Drying the body for girls at home

Among the many ways to make your figure perfect, one of the most tested and guaranteed ones stands out is the drying of the body. If the fair sex is not possible to attend for this gym and hire an individual coach, do not be upset. This method is quite suitable for carrying out at home.

What is the drying of the body?

Drying the body for girls at home means losing weight in order to maintain the body in a tone and create the desired elastic forms.

If you want to dry the body at home, you need follow the rules and constantly work on themselves.

The complex of exercises is designed to bring the muscles back to normal, and proper nutrition will help to provide the body with the necessary elements. To do this, you will need to calculate the consumed carbohydrates, proteins and fats at home.

When drying the body, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates – about 120 g, fats – a maximum of 30 g, and proteins up to 130 g.

  • It is required to constantly consume water, in an amount not less than two liters per day.
  • It is not recommended to drink carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  • It is necessary to reduce the consumption of coffee.
  • We use only pure mineral water or boiled, chilled water.

Balanced nutrition, drinking the right amount of water and having a special set of exercises will help to achieve the ideal forms at home.

It should be noted that many perceive drying the body as a technique for losing weight. Of course, the effect of losing weight is present, but it is necessary not only to remove fat folds or sagging skin, but also keep the normal state of the muscles.

Sitting on the body drying at home, the girls need to refrain from a large amount of food. It immediately loads the stomach, and all processes in the gastrointestinal tract are inhibited. Also there is no effect of tightness of the skin.

For girls, drying the body at home implies:

  • burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • weight reduction;
  • preservation of muscles in tone.

The process of losing weight at home is difficult and responsible. To achieve the desired result, you need adhere to the recommendations.

Drying the body at home for girls consists of a number of indications:

  • A combined and correctly formulated nutrition program at home. More than 70% of the successful result will depend on it;
  • Selection of exercises and complex loads in the home;
  • Required inventory for exercise. In case this is not available and there is no possibility to ask for temporary use, one should not be upset. Everything can be replaced with improvised materials. For use at home, any dumbbells or self-made cargo will do.

Proper drying of the body at home helps reset minus 10-15 kg.

To carry out weight loss at home, you need apply 10 basic principles:

  • Conducting training. To do this, it takes about a week each day to remove one harmful product from your diet. This will reduce calorie intake;
  • Gradually we begin to play sports at home. Morning exercise, too, will do. It helps to raise the tone of the main muscles;
  • The two preceding paragraphs give a stressful situation, both for the woman and her body. Compensate for it at the expense of rest, full sleep (at least 8 hours per day), do not allow neurosis;
  • Exclude carbohydrates. A large number of them are in sweets and fast food products;
  • Start to enter in the menu cereals and bread from whole grains;
  • Choose foods with a low glycemic index;
  • Stock up with easily digestible protein (dietary meat, fish, legumes, nuts);
  • Reduce salt intake;
  • Eat for 4 times a day. Do not overeat;
  • Do not exercise after eating for 2 hours.

How does the drying of the body affect weight loss?

The benefits of drying for the body have been said repeatedly. Its use lies in acquiring elastic forms and improving the work of the whole organism.

Drying the body has a number of contraindications. Categorically it is forbidden to dry the body:

  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • With problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • With gynecological diseases;
  • With kidney failure or serious bowel disease.

Program of nutrition for girls when drying the body

Drying the body for girls at home implies a correct, balanced diet. Food should be useful and low-calorie.

It is necessary to reduce the amount of salt used. Further, it is important to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in raw form, as well as to include in the diet low-fat varieties of meat, fish and dairy products (with low caloric content).

Nutrition and diet

Drying the body at home means consuming a certain amount of calories during the day. Daily total caloric value per day should not exceed 1700 kcal.

At the same carbohydrates – about 120 g, fats – maximum 30 g, and proteins up to 130 g. These calculations are made for a girl whose weight is about 65 kg, and the age from 25 to 35 years.

If your data exceeds the age category, then the volume of carbohydrates decreases. And vice versa. If you are younger than the specified age – the volume of carbohydrates should be increased.

  • When drying the body, fasting is excluded. If you want to eat, then you can afford a light snack between basic meals.
  • Do not drink alcohol, even in small doses.
  • It's important consume protein. It promotes saturation and supplies the human body with important substances.
  • During the procedure, the use as much vegetables and fruits as possible.
  • Reception of water should be more than 2 liters. So the process of cleansing the body of harmful substances accelerates.

An approximate diet for drying the body at home:

  1. The morning begins with the use of clean water. In half an hour you can eat porridge and egg white. All this is washed down with juice. (You can replace it with fruit).
  2. In half an hour we repeat the reception of food. We replace porridge with a different kind and add chicken meat and vegetables;
  3. At the next reception: porridge with the addition of olive oil + chicken breast + vegetables;
  4. After two hours: porridge + breast or fish + banana;
  5. We make a snack with cottage cheese with the addition of linseed oil;
  6. The next meal will only be after 2 hours after exercise. Somewhere in the middle of training, you can use a protein cocktail and water. Upon completion, we replenish the protein reserve with a cocktail;
  7. After physical stress, you can eat on the same principle as before lunch. Before going to bed, drink low-fat kefir.

Portions should be small!

Permitted products

When drying the body, the use of dairy products is encouraged. Low-fat kefir improves digestion, removes toxins. Cottage cheese saturates the body with the necessary amount of calcium.

It is strictly forbidden to take calcium and other vitamins in the form of tablets. This will prevent the muscles and other tissues from developing in the right direction.

Permitted products for girls when drying the body:

  • dietary meats for steaming;
  • cereals (oatmeal, brown rice, buckwheat);
  • seafood;
  • fish (salmon, trout);
  • dairy products;
  • from vegetables (tomatoes, sweet peppers, cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes);
  • greens (parsley, dill, spinach);
  • fruit;
  • beans;
  • mushrooms;
  • nuts;
  • vegetable oil.

Meat use only dietary. For example, a rabbit, a turkey, a chicken fillet. Fried and smoked meat is prohibited.

Menu for the week

Drying the body for girls at home involves a balanced and healthy menu. The menu for girls includes a set of special products that will contribute to maintaining the tone of the muscular system and reducing subcutaneous fat.

Menu for the week when drying the body for beginners at home make up low-calorie foods. In the menu for the week, you must include the intake of meat and fish.

Diet for girls when drying the body should include the use of dairy products, apart cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.

  • Portions should be small, but nourishing.
  • Diet when drying the body excludes starvation.
  • Eating – 5-6 servings per day.
  • All this should be accompanied by physical exercises, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the desired forms.

Menu when drying the body of girls at home for a week:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal on the water and 2 boiled egg whites, green tea unsweetened;
  2. Snack: 1 banana;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, 150 g boiled brisket with boiled vegetables;
  4. Overshot: low-fat yogurt;
  5. Dinner: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, 2 protein, black bread with a low-fat cheese slice;
  2. Snack: fruit;
  3. Lunch: soup-puree, fish with vegetables for a couple;
  4. Snack: low-fat cottage cheese;
  5. Dinner: vegetable salad and a slice of black bread.
  1. oatmeal with dried fruits, 2 protein;
  2. smoothies;
  3. vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and steamed fish;
  4. 1 low-fat yogurt;
  5. salad from vegetables, chicken fillet steamed.
  1. 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese with honey;
  2. 1 curd (low-fat);
  3. soup with peas and rice, vegetables and steamed meat;
  4. fruit salad;
  5. 200 g low-fat cottage cheese.
  6. at night – kefir.
  1. oatmeal porridge, 2 protein and 1 slice of low-fat cheese;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. soup-mashed potatoes, baked fish and 150 grams of rice;
  4. apples;
  5. fish for a couple with vegetables.
  1. low-fat cottage cheese with honey;
  2. fruit curd;
  3. vegetable soup, steamed meat, boiled buckwheat;
  4. smoothies;
  5. salad from vegetables and boiled brisket.
  1. yoghurt with dried fruits and oat flakes;
  2. 2 boiled protein and 1 slice of low-fat cheese;
  3. on vegetables, boiled vegetables and steamed fish;
  4. banana;
  5. salad from vegetables, buckwheat boiled and a small piece of brisket steamed.

Drying the body can be spend for a month (it is called "fast"), or adhere to the usual term. It is 10-12 weeks. A quicker option is more suitable for beginners. But after the third time you can dry the body as expected – 12 weeks.

Menu by day for a month is similar to the above. We eat only the allowed foods. We feed on the same principle. We choose vegetable dishes and fruits on our own.

Useful recipes

Drying the body at home can be represented by useful and delicious recipes that will please the girls.

The basis of cooking at home should include useful food: low-fat dairy products, eggs, low-calorie varieties of meat and fish, a large number of vegetables and fruits.

Recipe for salad from fresh vegetables and chicken fillet:

  • 150-200 g fillets;
  • hard cheese (fat content is minimal) – 35 g;
  • celery and green salad (100 / 250 g); \
  • tomatoes – 2 pcs;
  • for dressing choose olive oil.

All the ingredients are cut into small cubes, the cheese can be rubbed on a large grater. Before refueling, it is necessary to apply hands to make the juice stand out. Use immediately after preparation.

An excellent recipe for girls will be cooked at home – protein salad.

  • fillet of chicken – 200 g;
  • 1 soft-boiled egg;
  • squid (possible together with shrimp);

Take the chicken fillet, boil it. Cut into small pieces, add squids and egg. Solim. We mix everything. Salad ready!

This version of the salad will be of particular benefit when drying the body. It contains a lot of protein, which is especially important in the period of such a diet.

We beat two eggs, add milk and spices (you can add greens). All the whisk. The resulting consistency is poured into a container. Take a pot of water, put it on the gas. Then, put in it a container with egg consistency (up to half) and cook for a couple until complete preparation.

During the drying of the body, girls who are addicted to sweets are allowed to enjoy themselves with a delicious dietary dish.

We make gelatin with one glass of water, let it swell. After this, the resulting mixture is cooked on fire. Cool it down. Next, in the cooled gelatin, add cottage cheese mass and vanilla. We mix everything with a blender. If desired, add fruit. Put in plates and leave for the night in the refrigerator.

Exercises for girls when drying the body at home

Drying the body at home will only result in active physical activity. When there is no time for a hike in the gym, you can safely perform exercises at home. The main thing is daily work on yourself and your body.

It is necessary to choose for yourself the most convenient time for exercise. Someone is comfortable in the morning, and someone in the evening.

Training begins with a warm-up – a small charge, which will warm up the muscles. Next, we proceed to the very complex of exercises.

An approximate set of exercises for drying the body at home:

  • Push-ups (3 approach 20 times);
  • Exercises on the press (pumping the oblique muscles, as well as the muscles of the upper and lower press, each 3 approach 20 times)
  • Impairment;
  • Exercises for the hands;
  • Exercise for the buttocks;
  • Squats (4 approach on 30 times);
  • Exercises for the back;

It is important not to step back a single step. If training brings pain – this is a worthy indicator of well-done work. As a rule, muscles ache in the first days of training, respectively, the force load should be gradually increased.


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