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Dr. Mitchell Diet

The diet of Dr. Mitchell is designed for those who want to get rid of excess kilograms in the shortest possible time. The diet is very strict and lasts for 7 days. In this short period of time, you can get rid of 5 to 7 kg in weight!

The main condition of a diet is its use only if the extra pounds are actually available. Use it for those whose weight does not exceed 56 kg is prohibited!

Diet Mitchell has a very low calorie content, and therefore no strong physical activity these days should not be. It is great for those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and rarely or do not attend gyms.

During the week, you should eat soup prepared on a special recipe daily. It has a pleasant taste and at the same time it contains few calories. Here’s how to prepare it, we’ll now talk.

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Mitchell Soup

The soup for the Mitchell diet is prepared from the following products:

  • lean beef – 800 gram;
  • celery – 200 grams;
  • onions – 6 pieces;
  • white cabbage – 500 gram;
  • tomatoes – 2-3 pieces;
  • string beans – 100 gram;
  • tomato juice without any spices – 1 liter.

Take beef, rinse it under running water and fill with 2 liters of water. Put the pan on the fire, remove the formed foam and cook the meat after boiling for 30 minutes.

Once the broth is ready, take out the meat and give it to your household. You will not need it. After that, take the celery, grate it on a large grater and add to the broth. Cut the onions into half rings, and chop the cabbage into small pieces. Add chopped vegetables, beans and tomatoes with tomato juice into the broth. Cook for about 5-10 minutes after boiling until the vegetables are soft.

No spices can be added to the soup, including salt. According to the doctor, they contribute to an increase in appetite and dull the natural taste of foods.

The menu of Dr. Mitchell’s diet

Dr. Mitchell’s diet has its own menu. If you want to achieve the results that it promises, it can not be changed. So, the diet menu is as follows:

  • the first day – a kilogram of fresh vegetables (any);
  • second day – 1 baked potatoes, lettuce from spinach, lettuce;
  • Day Three – 0,5 kg of spinach salad and lettuce, 0,5 kg of any fruit;
  • Day Four – one glass of skim milk, 3 banana;
  • day five – boiled beef (can be used from broth);
  • day of the sixth – 0,5 kg of spinach salad and lettuce, 300 grams of boiled beef;
  • day seven – a glass of boiled brown rice, fruit.

In this case, every day you need to eat 5 once a day soup, prepared according to the above recipe. For each meal should be 200 ml soup. In addition, you need to drink plenty of water, about 2 liters. If desired, you can drink green tea, but without sugar.

And remember, no physical exercises. If during a diet you began to experience dizziness, nausea, or you began to show symptoms of indigestion, it is necessary to refuse to maintain a diet and appear to the treating doctor.