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Diets of anorexicles: for beginners, drinking and for the feet

Almost all girls want a beautiful figure for themselves and sit down for a variety of diets. But for some, this desire becomes too intrusive and as a result grows into a disease called anorexia.

They do not notice how much their thinness is painful and still continue to refuse food. It is very difficult to get out of this condition, because irreversible processes begin in the body.

The essence of an anorexic diet in a hard diet, until the refusal to eat.

Most often people think that anorexic is a very thin person. Someone else adds details: bruises, baldness, bulging bones. But all this is consequences. First of all, anorexics are people with a digestive and mental disorder.

They are obsessed with thoughts about diets, losing weight, countless calories and always consider themselves too fat. Especially allow yourself to "cheating" – the planned gluttony for metabolism, and then go to cause artificial vomiting.

In the head of these girls – a calculator for calculating the amount of calories eaten. They like to cook and feed their friends and relatives, but they never allow themselves to eat an extra piece. And if they are relaxed, their conscience will torment them. Hunger is washed up with water.

In the end, nothing good comes of it. Girls break, start, eat everything that comes under the arm, can not control their appetite. Do not get saturated and gain a lot of excess weight – more than it was before the diet.

What is the popularity of anorexic diet?

Such a diet is very difficult and tough with strict limitations, but works at all. There are several types of weight loss methods, they can be divided into blocks lasting from three days to two months.

The popularity of the diet of anorexicles is very easy to explain – it acts on everyone and helps to lose excess kilograms. Weight goes away quickly, but after the end of the diet can just as quickly return. The most important thing is not to overdo it and not bring yourself to a painful state.

The diet of anorexicum can give a good result in losing weight, while the body can not take any substances necessary for energy from anywhere. But as soon as the diet regains, he will again begin to replenish the fat reserves in case of a new stress – a rigid diet.

From this it can be concluded that such a diet is an unreasonable way to get rid of excess weight.

Virtually no such diets. This can be attributed to their low cost. Due to the fact that the amount of food consumed is reduced to a minimum and there is no variety of food, the diet turns out to be very cheap. There is no need to spend money on expensive products.

Another plus is rapid weight loss. You can lose up to a kilogram per day. If you endure the entire diet period, then you will be provided with a slender figure, but what consequences will be unknown is unknown.

Negative aspects of hard diets are much more:

  • Stress for the whole body. Possibility to cause harm to health.
  • Weight recovery. Returning to normal nutrition, there is a risk of gaining excess weight again, and more than it was before the diet.
  • Strict diets always have contraindications. These include heart disease, stomach problems and general weakness.
  • Constant feeling of hunger, dizziness, unpleasant sensation in different areas.
  • Chronic diseases can become aggravated.
  • There is an acute shortage of vitamins and other nutrients.
  • With rapid weight loss, the skin hangs. Get rid of this can be very difficult, you have to resort to salon procedures such as lifting.

The most popular anorexic diet

Express diet, when a couple of days you need to throw a few extra pounds. It is usually used before some important event, so that jeans or a dress are better than before.

In these three days you are only allowed to drink. It can be kefir, water, low-fat broth, tea, coffee, kvass. And any other drinks. Hard food is prohibited. During the diet, you can throw up to three kilograms.

Hard variant of weight loss. The daily number of calories should be no more than 500.

In the morning, coffee without sugar and an apple is allowed, preferably green. One lunch is eaten during lunch. For lunch, vegetable soup and vegetable salad. And for dinner only a hundred grams of grated carrots.

The essence of this method is that on a certain day you can eat only one color:

  • On Monday, everything is white – kefir, cottage cheese. Chocolate, of course, can not be, even if it is white.
  • On Tuesday, all the red – tomatoes, peppers.
  • On Wednesday, green color – cucumbers, courgettes.
  • On Thursday, orange products.
  • On Friday, you have to hold out on purple. Usually it's aubergines.
  • Saturday is products of yellow color.
  • Sunday will be the heaviest. There is nothing you can not, but you can drink, but only mineral water.

The diet is difficult, hungry, but allowing a couple of days to lose weight significantly. The recipe is very simple: tea is added to hot milk, plain or in bags. Brewed about 30 minutes. Then the resulting drink should be drunk from morning to evening. Usually, such a diet lasts no more than three days.

Menu beginners anorexic for a week

Usually the drinking diet lasts an average of seven days. For a long time a strict restriction in nutrition will not be enough for a few people to survive.

It can be of several types, based on what kind of liquid will be used. The classic version of anorexicles is water, since it does not contain any calories at all. But this is a very difficult test for the body. Of course, for such a diet, sweet juices, cocoa, lemonades and fat yoghurts will not do.

  • On the water. During slimming, you can drink only clean water – at least one and a half liters every day. This is more like fasting, so it is desirable to observe it for no more than three days, so as not to cause serious harm to the body. To this diet you need to prepare, in advance to reduce the daily calorie content. It is recommended to go out smoothly, gradually introduce new products and increase their quantity.
  • On the broth. Please note that for this option only home-cooked broth is suitable. No bought, folding soup in bags. They contain many harmful substances and various preservatives. Drink allowed only vegetable, low-calorie broth, cooked on vegetables.
  • Dairy. Most often for such a diet low-fat kefir is used. It is useful and low-calorie. During the whole day it is allowed to drink only it. The duration of such a diet can reach two weeks. Depending on the aging of a thin person.
  • Juices. Use only natural, freshly squeezed, cooked by yourself, without the addition of sugar. The purchase option, in the package will not work. It is best to make juice from apples, grapefruits or oranges. But before embarking on such a diet it is necessary to exclude the presence of allergies, since citrus fruits often become its provocateurs.
  • Tea. You can lose weight on tea. It can be any, green, black or even red, but not in bags, quality. Sugar can not be consumed, but you can add lemon or a little milk. The diet lasts a maximum of seven days. On it you can throw 5-7 kilogram.

The way out of such diets should be slow and cautious. First, start with oatmeal porridge in the morning, and lunch and dinner let it remain drinking. Then for breakfast you can already eat cheese or eggs, and for lunch porridge and some fruit. And only after a week you can already eat a certain amount of low-fat products. A little later introduce macaroni, bread, potatoes.

Diet for those who want to remove extra centimeters from the legs and thighs. The result will be a plumb line of 3-5 kilogram and minus four centimeters from the volume.

  • On Monday, only milk and water are allowed to drink. If you do not like milk, you can replace it with kefir.
  • On Tuesday, about 200 grams of cottage cheese and a little juice.
  • On Wednesday you can drink only clean water and nothing else.
  • On Thursday, a little juice and a couple of boiled potatoes.
  • On Friday, the main food will be apples – about five pieces, which need to be stretched all day.
  • On Saturday, a little juice and about 200 grams of lean meat – chicken fillet or beef.
  • Sunday – only kefir, maximum 1.5% fat content – one liter for the whole day.

To get out of the diet you need to gradually, without overeating and not immediately leaning on all available products at home.

Reviews about the effectiveness of diets anoreksichek vary:

Katerina, 18 years, Astrakhan

Videos with diet for weight loss for 10 kilograms per week:

Of course, diet anoreksichek is very effective, as they allow you to throw off extra pounds in the fastest time. If you treat them without fanaticism and do not strictly observe the terms – no more than three days, then you will not bring any special harm to your body. Another thing is a complete refusal of normal food and a constant restriction of calories, which over time can lead to serious problems.

Is it really so authoritative in this world to be "transparent"? Really they can not and do not feel the measures in losing weight? After all, everything is good in moderation, and not to expose the skeleton.

This is not a way to lose weight, it's a slow method of suicide. After such a nightmare, the body will simply go mad. Judge for yourself, here the main products are liquid, lots of sour fruits, coffee and lemon juice in addition, there is no fat and very few proteins. This leads, first, to a sharp rise in the acidity of the stomach, which is sure to lead to gastritis, and if you keep such a diet for a long time, then to an ulcer. Secondly, when there is not enough fat, a person has stagnation of bile and huge problems with digestion. When you eat only liquid food, the pancreas already suffers, it simply ceases to fulfill its function and ceases to allocate enzymes. In the end, when you get out of such a diet, you simply can not eat – there are no enzymes, constant vomiting, wild pain due to inflammation of the pancreas. Completes this horror destruction of its muscle tissue – when little protein arrives, the body begins to "eat" itself. As a result, from such a diet you will go out not slim, but half dead and sick. You need this, girls, eh?

Well, that's a lie, for example. On account of liquids, even doctors can prescribe a drinking diet. The only thing that does not need to go far. In fact, if you look specifically on sites with a therapeutic drinking diet, and not a drinking diet as a means of losing weight, on the contrary, the organs are cleaned. I will not say exactly how this process proceeds. But after 5 about a day on such a diet you will feel light, and if you sit out the right time, your organs will simply be cleaned. And you have to start eating again carefully and slowly. And you can, of course, and no "wild pain" will not. If, of course, after a month of drinking do not immediately rush to pizza, sausage and other high-calorie and heavy foods. However, if there were pains during the diet, it is not due to a diet, but because of the already existing disease. Not every stomach is healthy before the diet itself, it's just that we do not always understand that we already have gastritis, and someone will be provoked by this method to lose weight, and someone will, on the contrary, even settle. In general, the main thing, due to the fact that you can not – the lies of clean water, if you start with light meals for breakfast, and then gradually introduce the rest of the products, and again you will not gain weight, and the bodies are cleaned and you will not be sick. About incomprehensible mythical pains in general I am silent, duristic.

Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets

Since the summer I lost weight on 23 kg at the initial weight of 83, stdla on buckwheat, the diet of physicians, abc, now I'm sitting on the Kremlin, it's not too effective, I sat down on it to eat a little, I already choose the next diet, most likely it will be an anorexic nymph or fucking

and yes I already consider myself an anorexic, since I can not get down with diets

Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?