Diets with prunes for quick weight loss – examples of menus


Diets with prunes for quick weight loss - examples of menus

Prunes are related to dried fruits, which means that it contains many useful components, vitamins, microelements, organic acids, fiber, pectins, starch, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.

This dried fruit can not be called a dietary product, 100 contains 231 kcal.

At the same time, combining its use with low-calorie dishes, it is possible to reduce weight and cleanse the body well. Do not forget to wash the dried fruits well.

What are diets with prunes for weight loss?

Diets with prunes do contribute to rapid weight loss.

The course includes the use of only dried fruit and low-fat kefir;

  • The four-day

    It is allowed to eat eggs, vegetable soups, fresh or stewed vegetables. After taking the main food, you should eat 1-2 prunes;

  • Seven-day

    The diet includes sour-milk products, cereals, fish, vegetables, unsweetened fruits. The daily amount of calories is not more than 1200;

  • Prunes and dried apricots

    During a diet with a sense of hunger eat one dried fruit. When losing weight helps infusion of these dried fruits. Soak them overnight with warm water and for the next day drink instead of water;

  • Buckwheat porridge and prunes

    Is a mono-diet. Mix these two products together and during the diet use only this dish;

  • Non-carbohydrate

    The consumption of prunes with this diet should be minimal, 2-3 a day. The main products are stewed vegetables, boiled meat, mushrooms, skimmed yogurt, olive oil, tomato juice;

  • Ducan's diet

    On Dyukane, the dried fruit is allowed to be consumed only at the stage of Stabilization in small quantities.

  • Kefir and prunes

    Diets with prunes for quick weight loss - examples of menus

    There are several options for such a diet, which lasts only 3 days. These are strict low-calorie courses that promote aggressive weight loss, therefore it is not recommended to adhere to such a diet for more than 3 days. During the meal, chew the food well.

    1. Repeat the diet for three days of the course.

    You can divide the food intake into 6-7 meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: according to 3 pcs prunes and a large glass of yogurt and nothing more.

  • Mix in a blender 100 g dried fruit and 1 l kefir, to make a cocktail. Breakfast – oatmeal on the water; dinner, dinner – a glass of kefir cocktail.
  • This method of losing weight struggles not only with excess kilograms, but also actively cleanses the intestines, helps cope with constipation. For 3 days it is possible to reset to 3-4 kg.

    Egg and prunes

    Diets with prunes for quick weight loss - examples of menus

    The course consists of 4 days. Diet is divided into 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    • 1 boiled egg, 2 berries, unsweetened tea;
    • a plate of vegetable soup, 5 berries;
    • 1 boiled egg, lean fish.
    • 1 boiled egg, 2 berries, coffee without sugar;
    • vegetable salad, 3 berries;
    • 1 boiled egg, 2 dietary loaf with cheese.
    • a piece of bran bread with cheese, 1 boiled egg, 2 berries;
    • vegetable soup and 2 berries;
    • 5 berries, a glass of yogurt.
    • corn flakes with milk, 4 berries;
    • vegetable salad, 2 boiled eggs;
    • 50g raisins and prunes, a glass of yogurt.

    Diet saturates the body with useful elements and fights well with a sense of hunger.

    For 4 days it is possible to reset to 3-4 kg.

    Dried apricots and prunes

    Diets with prunes for quick weight loss - examples of menus

    These 2 products are consumed together for weight loss, since they are a storehouse of useful elements for the body. It is best to soak 150 – 200 g of dried fruit from the evening with warm water and during a diet drink infusion every day for 2-3 liters.

    The diet lasts 3 days. Meals 3-single: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    • bran bread with cheese, 1 tomato, instead of tea, infusion of their dried fruits;
    • vegetable salad, 2 dietary loaf;
    • lean fish, 2 cucumber.
    • oatmeal on the water, you can add a spoon of honey, bread with melted cheese;
    • a plate of lean borsch;
    • cabbage salad with greens.
    • squash pancakes, scrambled eggs;
    • a plate of vegetable soup, a dietary loaf;
    • a plate of vegetable soup.

    Do not forget to drink infusion instead of tea and coffee during a diet, then the process of weight loss and cleansing will be more active. For the course, you can reset 2-3 kg.

    Buckwheat diet with prunes

    One of the most effective ways to lose weight is buckwheat mono-diet. The course lasts 14 days, for which it is possible to reset 12 extra pounds.

    0,5 kg buckwheat pour hot water and leave to swell for the night. Over the next day eat the porridge.

    • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with 5-6 pcs prunes;
    • Lunch: buckwheat porridge mixed with low-fat kefir;
    • Dinner: buckwheat porridge without anything.

    This is an approximate diet for the following 14 days. You can divide the use of 6 berries during the day and drink a glass of kefir before going to bed.

    Benefit and harm

    If you want to protect yourself from unforeseen consequences, it is worth to know what is the benefit and harm of a diet with prunes.

    Advantages of a diet with prunes in that the diet is good saturates the body, there is a want less. A strong sense of hunger is not pursued, while the feeling of lightness in the stomach will accompany during the entire course.

    These diets also apply to detox, due to the content of pectin – a substance that cleans well of intestinal toxins. There is a decrease in cholesterol due to low salt content in the product and a low glycemic index-29. Another useful substance is potassium, which normalizes metabolism and the process of losing weight is more effective.

    In addition to potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B, C, beta-carotene and organic acids are included in the formulation. It has antibacterial properties.

    Do not forget about the contraindications. It is not recommended to use the product for people with liver, stomach, digestive disorders, diabetes and obesity, as well as breastfeeding women.

    Effectiveness and result of losing weight

    With the help of diets with prunes, you can get rid of 2 to 4 kg excess weight in just 4 days.

    This weight loss contributes not only to fat burning, but also does not harm health. If you want, you can alternate the diets presented here to understand which one suits you the most.

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