Dr.Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet

For the use of the benefits of civilization, mankind has to pay, including an increase in the number of cancer diseases. Disturbed ecology, artificial additives to food, stress, an abundance of chemicals in the environment of man and many other factors affect the tendency to growth of malignant tumors. The world's medical community is trying to actively counter this onslaught – new methods of prevention and treatment of such diseases are emerging. One of the non-traditional methods is the Moermann diet.

Dr. Moerman and his food system

This food system was called "anti-cancer diet Moeerman", it arose more than 70 years ago. The creator of the method is a doctor from the Netherlands, who lived a long life. Dr. Moerman lived to 96 years, and all this time he helped oncological patients. The researchers of the method give the following data – from every 150 cancer patients treated with this doctor, 115 left him completely healthy people.

Representatives of the medical community of that time took to bayonets the ideas of Moerman, believing that it is impossible to defeat the disease and prevent the appearance of cancer by changing the diet. This is too primitive. Apparently they were not familiar with the saying of Albert Einstein that "all ingenious is simple."

It all began with the fact that in 1939 year, L. Brinkman, suffering from stomach cancer, turned to the doctor for help. Medicine recognized him as a hopeless patient who would not be helped even by a radical operation. As there was no alternative to Brinkman, he "grabbed the last straw" – a new method of curing cancer. The treatment took about a year. It included the reception of a mixture of 8 essential elements and diet food. In addition, the patient trusted the doctor completely and completely, and believed in success. At the end of the 1940 year, the survey showed that Lindert Brinkman was absolutely healthy, and there was no trace of the tumor. The first patient Dr. Moerman lived 90 years, and during this time, almost nothing was ill.

The doctor, inspired by the successful cure of a hopeless patient, began to work on improving his approach.

For the next 10 years, he solved the following problems:

How many vitamins and minerals a person needs;

What is their optimal ratio;

What supplements should be introduced into the nutrition of an oncological patient.

The number of patients from the category of desperate, which he managed to cure, increased, and in 1897, his diet was officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands as a method of treatment and prevention of cancer. In support of Moermann, Nobel Prize winner L. Polling twice, calling the anti-cancer diet a unique technique.

The main goal of the method is to improve metabolism, strengthen immunity.

This goal can be achieved if you eat natural foods and regularly eat:

Natural vegetable and fruit juices;

Mineral and vitamin supplements for food.

The main thing in the treatment of cancer is to prevent the cells of a malignant tumor from multiplying. Their ability for rapid growth is limited by a balanced acidic environment. It encapsulates and destroys atypical cells. Healthy cells of the tissues of the human body receive enough useful substances that protects them from transformation into malignant formations.

Dr. Moerman argued that natural products already contain a balanced set of enzymes, acids, minerals, vitamins, fructose. Therefore, no vitamin supplement will replace them, and products created at industrial enterprises are artificially deprived of these components.

Diet recommended by a doctor is an indispensable addition to 8 the most important minerals and vitamins. He argued that it is useless to apply his recommendations on the background of a diet consisting of fatty, salty foods of high calorie content.

The basic rules for feeding oncological patients according to Moermann:

You can eat according to your own regimen, but the diet must be strictly observed;

Adults should daily consume 1-2 raw egg yolks, children – 1 yolk. They are banned in liver and gallbladder cancer until the patients improve.

Be sure to eat every day 3 lemon, or drink juice from the same amount of fruit.

The products recommended to the patient can be eaten individually or together, choosing them according to their preference from the list of recommendations.

Food provides at least 3 meals, with alternating hot and cold dishes.

Such a diet can be followed not only by cancer patients, but also by perfectly healthy people. After a few months following Dr. Moermann's recommendations, they will feel like they are healthy people.

Here is an example of a one-day menu, compiled in accordance with Dr. Moermann's method:

Breakfast – oatmeal with fruit and skimmed milk or a sandwich of coarse flour, butter and cheese, lemon juice and 2 oranges, herbal tea, buttermilk.

2 breakfast – a mixture of beet and apple juice, fruit.

Lunch – steamed vegetables, flavored with a slice of butter, whole grain cereal porridge, salad with dressing from lemon juice and salad oil, fruit.

Lunch – pea soup of whole grains, bread from wholemeal flour, fruits, vegetables, bio-yogurt, buttermilk.

Dinner – 1-2 yolk, whipped with 200 ml of low-fat milk, buttermilk with 200 ml of grapefruit juice, crackers from unrefined flour.

Evening – buttermilk with lemon juice.

Before going to bed – 200 ml of warm, low-fat milk.

Bread and cereals. It is allowed: bread, macaroni and crackers from wholemeal flour, wheat bran, barley, oats, corn, oats, wheat flakes, unpolished rice. It is forbidden: products from flour of a fine grinding (a batch, bread, pasta, sauces).

Dairy. It is allowed: homemade and processed cheese, skim and sour milk, butter, sour cream, kefir, buttermilk, cheese and other products with lactic acid and acidophilic additives. It is forbidden: salted cheeses of big fat content.

Vegetables. All vegetables are allowed except for potatoes, legumes, red meat, white cabbage and sauerkraut. Are limited in the use: color, brussels, cabbage, curly parsley.

Fruit. All fruits are allowed except for figs, dates, grapes, rhubarb. It is recommended to eat fruit raw, at least, to stew them for a couple. Sugar is not added to the broth of fruits, it is not brought to a boil, dried fruits are soaked for a day, draining before drinking water.

Juices. All fruit and vegetable juices are allowed, especially orange mixed with lemon, carrot, beet juice.

Spices and flavors. A limited number of the following flavor improvers is allowed: bay leaf, cream, garlic, black pepper, honey (no more than 1 tsp day), olive and sunflower oil of cold pressing, lemon juice, nutmeg, herbal tea, bouillon cubes without preservatives .

According to Dr. Meyerman, the condition of the patient may worsen the following products (they are prohibited for consumption):

Meat and fish, broths based on them,

Food additives and artificial colorings;

Vegetable oils of hot preparation;

Margarine, baking powder,

Molluscs, broths based on them;

Refined sugar and products made from it,

Wheat flour and baking from it.

All products, except those listed above, may be consumed in any combination.

3 gold diet rules by Moermann:

Do not eat more than you want;

Food should be thoroughly chewed;

The way of preparation of products should not destroy vitamins and minerals in their composition.

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These elements are very important for anticancer therapy, each of them plays an exceptional role, in the full activity of the human body.

Vitamins and their dosage:

Vitamin A – take in the morning at a dosage of 50 thousand IU (protects the skin and mucous membranes);

Vitamin C – take often throughout the day (at least 5 times) for 250 IU (normalizes cellular metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins);

Vitamin E – take at least 5 once a day for 80 IU;

Vitamins B1 B2 PP – 50-100 μg (responsible for cellular respiration, carbohydrate metabolism);

Vitamins B6 – 20-50 μg (destroys pathogenic viruses and bacteria, responsible for protein metabolism);

Vitamins B9 + biotin – according to 5 μg (biotin maintains optimal acid balance in the body);

Vitamins B12 – 20 mcg (responsible for hematopoiesis).

Iodine (3% alcohol solution) – 1-3 drops mixed with 300 ml of water, drink by 1 tbsp. 3 times a day, (regulates the saturation of cells with oxygen and the production of energy from glucose);

Citric acid – 10-15 g dissolve in 300 ml of water, drink according to 1 st. l. 3 times a day, (regulates acid balance, dilutes blood, prevents the formation of blood clots);

Sulfur purified in the form of a powder – 500 mg to mix with oil, take in the morning and in the evening, (responsible for cellular respiration, elimination of toxins).

Vitamins of group B can not be taken on an empty stomach, the first portion is consumed after breakfast, accompanied by a glass of fruit juice. The time of taking vitamins is related to whether they are fat-soluble or water-soluble.

Adherents of the Moermann diet create associations and research organizations for in-depth study of the therapeutic method. A growing number of healthy people who have adopted a diet that protects against cancer.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

In folk medicine, there are many recommendations and prescriptions for the treatment of cancer, using mainly healing properties of plants. Plants that are used in folk medicine for the treatment of cancer, can inhibit the growth of tumors, destroy the affected cells and allow growing healthy cells.

In the structure of oncological diseases, this is one of the most common pathologies. At the heart of lung cancer lies the malignant degeneration of the epithelium of the lung tissue and the violation of air exchange. The disease is characterized by high lethality. The main risk group is made up of smoking men aged 50-80 years. A feature of the modern.

Cancer of the stomach is a malignant degeneration of the cells of the gastric epithelium. In 71-95 disease,% of cases is associated with gastric lesions of Helicobacter pylori bacteria and refers to the widespread oncological diseases of people between the ages of 50 and 70 years. In men, stomach cancer is diagnosed at 10-20% more often than in women of the same age.

Cervical cancer (cervical cancer) is a virus-dependent oncogynecologic disease. The primary tumor is the degenerated glandular tissue (adenocarcinoma) or squamous cell carcinoma of the epithelium of the genital organ. Women are sick from 15 to 70 years. At the age of 18 to 40 years, the disease is a significant cause of early death.

Skin cancer is a disease that develops from a multilayered flat epithelium, which is a malignant tumor. Most often it appears on the exposed areas of the skin, the very appearance of a tumor on the face, the nose and forehead are most affected, as well as the corners of the eyes and ears. A body like these "do not like" and form.

Bowel cancer is a malignant degeneration of the glandular epithelium mainly of the colon or rectum. The first stages are characterized by a lingering symptomatology, distracting from the primary pathology and resembling a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. The leading radical method of treatment is surgical excision of the affected tissue.

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