Drying the body at home: selection of nutrition, workouts, supplements

The term “body drying” is increasingly heard in the circles of regulars of gyms and just fans of physical activity. But, in fact, this issue concerns professional athletes and bodybuilders, and they are asked by them during the preparation for the competition.

What is the secret of such tests, which will give an intense fat burning sequence of training and special dietary nutrition, how necessary are healthy supplements, preparations and what consequences of the wrong approach to self-drying the body at home can expect you on your way to the ideal body?

Proceeding from the definition, the conclusion follows: drying is necessary for those who gained sufficient muscle mass, actively conducted cardio and strength training to reduce the volume of fat deposits (no more than 20% of the total body weight).

Accordingly, if you just pave the way to the desired proportions, then before drying, you need to go through the mass recruitment path.

Drying and diet are absolutely different things!

Dietary nutrition is a rational approach to the choice of consumed food to maintain a healthy body, is chronic and is observed throughout life, and not from case to case. In other words, a diet is a lifestyle.

And drying, in turn, is a short-term exercise for briefly bringing the body to certain standards.

Drying is actually stress for the body and it’s not necessary to reduce fat to 5% under normal conditions, our body is programmed to moderate fat content and will always strive for it. This is an extreme decrease in fat mass.

The most important thing in the period of body drying is to almost completely eliminate carbohydrates. But here you will say: carbohydrates are in absolutely any product! We say: yes, everything is true, but we are focusing on the food where the carbohydrate content is reduced to the absolute minimum, and the protein prevails.

  1. Low-fat varieties of fish: hake, cod, pollock, blue whiting, river perch;
  2. Meat: chicken fillet (without skin and fat), rabbit meat, veal;
  3. Seafood: squid and shrimp;
  4. Egg white in unlimited quantities;
  5. Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Oat and buckwheat porridge (in the initial stages of drying);
  • green vegetables and fruits, including avocados (in the first weeks of entry); vegetables can be filled with valuable oils if desired (sesame, linseed, olive, hemp, etc.);
  • honey (with a gradual reduction to a miserable use).

For 1-1,5 weeks before the expected end of the drying period, carbohydrates (except vegetables) are reduced to the lowest values.

What is completely excluded from the diet:

  • dressing, sauces and other gastronomic garbage;
  • salt (can be replaced with lemon juice);
  • confectionery and flour products;
  • starch-containing vegetables;
  • dairy products (except for cottage cheese).

The menu of oatmeal diet for weight loss is available on our website.

Reviews on the use of activated carbon for weight loss in the article.

Information about products containing protein, here.

Important: drying is not synonymous with hunger. Professional bodybuilders eat up to 6-8 once a day in small portions!

This accelerates the metabolism and does not lead to loss of muscle mass, which can break down faster than fat tissue.

As in any balanced diet, healthy starvation and therapeutic diet, and nutrition during the drying period, there should not be a sharp reduction in the volume and quality of food.

Approximately for 1-2 weeks, or better a month before the planned drying of the body at home, you should gradually reduce the non-recommended list of consumed products.

Exit from drying (in terms of nutrition) is even more important than entry: the body needs adaptation, since all the enzymatic and digestive processes require adjustment.

Do not want to drink – do not. The widespread opinion about the benefits of consuming large amounts of water is a misconception.

Focus on thirst and do not rape yourself, you get enough fluid with food and drinks. In the final days of drying, drinking a lot of liquid is absolutely not recommended and even undesirable.

One, but important advice: you can drink no later than 20 minutes before meals and not earlier than 2-3 hours after eating, the food you eat will be as efficiently digested.

In nutrition, easily digestible protein predominates with a sufficient number of vegetables. It is better to forget about culinary masterpieces for the drying period – the easier the food is prepared, the better: protein omelets, vegetables with a drop of butter, cottage cheese without additives, seafood and fish with lemon juice.

And do not forget about the carbohydrate window, which will be opened in 15 minutes after the end of the workout and protein (30 minutes later).

Did not gain weight – there is no reason to dry. An intensive fat burning process is necessary for the drawing of muscles, but if they are not there, drying will be ineffective and no aesthetics will be observed at the same time.

Bodybuilders in the preparation for the competition hold cardio until 8 once a week.

It is advisable to divide aerobic workouts into two blocks, to perform as intensively and intermittently as possible. This will not burn valuable muscles.

No one excludes the pumping of muscles. You perform all the same exercises as during the recruitment period.

But! Hone the quality by following the approaches more slowly (slowly), you can take smaller weights, but do the exercises without the slightest inertia.

Do not forget to breathe: inhale and exhalation accompany the motion along the entire amplitude, at the maximum reduction point make a powerful release of oxygen to the last drop and 2-x a second honest delay, then immediately start a quiet breath.

In the lower phase, hold for one second and keep the maximum tension in the muscles under study until the end of the approach. Try to isolate the sharpened zone: the tension in other parts of the body should be completely absent and even the muscles of the face should be relaxed.

During the pumping of the muscles of the press, do not strain your neck to avoid traumatization and a greater emphasis on the abdominal muscles themselves, fingers barely touch the head.

Effective training on the type of sandwich: first minutes 15 (after a good warm-up) spend cardiointensives. Next, you begin to work out individual muscle groups and complete all the interval cardio loads at 30-40 minutes.

A set of exercises for girls on drying the body and nutrition issues are covered in the video.

Whether or not supplementary drugs are used is an individual matter, and especially for drying at home.

Do not confuse additives with steroids and other “chemistry”

If you do not eat enough protein a day (3 g for 1 kg of weight), then the muscles will go to nowhere. If you see an athlete with a shaker after training, it is immediately clear that he closes the protein window with powdered protein and additional elements.

In most cases, one measuring cap of the mixture is approximately 10 egg whites. Calculate the amount of protein in food consumed per day and draw conclusions.

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are three essential amino acids that can not be produced independently by the body: leucine, isoleucine, valine. In the period of limited nutrition, the regular intake of these amino acids is of particular importance.

They participate in the construction of muscles, the qualitative assimilation of protein and the processing of lactic acid and other by-products of the decomposition of substances into glycogen.

The most rational scheme of reception – half an hour before and immediately after training in the amount of 5-10. About 200 g of beef can cover the daily requirement for these amino acids.

The need for sufficient intake of vitamins increases during the drying period. Of particular importance are vitamins of group B (thiamine, pyridoxine, cyanocobolamine, etc.) and minerals (especially chromium), which are present in the largest quantities in the liver, whole grain bread, cereals and yolks.

But, as we remember, these products we removed from the diet, so without vitamin complexes can not do.

Separately, we will single out L-carnitine, which without problems in the pharmacy at an affordable price, is a natural vitamin-like additive that will give a surge of energy by stimulating fat oxidation in the mitochondria (energy generators in cells), increase metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process.

Also, the utilization of lactic acid from tissues will increase, the level of cholesterol in the blood will decrease. As a bonus, you get an increase in immunity, as Levocarnitine has antioxidant properties and protects cells from the action of free radicals.

Enough 4 g of levocarnitine for tangible results increase the productivity of training, but effective will be 8 g of substance per day. You can find L-carnitine in tablets, capsules and solutions.

Dear fans of diets! This “drying” lasts until 1 month as a means of preparing for the release (for example, for competitions) and stretching this process for several months is absolutely not recommended, if you do not want to lead to exhaustion of your body with all the ensuing consequences.

Professionals manage and for 5 weeks, but it requires great efforts of the body.

Absolute rejection of carbohydrates is fraught with ketoacidosis, which can be recognized by the smell of acetone from the mouth. This is an extremely dangerous condition and signals the need to adjust the supply.

It’s better to keep sweet juice or a piece of dark chocolate in case of a pre-stupor condition.

Follow the pace of fat burning: optimally lose by 1 kg per week. Otherwise, there is excessive expenditure of muscle.

Contraindications to body drying:

  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Although it is a matter of drying the body at home, this issue should be considered from a professional point of view, since the effectiveness of drying depends on a comprehensive careful approach to nutrition and training, the regime of the day and the saturation of the body with the correct concentrations of biologically active substances.

Drying the body at home is absolutely real. Unconditional plus is a consultation with a doctor and individual advice of an experienced coach, which, taking into account the peculiarities of your body structure and other parameters, will give advice on the types of training and their intensity.

In video – exercises for drying the whole body at home.

It is not clear why when drying the body water should be drunk at will. A person should drink two liters a day of plain water. It is it that promotes the metabolism and removes the stress of the body when drying the body.

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it’s very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.


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