l kefir. In this case for breakfast, you can use 100 g oatmeal porridge cooked on the water.

During the day you can drink 2 l kefir, and for dinner, eat 150 g of boiled chicken meat, removing from it fat and peel.

For a day you can drink 1,5 l kefir. Also the menu can be supplemented with 1 apple and 2 grapefruits.

"Colored" days in the striped diet are more diverse than the "white" days. Menu options may look like this:

The first meal: oatmeal on the water (maximum serving volume – 150 g), unsweetened coffee.

Lunch: vegetable soup (serving – 200 ml), boiled rabbit meat (150 g), vegetables in fresh form (100 g).

Last meal: cottage cheese, the portion of which should not exceed 150 g.

Between the main meals should make a few snacks. For this purpose, you can use the following products: apple, peach, almonds (no more than 5 pieces).

Breakfast can be buckwheat porridge on the water (a serving in 200 g), drink a cup of green tea.

At lunch, you can eat 200 g of chicken meat and the same portion of soup on chicken broth, and supplement the main meal with vegetable salad, but without the addition of potatoes.

For dinner, it is allowed to eat on 200 g of vegetables and fish cooked in a double boiler.

Between the main meals are snacks that can consist of the following products: pear, cottage cheese (100 g), two loaves, a glass of kefir.

The first volume of food: brown rice, cooked on water (serving volume in 200 g), coffee.

The main meal: vegetable soup (150 ml), boiled beef (200 g), fresh cabbage (200 g).

Dinner: boiled chicken meat (150 g), vegetable salad (portion in 100 g).

Between meals you can eat a banana, cocoa or juice, eat 10 pieces of pine nuts.

It is necessary to get out of the diet correctly. For this, during the 14 days, you should eat useful foods, the total daily caloric content of which should not exceed 1500 kcal.

The advantages of the striped diet can be identified as follows:

During the diet, a person will consume an extremely useful product for his health – kefir.

Allowed during the diet products are not expensive, so the menu will not "beat" the wallet.

Striped diets move much easier than any other mono-diet, based on the use of only one food product. For example, kefir or buckwheat diet.

Despite all the advantages, the striped diet has a number of drawbacks, among which:

If for a long time to consume kefir in large amounts, then there are problems with digestion.

The diet should not last more than 21 days, since its caloric value is not sufficient for the normal life of the adult body.

The diet assumes constant restrictions in the menu, therefore at times it can be difficult to sustain.

Physical stress with a striped diet is incompatible.

Contraindications to the striped diet can be identified as follows:

Diseases of the digestive tract;

Chronic kidney pathology.

Strict Liepaja diet for weight loss on 10kg

Liepaja is the Estonian city where the doctor Lev Hazan lived, who developed his own system of losing weight, which helped to get rid of excess weight to a huge number of women all over the world. Therefore, the diet was called Liepaja.

Principles of diet. The diet is built in such a way that a slimming person does not experience a painful sense of hunger, but at the same time he loses extra pounds. This is possible due to the unique combination of products that form the basis of the menu.

Since the diet is considered strict, it is forbidden to exercise during exercise. The main task that confronts a slimming person is to learn to eat small portions of food. A measuring cup and a ruler will come to the rescue, which will allow you to control the amount of food you eat.

The basic principles of the Liepaja diet are as follows:

The menu must be observed strictly by the day.

It is necessary to control the volume of portions.

Approach the table need 3 times a day at intervals of five and a half hours.

You must observe the regime of the day. It is necessary to get enough sleep, allocating for sleep at least 8 hours.

From drinking alcohol should be discarded.

Drink at least 1,75 l clean water in the cold season. In summer, these volumes should be brought to 2 liters. Juice and coffee in these figures are not included.

It is important to monitor the condition of the skin. To prevent their sagging, you need to regularly perform cosmetic procedures.

If the Liepaja diet lasts longer than 30 days, the intake of the vitamin and mineral complex is a prerequisite.

Every day you need to monitor your own blood pressure, measure your heart rate and blood glucose.

The full dietary course is designed for 3-4 months, but it is for the first 30 days that you will be able to lose the coveted 10 kg of excess weight.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

You can eat the following foods:

Onions / in greens

Fruit, nuts, bread

Milk with 0% fat / kefir 1% fat / sour cream 15% fat content

Meat, poultry, sausage, chicken eggs, fish

Boiled and fried pork

Chicken boiled / fried

Under absolute prohibition, products that contain simple carbohydrates are included: sugar, pastries, pasta, some fruits (bananas, grapes, melons, pears). Therefore, you need to learn how to drink unsweetened tea and coffee, juices without adding sugar. In addition, you can not add milk, cream, lemon, artificial sweeteners to drinks.

In a day you can not eat more than 1200 calories. In order not to exceed this limit, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty varieties of meat, fish and cheeses. You can not completely refuse salt, but it is necessary to reduce its consumption. It is best to replace the usual salt with sea salt. To add more flavor and flavor to food, you can add seasonings to them. Alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks should be removed from your diet.

Tea, a slice of cheese and toast with butter.

Vegetable salad of 3 ingredients, juice.

Vinaigrette, fish in the oven, toast, tea.

Fish, vegetable juice.

Kefir, Greek salad.

Tea, two boiled eggs.

Vegetables with cheese and juice.

Vinaigrettes, fish cutlets, toast, milk.

Vegetable salad, cheese.

Tea, two boiled eggs, toast.

Vegetable salad with mayonnaise dressing, juice.

Fish cutlets, cheese, vegetables, milkshake.

Baked fish and vegetables, juice.

Toast, lettuce, kefir.

Cottage cheese with honey and walnuts.

Fruit, a glass of milk.

The Liepaja diet has the following advantages:

The food system is not hungry, so it can be considered safe.

There is a choice of food products.

All dishes will be useful for the body, they are prepared at home.

Weight will go away very quickly.

Among the shortcomings of the diet:

You can not at your discretion change dishes in the menu, use products from the banned list.

Skipping meals is unacceptable.

The diet has certain contraindications, among which:

diseases of the cardiovascular system;

employment by power kinds of sports.

The Kremlin diet for weight loss for 10kg per month

Until a certain point in time, the Kremlin diet was considered a secret. It was assigned to high officials in the days of the USSR. The Kremlin diet allows you not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to improve your own health.

Principles of diet. Each product, from the list of allowed, has a certain number of points. They are based not on their calorie content, but on the level of carbohydrates in them. Therefore the meaning of "y. e. "is an indicator of the place that a specific product occupies in the" ladder of permissible components "of the Kremlin diet.

When compiling a menu on 30 days, the following principles should be followed:

If a person does not gain more than 40. E. In a day, the process of losing weight will be very active;

If a person types 60. E. On the day, the weight will be on the same mark;

If a person picks up more than 60 points a day, then the body weight will increase;

In the first 14 days it is necessary to eat no more than 20 g of carbohydrates per day;

In the following 2 weeks, you can eat up to 40 g of carbohydrates per day;

After exiting the diet, do not eat more than 60 g of carbohydrates per day to stabilize the weight;

You can eat a lot, but you can not overeat;

In order not to suffer from hunger, you need to take food often, but in small portions, this will not stretch the stomach walls;

Is later than 3 hours before sleep is not recommended;

From the menu it will be necessary to exclude flour products, potatoes rice, sugar, confectionery, tea should not be sweetened (you can add sugar substitutes);

You can eat fish, eggs, meat, cheese, vegetables;

It is allowed to eat sausages, sausages and sausages, but their quality should be high.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Bakery products, flour, cereals:

Number of conventional units

Straws with sugar

Flour, highest / first grade

Rye flour cakes

Meat, fish, poultry:

Veal, beef, pork, lamb

Duck, goose, chicken

Meat in breadcrumbs / under flour sauce

Heart and beef liver

Sausages of beef / pork

Fresh, frozen and boiled sea or river fish

Fish in breadcrumbs / in tomato sauce

Milk, dairy products:

Ghee and sterilized milk

Curd fatty / lean / dietary / mass curdled / glazed cheese

Prostock and kefir

Yoghurt without sugar / with sugar

0,5-2 (depending on the variety)

Sweet red and green pepper

Salad in leaves

Fresh mushrooms / dried mushrooms

Berries, nuts, fruits:

Walnuts and cedar nuts

Rowanberry / Aronia blackberry

Dried apricots / dried apples / dried pears

Soup with meat and chicken

Soup with tomatoes

Seasonings, sauce, canned food:

Teaspoon of chili pepper / cinnamon

Tablespoon of ordinary vinegar / apple / grape white / grape red /

Tablespoon mustard / cranberry / capers / ginger / horseradish / soy sauce / barbecue sauce

Ketchup tablespoon / tartar sauce

Tomato sauce / sweet and sour sauce over a quarter cup

Herbs spicy tablespoon

A quarter of a glass of meat sauce on a meat broth

Stuffed pepper (with vegetable filling)

Sea kale in salad

Desserts and other sweets:

Cake with almonds / biscuit

Chocolate with nuts / bitter / milky

Jam from apples / from strawberries / from raspberry

Apple jam / diabetic

Non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol:

Unsweetened tea and coffee

Juices: tangerine / pomegranate / plum / plum with pulp / cherry / apricot / carrot /

Wine: red dry / white dry

250 g of beer and liqueur

Total points per day

2 boiled eggs, 100 g cheese, unsweetened tea

200 chicken and salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, a glass of tomato juice

Canned peas, steak, unsweetened tea

Scrambled eggs from 2, sausage, unsweetened coffee

Mushroom soup, 2 cucumber, unsweetened tea

Pumpkin Puree Puree

150 g cottage cheese with sour cream

Omelette from 2 eggs, unsweetened coffee.

Baked fish, cabbage salad with butter dressing.

200 g shish kebab, 2 tomato, tea.

Cottage cheese with sour cream, sausage, coffee.

Chicken soup with egg, fried zucchini, tea.

Meat with flour sauce, a glass of wine.

Fried egg, boiled fish, tea.

Pepper with meat and vegetables, boiled shrimps, tea.

Meat in the oven with tomatoes and bell peppers.

Sausage, boiled eggs, tea.

Vegetable soup, baked in the oven pork, tea.

Seafood salad, tea.

Omelette based on 2 eggs, sausage milk.

Chicken broth, chicken liver, watermelon.

Chicken, cooked on the grill, red wine.

Disadvantages of the Kremlin diet can be identified as follows:

Lack of carbohydrates from food can lead to the fact that fat deposits will not be burned completely. Their residues are transformed into ketone bodies or toxic metabolic products. This, in turn, can provoke ketosis and poisoning of the body.

The body will not receive dietary fiber, which can cause dysbiosis and putrefactive processes in the intestine.

The body will suffer from a lack of certain microelements and vitamins. This has a negative effect on the condition of the hair, teeth and nails.

Increased risk of nasal bleeding due to insufficient intake of vitamin C with food.

A large amount of protein, which comes with food, will lead to increased burden on the kidneys and gall bladder.

Cholesterol levels increase, which negatively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Despite all the shortcomings, the Kremlin diet remains one of the most popular dietary methods for weight loss.

This is possible due to the fact that it has a number of advantages, among which:

The metabolism comes to normal.

Power mode is very convenient. You can eat almost any time of the day.

The person during a diet does not feel hunger, but thus continues to grow thin.

The diet provides for very few restrictions.

A month later on the Kremlin diet, you can get used to eating harmful foods containing simple carbohydrates.

The Kremlin diet does not require an impressive financial cost.

To adhere to this method of weight loss is not every person, as it has certain contraindications:

Diseases of the urinary system: glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis and other kidney pathologies.

Hypertensive disease, ischemic heart disease.

Menopause in women.

Ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis, constipation, dysbacteriosis.

Child bearing, lactation.

Diet Borodina for losing weight on 10kg

The diet of Xenia Borodina remains one of the most popular methods for getting rid of excess weight. There is controversy about her eating system, however, there would not be so many if people had the opportunity to take advantage of the real diet of a well-known TV presenter. The fact is that tough cucumber and other mono-diets have absolutely nothing to do with her name.

Ksenia Borodina eats properly, building her own menu with minimal restrictions. Lose weight to her not only helps a balanced diet, but also sports. She even published her own book, detailing how she managed to get rid of excess weight.

The basic principles on which the diet of Borodina is built:

The menu should be balanced.

From rigid restrictions it is necessary to refuse.

Exclude from the menu you need confectionery, baking, baking.

It is completely necessary to refuse from the use of alcohol and drinks containing sugar.

Eat often, but in small portions.

One meal should not exceed 250 kcal.

To control your own appetite, you need to create a notebook and write down the volume of food that was eaten per day.

At a depleted time on the table must be present soup-puree. Its basis can be meat and vegetables.

You can eat meat products every day, but in small portions. Meat should be boiled, baked or stewed.

The products on the menu should be fresh.

Necessarily need to eat vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, meat, cereals.

The break between meals should not exceed 4 hours.

If during the next approach to the table the portion was more than 250 kcal, then the next meal should be somewhat limited.

It is important to drink plenty of water. It is recommended to drink before meals, as well as to eliminate feelings of hunger.

Once in 10 days you can arrange unloading days.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Chicken breast, turkey meat;

Freshly squeezed juice;

All fatty foods;

Products from flour;

The menu differs in variety. Here are just a few options for feeding on the Borodina system:

At breakfast: boiled egg, cottage cheese (70 g).

At dinner: soup puree from vegetables, boiled beef (150 g), rye bread.

Over dinner: a piece of cheese and a salad of fresh vegetables.

A snack during the day is allowed by a glass of milk and a couple of apples.

At breakfast: an omelette with greenery, an orange.

At dinner: vegetable salad with chicken fillet, soup-mashed potatoes.

Over dinner: two cucumbers and a piece of fish cooked for a couple.

During the day you can have a snack with a fruit salad.

For breakfast: oatmeal with berries.

At dinner: a cutlet of ground beef steamed, soup-mashed potatoes.

Over dinner: cottage cheese, a cup of green tea.

Snack allowed 2 walnuts and grapefruit.

The main pluses of the system are Borodina:

The menu can be made based on personal preferences in food;

The diet is "flexible", it can be adjusted depending on your own well-being;

During the time when a person adheres to dietary nutrition, he will get used to eating "right" and healthy foods;

Diet allows you to achieve the desired result without harm to health;

During a diet, you can go in for sports.

Disadvantages of the Borodino diet:

The author of the diet recommends going through rather expensive procedures, as a result of which many specialists doubt;

During the process of losing weight, you must constantly count the calories.

Contraindications. The diet of Xenia Borodina has no contraindications. The main thing is for a person to have a real need to adjust the menu for weight reduction.

Diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss on 10kg

The diet of Elena Malysheva is a personal development of a popular TV presenter and eminent doctor. In compiling the right menu, her colleagues, who specialize in dietetics, helped her.

This diet has gained wide popularity after using it to lose real people. The whole process of getting rid of excess weight was shown on television.

To facilitate the task and cope with the habit of eating harmful food, followers of the diet E. Malysheva offered ready-made sets of food.

The basic principles on which the diet of Elena Malysheva is built:

The finished products are packed in boxes and sent to people who want to lose weight.

Before consumption, most foods need to be either heated, or defrosted, or poured with boiling water.

For 6 days, you need to eat according to the rules suggested by the author of the technique. The last day of the week will be unloading. The diet lasts for a month.

Men in addition to basic meals, for a day should eat lunch.

Women who lose weight, can diversify their menu with fruits or vegetables.

Kilocalories should be counted with special care. Women in the day must meet the limit of 1200 kcal, and for men – in 1500 kcal.

A day should drink at least 2 l of water. And most of the liquid should be consumed in the morning.

You need to eat food 4-5 once a day, strictly observing the time mode: breakfast at eight in the morning, snack at eleven, lunch at one o'clock in the afternoon, noon at four o'clock in the evening, dinner at seven o'clock.

Each piece of food must be chewed at least 20 times.

To a minimum, all simple carbohydrates should be reduced. Whole-grain bread and cereal grains can be eaten.

During lunch, protein foods should prevail.

Salads are seasoned with vegetable oils, animal fats should be limited.

Salt can not be completely excluded from the menu, but it is necessary to reduce its consumption to a minimum. To make the dishes more saturated taste, you can fill them with lemon juice.

Alcoholic drinks during the diet are prohibited.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Products that are allowed to eat without any restrictions:

Green peas in fresh form;

Products that are allowed to eat in limited quantities:

Poultry meat (low-fat varieties);

Sour-milk products with 0% fat content;

Porridge and garnishes of cereals;

Legumes (mature grains);

Fruits, except banana;

Products that are prohibited from consumption:

Butter and sour cream butter, the fat content of which is more than 10%;

Sauces and ketchups;

Cheese if its fat content exceeds 30%;

Sausage and similar products of meat;

By-products, peel of a bird;

Carbonated drinks with sugar;

Vegetables and fruits that have a high glycemic index;

Juices of industrial production.

Boiled egg, carrot salad, apple, buckwheat.

Cottage cheese casserole with sour cream, dried fruits, green tea.

Steam beef, boiled cauliflower, broth of wild rose.

Stewed cabbage with zucchini, baked apple with cinnamon.

Oatmeal with berries, milk.

Salad with cottage cheese and prunes, black bread.

Salad with tomatoes, cabbage and greens, pilaf with chicken, broth of wild rose.

Cottage cheese and 1 / 2 a glass of yogurt.

Cutlets from cod, boiled green beans.

Steam omelet, salad with apple and carrots.

Chicken fillet with beans, vegetable broth.

Stewed cabbage with apples and carrots.

Rye bread, boiled beef, peas.

Vinaigrette and rye bread.

Boiled fish, cabbage-carrot salad, broth of wild rose.

Cottage cheese and carrot casserole with sour cream.

Oat flakes with prunes and raisins.

Puree puree with aubergines.

Boiled fish, vegetables, broth of wild rose.

Egg, cheese, green peas.

Baked potatoes, sauerkraut, onions.

Pea soup, carrots stewed with zucchini, chicken fillet, black bread.

Cottage cheese and baked broccoli.

Pearl barley, stewed carrots, apple.

Stewed cabbage with meat, apple.

Cottage cheese with greens.

Fish souffle, boiled beans.

If there is an insurmountable feeling of hunger between the main meals, you can quench it with a glass of kefir.

Pros of the diet E. Malysheva:

The diet is developed by a doctor and is beneficial to the body.

For a day you can lose up to 0,5 kg of excess weight.

The diet contributes to the formation of the habit of eating properly.

The result can be saved for a long time.

The diet can be used for recreational purposes.

The product is not expensive and does not require significant financial investment.

The diet has some weaknesses, among which:

Salt and fat have to be severely limited, which can provoke a lack of appetite.

There is a risk of slowing metabolism, since the dishes have a low calorie content.

It is not always possible to adhere to a strict diet for a month.

To the diet of Elena Malysheva there are the following contraindications:

The period of breastfeeding;

Adolescence (up to 16 years);

Exercise in power exercise;

Presence of chronic diseases.

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English diet for weight loss on 10kg

The English diet involves eating foods that contain enough protein, dietary fiber, but a minimum of simple carbohydrates.

Most Britons tend to include in their menu farm products: milk, eggs, cereals, vegetable vegetables and fruits. This diet allows you not to gain weight and maintain health.

The English diet is built on the following principles:

The diet should start with 2 days off. This will allow you to enter the program of weight loss correctly. These days you need to drink plenty of water, kefir or milk. Eat a few pieces of bread, which is made from whole-grain flour.

During the diet, you should drink plenty of water, but without gas.

Dishes can be cooked, steamed, stewed on water, baked in the oven.

The ban is imposed on smoked and fried foods.

Salt dishes should be very little, replacing the salt with lemon juice or spices.

Morning should start with a glass of water, which you need to drink half an hour before breakfast.

The last approach to the table should be no later than seven in the evening.

Before going to bed, you need to drink a tablespoon of olive oil.

You need to consume food in the strictly allocated time for this, without violating the established regime.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Foods that can be eaten:

During the unloading days: kefir and milk without fat, as well as tomato juice.

In protein days: beef tenderloin, hake, pollock.

On vegetable days: tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, zucchini, white cabbage, lettuce leaves, cucumbers. Allowed herbs: basil, thyme, oregano, parsley and basil. Salads should be seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. You can also eat the following vegetables: aubergines, celery, asparagus, beetroot.

Bread: rye, bran, from oat flour.

Fruits: oranges, apples, kiwi.

Tea: green and herbal.

You can drink only natural coffee.

Be sure to drink enough water.

There are products that can be consumed in limited quantities.

If there is an opportunity, then it is better to abandon them altogether:

Oily fish: salmon, pangasius, sturgeon;

Grapes, bananas, melon, dried fruits;

Jam, jams, cakes and other confectionery;

Sausage and similar products;

The amount of salt should be minimized, replacing it with a marine analog.

The diet consists of three stages, which can be alternated at their own discretion.

At this stage, two days of unloading should be included. These days you can drink only milk and eat bread.

For breakfast: a glass of milk, dried bread (150 g).

For lunch: a glass of milk.

Dinner is similar to breakfast.

The duration of the stage is 1 day.

Before a night rest, you can drink a glass of tomato juice, but without the addition of salt.

For breakfast: bread with nuts and honey, green tea.

For lunch: according to 200 g fish broth and boiled chicken, boiled green peas in the amount of 3 st. l., bread from whole wheat flour.

Snack: a glass of green tea or a glass of milk.

For dinner: 1 chicken egg, beef in the amount of 50 g.

This phase should last 2 days.

For breakfast: orange or 2 apple.

For lunch: vegetables stewed, vegetable soup, bread.

Snack: 2-3 fruit to choose from.

For dinner: vegetable salad, green tea.

This phase continues for 2 days.

Exit from the diet involves the use of kefir and cottage cheese during lunch, breakfast and dinner. For each meal, take 200 g of the product.

The following advantages of the English diet can be distinguished:

The products are available for purchase. They can be found in any store, they are inexpensive.

The menu contains protein products: fish and meat, as well as a sufficient amount of fiber.

The diet is easily tolerated.

With the help of this system of weight loss it is possible to normalize the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, to regulate the intestines, to remove toxins from the body.

Disadvantages of the diet are as follows:

The diet can not be called balanced, as it has few fats and carbohydrates, and during the vegetable days the body does not receive protein. Therefore, the diet can be practiced 1 once a year.

During the diet, you need to drink vitamins and minerals.

It is possible to increase gas formation in the intestine.

Not all people are able to drink a lot of water, which is required by the English diet.

It is necessary to get out of the diet correctly, otherwise the lost kilograms will return very quickly.

You must strictly follow the diet, otherwise you will not lose weight.

Perhaps the emergence of a feeling of insuperable hunger, especially towards the end of the diet program.

There is a risk of diarrhea.

Contraindications to the implementation of the English diet:

Child bearing, lactation.

Diseases of the digestive tract: ulcer, gastritis, colitis.

Fractional diet for weight loss on 10kg

The set of body weight is due to the fact that a person uses in large quantities products containing simple carbohydrates, for example, rolls, cakes, pies, etc. They satisfy appetite only for a short period of time. The feeling of hunger comes back again and with a vengeance. As a result, during dinner one dish with food is often not enough. This situation is repeated every day, for several years. A man is gaining excess weight, his health suffers, depression appears. Fractional diet helps to cope with these problems.

Fractional diet provides an opportunity not to feel hungry throughout the day, but do not overeat. In the end, the excess weight goes without any effort.

The basic principles of a fractional diet can be identified as follows:

You need to eat not 3 times a day, but 6 times. In addition to basic meals, you need to make two snacks.

Portions need to be reduced, bringing them to the generally accepted standard.

For the day should not exceed the limit in 2000 kcal. The minimum threshold is 1200 kcal.

Harmful products are under absolute prohibition. So, sweet sparkling water is replaced by homemade lemonade, potato chips with banana chips, etc.

The volume of water drunk per day should be two liters. Also allowed to drink tea and coffee, but without the addition of sugar.

If there is no possibility to refuse desserts, then they should be consumed in food not later than 12 hours of the day.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

You can eat the following foods:

Vegetables: all kinds of cabbage, carrots, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, beets, radish, carrots.

Herbs: dill, parsley, fennel, spinach, arugula, lettuce, celery, basil.

Fruits: grapefruit, orange, apple, tangerines, pomegranates, kiwi, pear, pomelo, melon, watermelon, pineapple.

Berries: raspberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries.

Dairy products: kefir, fermented milk, yoghurt, milk, curdled milk, whey, curd without fat.

Meat and poultry: turkey, chicken, veal, pork liver.

Fish: flounder, chum, smelt, perch, whiting, hake, cod, tuna, squid, crab, crab.

Foods that can not be eaten:

Sugar, confectionery and pastries.

Fried dishes, smoked products.

Frozen semi-finished products: pelmeni, pancakes, cutlets, vareniki.

Nuts: cashew, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds.

Herring, cod liver.

Pork, lard, lamb, rabbit.

Beans and lentils.

Shop juices, carbonated drinks.

Fruit and hazelnuts.

Tomato, beetroot and carrot salad, bread.

Yogurt with berries and fruits.

1 / 2 chicken breast, vegetable salad, a glass of yogurt before going to bed.

Omelette, bread, coffee.

Cucumbers and tomatoes in the form of salad.

Cream soup with cream and mushrooms, boiled veal.

Fruits with sour cream.

Vegetable salad, rye bread. A glass of milk before a night rest.

Buckwheat with milk.

Soup with meatballs, vegetables, rye bread.

Cottage cheese casserole with dried fruits.

Pilaf, tea. Milk before night rest.

Manna porridge, bread, tea.

Turkey's turkey, vegetables.

Cocoa with milk.

Spaghetti, tea. Before going to bed, a glass of yogurt.

Oatmeal, brynza, orange juice of fresh pressing.

Vegetables, chicken, rye bread.

Sour cream and berries.

Rice, vegetables with lemon juice. Before going to bed kefir.

Scrambled eggs, cheese, bread, tea.

Boiled egg, tomato.

Chicken soup, bread from rye flour.

Yoghurt with fruit.

Steamed fish, vegetable salad. Before a night rest, a glass of ryazhenka.

Kefir, dietary cookies.

Vegetable salad, ham.

Pea puree, veal. A glass of milk before a night rest.

The menu is practically unlimited.

A person gradually loses weight, but does not feel hungry.

The body will not suffer from exhaustion.

Caloric content is reduced, but frequent meals do not give an appetite.

Weight decreases slowly, but the result is stable.

Leaves fat, but not muscle mass.

Fractional menus can adhere to people suffering from diabetes. This allows the level of sugar in the blood to not rise sharply.

The body does not experience overload during the diet.

Minus the diet is only one: it's not always possible for a person to find time for frequent snacks. Especially if he spends the whole day at work. However, if there is a desire to lose weight and improve one's own health, then the opportunity for this can be found, despite the excessive employment.

Chemical diet for weight loss on 10kg

Author of the chemical diet of Usama Hamdiy. This method of nutrition is based on eggs. Its terrifying name "chemical" diet was received due to the fact that the body starts certain reactions that provoke the process of losing weight.

A person during the observance of the chemical diet receives a small amount of carbohydrates and kilocalories. It also involves limiting salt. An important condition for losing weight – a clear adherence to all the rules that the author of the technique has developed.

Principles on which the diet is based:

The main product in this food system is a chicken egg. It is consumed for breakfast, combined with grapefruit, which allows you to start the process of losing weight.

Permitted products can not be replaced by analogs. If there is no possibility to eat this or that product, then it is better to abandon it altogether.

When there is a pronounced hunger, it is allowed to eat fresh fruit or vegetables.

Salt from the diet should be removed.

A day must drink at least 2 liters of water. You should drink water half an hour before meals.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Foods that can be eaten:

Fruits: apples, plums, melon, pineapple, pear, peach, orange, grapefruit.

Vegetables: aubergines, zucchini, carrots, green peas, beans, cabbage, cucumbers, radish, olives, arugula, tomatoes.

Cottage cheese, low-fat cheese.

Boiled chicken eggs.

Lean meat and fish.

Rye and whole wheat bread.

Products that can not be included in the menu:

Bread from white flour.

Sausage and similar products.

Bananas, mangoes, figs, dates, grapes.

Fatty grades of meat and fish.

1 week. Every day during breakfast you need to eat 2 boiled eggs and 1 / 2 grapefruit (orange).

Any fruit of one kind in any quantity.

Vegetable salad, 2 eggs boiled, 2 loaf, orange.

Tomato, cheese, black bread.

Any fruit of one kind in unlimited quantities.

Vegetable salad, veal.

Two boiled eggs, green peas.

How many fruits.

Boiled chicken, cabbage, grapefruit.

Any permitted vegetables except beets and carrots.

2 week. Breakfast is similar to breakfast on the first week of a diet.

Chicken, vegetables in unlimited quantities.

2 boiled eggs, orange.

Veal, green salad with olive oil.

2 eggs, grapefruit.

Any meat and vegetables allowed.

2 eggs, 4 mandarin.

Eggs, cabbage, low-fat cheese.

Beef, tomatoes, orange.

Veal, tomatoes, grapefruit, cabbage.

Chicken, boiled vegetables.

How many fruits.

How many vegetables.

You can eat vegetables and fruits without restriction.

Vegetables combine with lean fish.

Vegetables combine with chicken meat.

On weekends you can only eat fruit.

4 cucumber, 2 tomato, chicken breast, tuna, orange.

4 cucumber, 4 tomato, 200 g veal, 30 g bread, tangerine, apple.

Stewed cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, 2 loaf, a tablespoon of cottage cheese, grapefruit.

1 cucumber, 3 tomato, apple, 300 chicken breast.

2 boiled eggs, 3 tomato, cucumber, 2 oranges.

2 tomato, 2 cucumber, 2 loaf, a glass of yogurt, 120 g cottage cheese, grapefruit.

125 g of tuna, 30 g of bread, boiled vegetables, 2 cucumber, 2 tomato, 25 g low-fat cottage cheese, orange.

Pros of the chemical diet:

The diet is very easy to follow, there is no need to count kilocalories, there is a clear menu;

The diet is not hungry;

A variety of menus allow you to prevent disruption;

Products can always be purchased at any store.

The disadvantages of the chemical diet:

Breakfast is always monotonous;

The abundance of citrus fruits in the menu can trigger the development of an allergic reaction.

Contraindications. Diets can not be adhered to while breastfeeding, during the bearing of a child. Other contraindications: diseases of the kidneys, digestive organs, heart, high cholesterol in the blood.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Buckwheat is a useful food product, which contains a rich set of vitamins, micro- and macro elements. At the same time, buckwheat can quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger and prevent its early occurrence. The calorie content of 100 g buckwheat is 313 kcal, but during the heat treatment this index is greatly reduced. As a result, the caloric content of buckwheat, which was cooked on water, will be about 110 kcal.

Lose weight due to buckwheat can be due to the fact that it contains few carbohydrates, but many amino acids and proteins. Thus, the body will not suffer from a shortage of nutrients, and extra pounds will start to go away. However, you need to make a correct menu, combining buckwheat with other foods to minimize possible harm from the diet.

The buckwheat diet is simple and low-cost. Its average duration is 7 days. During this time, you can get rid of excess weight and bring back to normal metabolism. It is worth considering that the fat burning process is only started on 4 day, so you should not expect an immediate result. This same fact is justified the duration of the buckwheat diet.

There are many variants of buckwheat diet. The basic diet plan for weight loss based on buckwheat is represented only by cereals and yogurt. That is, for a day you need to drink 0,5 l kefir and eat 3 buckwheat. However, this is a very complex diet that can provoke serious disorders in metabolism. An easier diet, which allows you to lose weight and not to harm your own health, looks like this:

Breakfast: buckwheat + 250 ml kefir.

Lunch: a portion of buckwheat + 200 boiled chicken fillet.

Dinner: buckwheat + fresh and grated carrot (200 g).

Breakfast: buckwheat + boiled egg.

Lunch: a portion of buckwheat with dried fruits + 250 ml kefir.

Dinner: serving buckwheat with fried onions + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: a serving of buckwheat with prunes (4 berries) + 250 ml kefir.

Lunch: buckwheat + baked pollock fillet (200-300 g).

Dinner: buckwheat + 250 ml of drinking natural yogurt.

The fourth day repeats the menu of the first day.

The fifth day repeats the menu of the second day.

The sixth day repeats the menu of the third day, but in the lunchtime the fillets of pollock are replaced with salmon fillet.

Breakfast: a portion of buckwheat + 250 ml of herbal tea.

Lunch: serving buckwheat + boiled beef (300 g) + vegetable salad 200 g (fresh carrots, cabbage and onion with a dressing from a tablespoon of vegetable oil).

Dinner: buckwheat soup + turkey meat (200 g) + 2 thin slices of low-fat cheese.

This is the easiest version of the buckwheat diet, which is not very difficult to endure. It resembles the usual type of food and allows you not to feel a strong sense of hunger. In addition, this diet contains a variety of products that will allow the body to not experience stress during the process of losing weight.

Diet also provides for the intake of enough fluids in the body. Preference should be given to pure still water. Snacks between main meals should consist of 1 fruit. The exception is only grapes and bananas.

It is necessary to get out of the buckwheat diet gradually, starting from the 7 day of dietary nutrition. Apparently, it is already more diverse. To the body did not get stressed, and lost kilograms with double speed did not return back, you need to gradually enter into the menu vegetable soups, lean boiled meat, increase the number of vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about sour-milk products. Starting from the third day of dieting, you can start cooking soups based on low-fat meat broth.

Weight goes from all parts of the body, which makes the process of losing weight smooth and safe for the body.

Thanks to the buckwheat diet, you can reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Buckwheat helps to cleanse the intestines and normalize the metabolism in the body.

The products that are used in making the menu are not expensive and easy to prepare.

A slimming person is relieved of the need to count calories.

The diet is salt-free, therefore large amounts of liquid will be excreted from the body. Due to this, a person can experience attacks of headache, feel slight malaise and weakness.

During a diet, an exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible.

The buckwheat diet has some contraindications, including: ulcer, gastritis, bowel disorders, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, previous operative interventions on internal organs, diabetes, high blood pressure.

The results of weight loss from buckwheat diet depend on the individual characteristics of the body. As a rule, the more a person's starting weight, the more pounds he loses. The average figure is 4- 6 kg per week. It is very important to take into account that the whole body is losing weight. Including the internal fat. Therefore, the result on the abdomen or on the hips may not be too noticeable, but do not despair. If you follow a buckwheat diet to eat the right food, then you can bring your body in perfect shape. In addition, after 3 months, a weekly buckwheat diet can be repeated again, and 1 once a month is allowed to arrange unloading days on buckwheat.

Oatmeal diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Oatmeal diet is one of the most simple and affordable nutrition schemes that allow you to get rid of extra pounds. Weight goes away quickly, but the person does not feel a strong sense of hunger, as oatmeal has a low glycemic index.

The essence of the diet is reduced to the use of oatmeal, which is cooked on water, without the addition of oil and salt. It is necessary to take oatmeal flakes, which require cooking. Instant porridge for dietary nutrition scheme is not suitable.

The basic rules that you need to adhere to during the oat diet:

To eat it is necessary in small and small portions.

The above scheme of the diet should be adhered to strictly, otherwise the result will not be achieved.

During the oat diet, you must drink plenty of fluids. In a day you need to drink at least 1,5 liters of clean water without gas.

For effective weight loss, you must adhere to the oatmeal diet for at least 3 days. To achieve maximum results, you should stay on the oatmeal diet for a week.

Classical oatmeal diet involves the use of 600 g of boiled oatmeal on the water. The resulting volume is divided into 6 portions and eaten in equal parts. In the day, you can add 300 g any vegetables cooked for a couple. It's over, it's very difficult to stick to such a diet, so a three-component diet based on oatmeal will be given below.

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal + 2 green apple.

Lunch: a portion of oatmeal + 150 g of cottage cheese with a tablespoon of honey.

Dinner: a portion of oatmeal + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal + boiled chicken egg.

Lunch: a portion of oatmeal with dried apricots + 250 g of turkey.

Dinner: a portion of oatmeal with honey + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: serving of oatmeal + 250 ml of yogurt.

Lunch: a portion of oatmeal + baked in foil fish (200-300 g).

Dinner: a portion of oatmeal + 200 g of cottage cheese with dried fruits.

The fourth day repeats the menu of the first day.

The fifth day repeats the menu of the second day.

The sixth day repeats the menu of the third day.

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal + boiled egg and 2 green apple.

Lunch: a portion of oatmeal + any low-fat boiled meat (250 g) + vegetable salad 200 g (sea cabbage + fresh cucumber with dressing from low-fat sour cream)

Dinner: oatmeal + turkey or rabbit meat (200 g) + 200 ml yogurt.

You can combine the menu of oatmeal diets differently. As sour-milk drinks are suitable: kefir, yoghurt with cereals, fermented baked milk with fat content no more than 2,5%. At lunch you can use dishes with a minimum protein content. It can be boiled or stewed fish, chicken, beef, veal. Twice a week you can include eggs in the menu. It is best to eat them for breakfast. As a snack allowed to use fruit (except grapes and bananas).

Oatmeal is a useful product that saturates the body with micro- and macroelements, as well as vitamins, among which: phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, nicotinic acid, etc.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which allows to normalize the work of the intestines and to normalize metabolism.

From the body will be excreted toxins, due to which improve the complexion, skin and hair.

Weight goes smoothly, which will not allow him to dial after leaving the diet.

A person who adheres to an oat diet will not feel an acute sense of hunger.

The diet can provoke an aggravation of various diseases, especially chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Classical oatmeal diet involves the use of one component – oatmeal, so it is not worth taking. The product contains phytic acid, which is able to wash away calcium from the body, if it gets into it in large quantities.

Oat diet has a number of contraindications, among which: diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, pregnancy and lactation, depression, heart disease and blood vessels.

Experts categorically forbid to adhere to the oat diet for more than 8 days. Before you start an oat diet, you need to consult a specialist.

For a week of oatmeal diet can be reset about 5 kg. Although in each case, all individually and the results can vary both in the smaller and larger. For example, if a person not only adheres to the dietary scheme, but also does sports, then the kilograms will go away faster. To maintain the effect it is useful once in 2 weeks to carry out unloading oat day.

Apple diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Apple diet for weight loss on 10 kg – one of the simplest, affordable, but at the same time, tough and dangerous diets. After all, the main principle of such dietary nutrition is the use during the week of only apples in different volumes. Of course, the weight will go away, but it is possible that certain health problems will appear.

Caloric content of green apples is very low, it is only 47 kcal per 100 g of product. Therefore, it is recommended to use green apples in the diet menu.

The standard apple diet involves for a week to eat only apples and water. On the first and seventh day you need to eat 1 kg of fruit, on the third and fourth day you need to eat 2 kg of apples per day, and on the second, fifth and sixth day you need to eat 1,5 kg of apples. Not surprisingly, many people who have decided on such a diet plan, very quickly abandon it, without waiting for the results. With less stress for the body will be seven-day apple diet with the addition of additional products, for example:

For breakfast, you need to eat a serving of boiled rice without salt and 3 apple.

In the course of the day such porridge is prepared: rice is boiled, crushed steamed apples, lemon zest are added into it and mixed thoroughly.

Dinner is similar to breakfast.

For breakfast eat 2 apple and cottage cheese (100 g).

For lunch, you need to cut into strips of 2 apple and keep them in water with the addition of lemon juice. Then apples should be mixed with low-fat cottage cheese, add to it walnuts (50 g) and a teaspoon of honey.

At dinner, eat 2 large apples and cottage cheese with sour cream.

For breakfast, you need to eat 2 carrots and 2 apple. You can grate them on a grater and fill with a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream.

For dinner prepare a salad: 2 apple and 2 carrots rubbed on the grater, add to them a tablespoon of honey, lemon zest and a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Everything is mixed and eaten.

For dinner, you need to bake 2 large apples with honey.

Also there are options such as: kefir-apple diet, apple-beetroot diet, etc. But any dietary scheme of eating involves the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. Clean water a day you need to drink at least 1,5 liters.

The main advantage of the apple diet is that it allows you to get rid of excess weight very quickly.

In the first four days, the body can be cleansed of toxins and toxins.

Apple diet is very economical and does not require time to prepare complex dishes. In addition, fresh apples are on sale all year round.

Apples have diuretic properties, so they can get rid of swelling.

The classic apple diet is very complicated. A person will constantly experience hunger and a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen.

Compliance with strict apple diet leads to the fact that the body begins to experience an acute shortage of vitamins, micro- and macro elements. Therefore, if a person uses a diet more than 3 days, then it is necessary to take vitamin supplements in addition.

The choice of recipes in the observance of the classical apple diet is extremely limited.

Apple diet can not be adhered to people with diseases of the digestive system. Direct contraindications are: gastritis, peptic ulcer, increased gastric acidity, pancreatitis, beriberi, diabetes, acute infectious diseases, anemia.

Before starting a diet, you should consult your doctor.

If you follow a strict apple diet for a week, you can lose about 10 kg. If the apple diet is diluted with other foods, it will take about 4-6 kg. This is not guaranteed, but the expected result, since the organism of each person is individual.

Cottage cheese diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Cottage cheese diet for a certain time to consume exclusively cottage cheese. This is one of the most popular diets, allowing you to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

The main principles of the curd diet:

Cottage cheese is consumed only fresh. It is best to give preference to a home product.

Cottage cheese diet is rich in fruit. This will make it easier to transfer restrictions to food and saturate the body with vitamins.

During the diet, you must consume enough water. In knocking, you should drink at least 1,5 liters of liquid.

There are several options for the menu curd diets. Most dieticians are of the opinion that the optimal is a three-day diet plan. The menu on the 3 day is as follows:

Breakfast: boiled egg + green tea without sugar.

Lunch: a portion of cottage cheese 200 g + 1 green apple.

Dinner: 200 d curd.

Breakfast: 200 g cottage cheese + unsweetened herbal tea.

Lunch: 100 g turkey + green tea without sugar.

Dinner: a portion of cottage cheese 200 g + 250 g of kefir.

Breakfast: chicken egg + green tea.

Lunch: 200 g cottage cheese + baked in foil low-fat fish (200-300 g).

Dinner: a portion of cottage cheese 200 g + 1 pear.

The diet can be extended up to 7 days. In this case, the menu is repeated: on the 4 day, eat as on 1 day, on the 5 day are fed as on 2 day, on the 6 day are fed as on 3 day. Also, for dinner you can add 1 fruit (pear, apple, orange, grapefruit), and for breakfast in cottage cheese it is allowed to chop pineapple, which increases fat burning. The menu of the seventh day should be more diverse, so for breakfast, in addition to 200 d cottage cheese and green tea, you can add a salad of cucumbers with butter and dill. For lunch, eat boiled chicken, 200 g cottage cheese and bread. For dinner, you can eat vegetable broth and chicken egg.

Cottage cheese is rich in protein, the digestion of which the body spends a lot of energy, which means that the process of losing weight goes faster.

Cottage cheese diet is not very difficult. It allows a slimming person to lead a comfortable lifestyle without experiencing severe bouts of hunger.

Cottage cheese diet allows you to get rid of excess fluid in the body.

After a short-term curd diet, the condition of the skin, hair and nails is improved.

Cottage cheese is a very affordable product. It can be purchased at any time of the year.

It will not take much time to cook.

Cottage cheese has excellent taste.

Cottage cheese is a product with an average price category. Therefore, the cottage cheese diet will not be quite cheap.

It is important during the diet to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Sometimes during the curd diet, a person develops an unpleasant odor from the mouth, and digestion may also occur.

Cottage cheese diet is not recommended to stick to more than 7 days.

The results of the curd diet depend on which scheme the lean person adheres to. On average, for 3 days you can lose up to 2-3 kg. If the diet lasts up to 7 days, the weight loss can be about 7-9 kg. The fact is that the most intensive process of fat burning is launched on the 4 diet day.

Cucumber diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Cucumber diet is a very popular technique for getting rid of excess kilograms. Vegetable on 90% consists of water, in it only 15 kcal per 100 g of product.

Although the diet is called cucumber, this does not mean that you will need to eat only some cucumbers. You can eat only cucumbers and water only for 1 days, which will be considered unloading. So, for one day it will be possible to lose from 0,5 kg to 1 kg.

A longer cucumber diet consists of 7 or from 14 days. In this case, cucumbers are the basic food, and supplement the menu with kefir, protein food, fruits and vegetables.

An approximate menu of cucumber diet on 3 days:

On the first day you need to eat about 1,5 kg of cucumbers with tomatoes (0,5 kg). From them you can make a salad with vegetable oil and lemon juice. The resulting volume is divided into 5-6 meals. For dinner, you should drink 250 ml of low-fat kefir.

During the second day you need to eat 1,5 kg of cucumbers, and for lunch and dinner add one boiled egg to them.

On the third day of the diet, you can eat not only cucumbers, but also other vegetables (radish, cabbage, lettuce, carrots). And cucumbers from the total weight of vegetables should be at least 2 / 3. In the evening you can eat about 150 g of cottage cheese.

If it was decided to extend the diet to 7 days, then you can use the following menu option for the remaining 4 days:

Breakfast: whole wheat bread + cucumber + slice of cheese + green tea without sugar.

Lunch: 2 cucumber + 1 egg.

Dinner: salad of cucumber, onion and dill with olive oil + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: cucumber + protein steam omelet + unsweetened herbal tea.

Lunch: 2 cucumber + baked fish + 100 g rice + green tea without sugar.

Dinner: 2 cucumber + 250 g yoghurt.

Breakfast: toast + cucumber + green tea.

Lunch: stewed vegetables + 2 cucumber.

Dinner: salad with cucumber and tomato with dressing from vegetable oil + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: cucumber + 2 slice of low-fat cheese + green tea.

Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes + 2 cucumber + baked in foil fish (200-300 g).

Dinner: 2 cucumber + a portion of cottage cheese 200 g + 1 orange.

Cucumber diet allows you to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Cucumbers – a vegetable affordable, but only in the summer-autumn season.

Cucumber diet contributes to the normalization of the digestive system, but only against a background of complete health.

Menu based on cucumber can not be called a full, so the body will suffer from a shortage of nutrients. To avoid this, it is necessary to take vitamins, especially when the cucumber diet lasts for 3 days or more.

Cucumbers in winter and spring can be very expensive, so the diet at this time is quite costly. In addition, not always on the shelves at this time you can find really useful vegetables.

If during the whole day a person consumes only cucumbers, then the feeling of hunger will persecute him constantly.

Over 7 days of cucumber diet can get rid of 5-6 kg. These are approximate values, since each organism is individual. It is important whether a person is engaged in sports, and also what foods he uses for food, except cucumbers. The amount of pounds lost is affected by the initial weight of the body losing weight. The higher it is, the better the result.

Fish diet for weight loss at 10 kg

The fish diet for weight loss on 10 kg is one of ways of disposal of excess weight without harm to health. The main principle of this diet is to choose only low-fat fish for cooking. For the fish diet only fresh fish in boiled or baked form is used. Canned fish, salted and smoked fish for dietary nutrition is not suitable.

Cooking fish you need without salt or artificial seasonings. At the time of the diet, sugar is completely excluded from the menu. It is also important to consume at least 1,5 liters of clean water per day.

Fish diet can be adhered to for three days.

The sample menu is as follows:

Breakfast: egg + green tea without sugar.

Lunch: 250 g baked perch + grapefruit.

Dinner: 250 g stewed with onion and carrot pollock + 250 ml kefir.

Breakfast: oatmeal on the water + unsweetened herbal tea.

Lunch: worm hake 200 g + 100 g rice + green tea without sugar.

Supper: ragout of vegetables + 200 g skimmed cottage cheese.

Breakfast: 250 ml kefir + apple + toast with cheese.

Lunch: stewed vegetables + fish soup + green tea.

Supper: carrot salad with low-fat sour cream + 250 baked pike.

Also, the diet can be extended to 7 days. The basis is taken by the fish, which is used for lunch and dinner. It can be combined with fresh or stewed vegetables without vegetables. Suitable types of fish: hake, perch, pollock, pike, pike perch. Twice a week you can afford catfish, horse mackerel, or pink salmon. For dinner or for breakfast, you must drink a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt, or eat a portion of cottage cheese. In a day it is allowed to eat 3 different fruits, except bananas and grapes.

Fish is a very useful product, especially if it is cooked correctly. Thanks to the fish, you can enrich the body with Omega-3 fatty acids and lower the cholesterol level in the blood.

Vitamins and useful elements in fish are many, despite the season.

Fish is a product that is always on sale.

The extra pounds due to the fish diet go without damage to health. This is a very mild diet, which allows you not to experience a painful sense of hunger.

The fish diet is quite expensive compared to any vegetable or kefir diet.

Cooking requires a lot of time.

The fish diet has some contraindications, including: chronic diseases of the digestive system, acute infectious diseases, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation, anorexia.

Over a week, the fish diet can get rid of an average of 5 kg. This is a pretty good result, given that a person does not suffer from hunger all week. But do not expect that extra centimeters will disappear from the waist, sides or other problem areas. The body loses weight in general, so the result will not be too noticeable, but long-lasting.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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