Ducane diet for a week


One week it takes only one phase of Pierre Ducane's diet, which is called Attack. 5-7 days is the average duration of this stage. The menu in this period consists of 72 allowed proteins, 30 useful vegetables, as well as fruits and fermented milk products. The daily caloric content of the diet does not exceed 950 kcal.

Dukan's diet: advantages and disadvantages

Ducane diet for a week

French nutritionist with 30-year experience Pierre Duccan has developed a nutrition system that helped to gain beauty and health to millions of his followers. The secret of this technique is the use of a sufficient number of protein products and the restriction of carbohydrates. Such food helps keep the appetite in check and fully provides the body with building material for cells.

Ducane diet for a week

The results of Dukan's diet "before and after" are encouraging and inspiring. To dump the superfluous it is possible even the most hopeless fatties. So, the star of the series "Interns" Svetlana Permyakova, thanks to the Dyukanovsky method, lost weight by 25 kg. Her younger colleague from the series "Fizruk" – Sasha Mamaeva, with the help of a protein diet managed to get rid of 30 (!) Kg excess weight. Inspired by their example, the singer Polina Gagarina also began to eat strictly according to Dyukan and a couple of months found a model appearance!

Ducane diet for a week

Judging by the reviews, this power system increases efficiency and strengthens immunity, which is practically unattainable when observing any other technique. Duration of the diet depends on the initial weight and is about half a year, but most of the slimming people adhere to the necessary dietary rules for the rest of their lives. This helps them get used to the regimen and accelerate metabolism.

Despite the high efficiency, this power system is not suitable for everyone. The main contraindications to the use of diet are:

Ducane diet for a week

  • hypertonic disease;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • inflammation of the stomach and pancreas;
  • obstruction, dyskinesia, atony of the stomach and intestines;
  • chronic constipation;
  • diabetes;
  • allergy;
  • neurosis and depression;
  • pregnancy, feeding;
  • adolescence.

The leadership of the French national food safety agency has imposed a ban on the use of this food system. According to the staff of this institution, an excess of protein and a lack of vitamins causes an increase in cholesterol and promotes the formation of thrombi and fecal stones, and can also cause diabetes. The same opinion is shared by the British Association of Dieticians who put the "star" diet Dyukan first in the list of life-threatening techniques. The reasons for this, in their opinion, are several:

  1. In addition to fats, the body begins to crush the muscles. And this is not only the muscles, but also the heart.
  2. With a lack of easily assimilated food, acetone bodies accumulate in the blood, causing toxic poisoning of the body and cirrhosis of the liver.
  3. Without carbohydrates, the brain and nerve fibers can not function normally. At the person concentration of attention decreases, there is a nervousness and mood swings.
  4. The minimum amount of dietary fiber causes chronic constipation, intoxication of the body and bad breath.

According to the doctors, only young and absolutely healthy people can apply the diet. The rest is better to use less radical methods: to do daily exercises, walk and reduce the consumption of sweets and baked goods.

Dukan's diet: a menu for the week

Ducane diet for a week

If you still decide to lose weight for Dyukan, stock up patience and products for all four phases of the diet: Attack, Cruise, Fastening and Stabilization. The most important and difficult is Attack. During this period, only protein and sour-milk products are allowed. A sharp reduction in carbohydrates in some causes dizziness and dry mouth, so the duration of the phase, provided that you need to reset more than 20 kg should not exceed 5-7 days. If the excess weight is less – enough 3 days on the attack.

We offer an approximate menu of a weekly diet from "I do not know how to lose weight".

  • breakfast: cottage cheese, boiled chicken;
  • lunch: marinated beef, cabbage salad;
  • afternoon snack: biscuits with bran, coffee;
  • dinner: crab salad with garlic, grilled chicken
  • breakfast: a sandwich with ham, a protein omelet, coffee with a sugar substitute and a lemon;
  • dinner: stewed hake with vegetables;
  • afternoon snack: low-fat yogurt with lean gingerbread;
  • dinner: beef in Korean, salad with white cabbage.
  • breakfast: soft-boiled eggs with mayonnaise Dukan, zucchini, coffee with sweetener;
  • lunch: skimmed cottage cheese and ham, compote of dried fruits;
  • afternoon snack: ice cream with bran, bread toast from not sifted flour;
  • dinner: a turkey with vegetables, a cocktail of milk and eggs.
  • breakfast: steam cutlets, cheese, coffee;
  • lunch: chicken Ro-co-ko, eggs, compote;
  • afternoon snack: biscuit from bran, yogurt
  • dinner: the ear of a trout.
  • breakfast: cottage cheese with bran, tea;
  • lunch: skimmed meat with greens, cheese;
  • afternoon snack: shrimp salad, eggs and spinach;
  • dinner: shish kebab from chicken and onions.

The remaining days can be combined from the same permitted products, picking them up to your liking. The menu of the first phase should include:

  1. Oat bran in the amount of one and a half tablespoons.
  2. Simple water – one and a half liters.
  3. Low-fat meat.
  4. By-products.
  5. Bird without skin.
  6. Eggs.
  7. Low-fat yogurts, cottage cheese and cheese.
  8. Herbs, cabbage, zucchini, herbs.
  9. Onions, garlic, seasonings, spices

Exclude from the menu or replace with others you need:

Ducane Diet: a menu by the day

Ducane diet for a week

Now consider the Cruise or Alternation menu. To spend these days it is necessary under the diet scheme of Dyukan. 2: 2 – if the excess weight does not exceed 20 kilogram, 3: 3 – if this mark is greater than 20 kg. That is, two to three days should be protein, the rest – vegetable. You can simply mix proteins with vegetables and eat them all week. Here is an approximate menu of such a diet:

  • salad from cabbage, eggs and onions;
  • fried zucchini;
  • cottage cheese with sugar.
  • rassolnik with beef;
  • fried eggs with horseradish;
  • carrot pancakes.
  • salad with fish, beans and capers;
  • a slice of ham with black bread.
  • salad with tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • beef tongue with mustard;
  • yogurt.

These days the amount of bran should be brought to 2 tbsp. Vegetables are allowed only low-calorie, not containing starch.

In the third phase, you need to fix the weight dropped in the first two stages. Therefore, it is called Stabilization or Fastening. The duration of this period is calculated by the formula: "the amount of kg dropped, multiplied by 10 days":

Ducane diet on days in the phase Stabilization provides a real holiday of the stomach. You can eat almost all the usual products, but only in small quantities: 2-3 slices of bread a day, and potatoes, pasta and pastries only on holidays. One day a week should be unloading, as in Attack.

Ducane diet for a week

Here is the approximate menu of the phase Stabilization:

  • fried cutlets with porridge;
  • salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

The fourth phase is no longer a diet, but a diet for the rest of your life. A prerequisite for this stage is the daily intake of 3 tablespoons of bran and weekly carrying out of a protein-free day. Do not forget to drink more and lead an active lifestyle.

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